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Fantasia 911 Call -- She 'Took a Bottle of Aspirin'

8/11/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made on Monday night from somebody concerned that "American Idol" champ Fantasia Barrino had just ingested a "bottle of aspirin."

Fantasia Barrino 911 Call Audio
The caller -- who was outside of Fantasia's North Carolina home at the time -- informed the 911 operator that Barrino was slowly losing consciousness ... and had been moved into the shower.

The operator instructed the caller to remove Fantasia from the shower.

Cops arrived to the scene a short time later -- and Fantasia was eventually transported to a North Carolina hospital.

Fantasia's rep announced yesterday that the singer was in stable condition.

UPDATE: Fantasia's rep says the singer has been released from the hospital.


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my prayers are with Fantasia, stay strong lady for you and your daughter, and for all the negative people that are hating on Fantasia remember that she is only human and that we all make mistakes, no one is perfect, we all fall short, and let he who is without sin cast the first stone! not to mention that he lied to her, she thought that he was seperated and in the process of getting a divorce, and if you are a woman you should know that men "LIE" to get what they want, I think at some point in a womens life we are all going to encounter a man that lies and misleads us. I pray for all womens strenghth when it comes to dealing with these lying no good for nothing men.

1512 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Fan will be stronger after this. She has to tune out the negative here, so she hear the voice from above.

I hope while the friends of the Cooks are gloating, they should know that there are many out here that thinks they listen to the information about Fan not finishing school, and cooked this crap up to live the life she struggled for her and her child.

If you have never let dying pass in your head, be thankful. Fantasia has no reason to be ashame. Sometimes devils come in human form all the work for GOd to clear up.

This very public moment is going to enlighten hundreds of people and let them again see that fame and fortune can be a heartache just as the poor and struggling.

How many times have you read news and some Government official, actor, host, minister, wives, husbands, siblings, have been outed.

I am glad that Fan is no stranger of the Heavenly Host, because I believe in the scripture about training a child.

To all you haters, if you slow down a minute, and listen....When people hurt, or give hurt, that does not define their eternity. IF YOU NEVER HAD A PROBLEM, HOW WOULD YOU KNOW GOD COULD SOLVE THEM.

What the Cooks need to do now is think very clearly if they cleaned up all the mess to get Fan to this point. I could be wrong, but S E T U P !!!

1512 days ago


stay focus have your daughter to focus on , there for here

1512 days ago


@CJ- Being a home-wrecker and rubbing it in his wife's face isn't negative? I noticed you said "men LIE" sounds like YOU are negative and bitter. That is not fair to lump ALL MEN in that catagory, there are some good ones.

1512 days ago


Yall are very selfish people to talk about someone who is making money and doing it better than u so dont hate!!!!!!!Its a sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1512 days ago


The whole thing is just sad to me. Anyway, who else thinks that fantasia could put a football sideways in that big pie hole?

1512 days ago


Watever your name is who called Fantasia a whore u have no right to call someone a whore who is making money and doing it bigger than u boo! And why would u tell her wat to take to kill herself???????? You are pathetic,arrogant, and stuck up!!!!!! And Fantasia girl u are a child of God that changes people in what u do so dont let a man stop u! Do u and take care of your child GOD BLESS

1512 days ago


I must say that Fantasia made a mistake but if you all think that aspirin and sleep aids together won't kill you, you had better think again.This woman is only human and with all of the press airing her dirty laundry (guilty or not) it was too much for the girl. She did not do this over that man, she was thinking about all the money and property that she can lose by being sued by his wife. That is what put her over the edge. That girl has a lot to lose. The man has been gone for awhile so I don't think that is it. Even so, I pray that she will get back on the right track and turn her life around. She has spent more time enjoying the lime light and not being a mother or even thinking about where she came from. It is time for her to realize that she can do nothing without prayer. She used to know that but somehow she has gotten lost in the life of luxury.

1512 days ago


Say, all you haters...get a life and leave everyone else's all are made because it was not you hehe...Girl keep you head you and tell them where to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1512 days ago


I'm starting to believe that Fantasia was set up by the husband-wife team to make them some money!!!

You have to be very careful who you let in your life!!!

People will do anything for money even WHORE their husband and wife out!!!

1512 days ago


Fantasia tried to take the easy way out because she knew the wife was coming after her for money for alienation of affection which is persmissable in the State of North Carolina. Now Fantasia will go to pay for her mis-deeds. I do not feel one bit sorry for her. As a matter of fact, I was surprised when she won American Idol. The wife is going to be laughing all the way to the bank -- there is precedence on this law.

1512 days ago


can you say publicity stunt?

1511 days ago


Life is hard enough without the drama. Prayer is the answer and to believe the HE has us in HIS hands. Have the faith that things will work out the way it should. Ms Fantasia move on with your life and don't let the world into your pain.Ask for forgiveness and you forgive yourself. Some things need to be private so you can heal. Good luck and God bless.

1511 days ago


I thought she was a lesbo. What's she doing with a man?

1511 days ago


I pray that Fantasia will be ok and her child. I have read many cruel and hateful comments.And all I can say is forgive them GOD, we are living in a world with hateful people. What come out of your mouth comes directly from your heart. I am glad God loves us unconditionally and forgives.

1511 days ago
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