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Sandra and Jesse James?? -- It Ain't What It Looks Like

8/11/2010 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a photo making the rounds this morning featuring Jesse James hanging out with a woman said to be Sandra Bullock on Monday  ... but TMZ has learned, it definitely ain't Sandy.

The photo in question shows Jesse walking into West Coast Choppers with a mystery brunette lady ... but the photo only shows the couple from behind -- meaning NO FACES.

But sources at WCC tell TMZ that Sandra has not been around the shop for a long while ... and she definitely wasn't there on Monday.

So who's the mystery woman??? Sources at WCC tell us she's Hildie Katibah (pictured above) ... the head of Pay Up Sucker Productions ... which is affiliated with Jesse's bike business. 

So, sorry to all those people rooting for a reunion, but it hasn't happened ... yet.


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she's way prettier than those other nasty skanks,Jesse is/was linked with.

1496 days ago


it's never gonna happen..Jesse needs to move on..leave the Bullocks alone..freaking Douchbag...You had her and all you wanted was Who* you have all you want I don't feel sorry for you..Punk!! Ohh yeah I did!!

1496 days ago


TMZ, who would be rooting for a Sandra/Jesse reunion. It would be sad if Sandra took this sad sack back. I hope that new woman is just on business. She wouldn't possibly think that JJ wouldn't cheat on her unless she was just that dumb.

1496 days ago


The picture you are showing that is not SANDRA is not the same woman that was in the other photograph. You guys are just mad that you didn't get it first. It definetly was Sandra and Jesse and why not they are friends and are co-parents. They will be photographed together....count on it.

1496 days ago


She is not a bad looking broad, I actually thinks she looks better than Sandy, I mean I like SB but she is no hotty, this girl may be more his type. Plus as soon as she gets back with Jesse all the fake sympathy for our darling Sandy will be gone..and back to considering her an overrated talentless mediocre actress....

1495 days ago


She would have to be out of her mind to go back to that low life.

1495 days ago


This man will pawn off his parenting duties to any woman in sight. Loser. Too bad the mom is a drunken, drugged out porn whore. The kids have no one to look out for them.

1495 days ago


That's Selena Gomez in about 20 years...

1495 days ago


no s**t sherlock!! how in the world could you plead " not sure " that girl is no movie star, duh .... not even sure why i had a response to this bs. guess if have heard enough. are there any real people that can comment. OMG !! what the heck am i doing on here ... totally red. I am an austin girl of course :) Go Sandy

1495 days ago


It's the S.O.S. The News media jumping the Gun to spread False News before having the FACTS

1495 days ago


Much hotter then than Saundra. Probably likes to have fun in the sack . SB is probably a dry F and he's got girls like this around. Get real

1495 days ago


If a man cheats on his wife then she needs to divorce the lame dude. THEN she needs to get a REALLY GOOD lawyer and take all his money,takes the kids, give him no visitation rights because the kids will see him & the new girl, take his house, take all his cars/trucks. Give him a suit case (a pink one) send him walking & crying down the road. Ohhhh that suitcase was only for his (1) pair on underware you give him. Really tho...take everything away from him.

1495 days ago


If am man cheats then the wife should Divorce him asap. She needs to get a Great lawyer. Then she should take all his money, take his home(s), bikes, kids, bosts, dunebuggies and all toys(take it all from him) leave him nothing but money to pair her! She then needs to give him a suitcase (a pink one) and send him down the road. Ohhh don't forget to put only (1) pair of underware in his pink suitcase. Take everything from him and you wil be WAY BETTER OFF! The girl always laughs at then end and that's the best part!

1495 days ago


LOL- "head" is the key word here....

1495 days ago


Why shouldn't Jesse move on. Sandra has with another toy boy.

1494 days ago
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