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JetBlue -- It Pays to Fly with Steven Slater

8/11/2010 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed ... JetBlue will be forking over a $100 voucher to each passenger who was on the awesome flight with freshly-minted working class hero Steven Slater.

JetBlue Vouchers

Sometimes priceless moments pay off.


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The way out, is to write a tell all. He probably doesn't want to return to that hellish job anyway. It was the passenger that started the whole thing. He didn't hurt anybody, or threaten anyone. He simply, left. Maybe the airlines should re-think their flight rules for passengers as well as employees.

1532 days ago


This is why I only fly Southwest

1532 days ago


Wait, the witch who started this whole ordeal will be making the rounds and wanting her 15 minutes for not following the rules, being rude and hitting the flight attendant. Won't be flying JetBlue.

1532 days ago


...or "US Scare"

1532 days ago


Didn't any passengers get this woman on their camera
phones? SELL THE PICTURES!!!!! Post this womans
ugly face all over the media, and someone will
know who she is!

1532 days ago


it is a felony to interfere with the duties of airline crew..plain and simple.......what is going to happen to the passenger that caused this she being rewarded with a travel voucher?? SHAME JET BLUE

1532 days ago


I'm still surpised that no one was quick enough to record the situation on film.

1532 days ago


To echo a lot of people, who EXACTLY was the douchehead who triggered Steve's melt down? This clown was up out of his seat, in the overhead bin, while the plane was on its taxi to the gate! He's the one who should have been thrown down the shoot. Selfish SOB who thinks the world revolves around him. As I understand it, he (the passenger) allowed his luggage to hit Steve in the head then had the nerve to call Steve an a-hole! I can guarantee you that the passenger was the a-hole. Thank GOD Steve called his ass out on the overcom. I would have applauded Steve. Watch this passenger eventually surface with some tired story about Steve being the bad guy. I fly all the time and the public is one rude ass mother when it comes to their demands, needs, pushy behavior and wants. Suck it!

1532 days ago


That's a great idea for him to write a tell-all. I think that's how how Hotel Babylon books and tv show got made. Great series on Netflix streaming by the way.

1532 days ago


What nonsense. $100 will get you nowhere. They're just using this incident to drum up business.

1532 days ago

Michael Q    

If that slug in the White House had the balls of Mr. Slater we wouldn't be being overrun by the third world as they pour over our southern border. The people in charge are insane in many many cases and sometimes you just get to that point, you just have to put people in their place. I like it. Actually, I think the vigilantes of the 1800's had a more efficient means of administering justice than all these stinking lawyers and judges and yes...airline officials. The bastard who refused to obey the flight attendant should have been charged criminally for assaulting the flight attendant and for violating federal rules of flight. Give him a medal I say, the pioneers in the lead are always going to take most of the arrows! I know....what do I REALLY think?

1532 days ago


Please ensure he gets the full 7 years in Federal, no parole, prison. An example has to be set that its not cute nor should it get flight attendants national attention for doing dangerous things aboard an Airplane. Period. Its cute, and he'll get lots of TV interviews and T shirt sales---just ensure the book is thrown at this loon so there is no more future potential of another Flight Attendant losing it aboard a Federally Controlled mode of Transportation.

Safety is paramount---right? Thats what these Attendants tell us all the time. Ensure they dont lose sight of, no matter their frustrations with their employers or customers.

FAA ensure this is prosecuted as a Federal crime with Federal, no parole sentencing. You must dissuade future incidents from those wanting a future TV Reality show. Jail him.

1532 days ago


I am certain the women who was involved in this is TERRIFIED at this point of her name being released. I was going to write that if it were me I would be on a flight to anywhere right now.... but then thought of the irony.

1532 days ago


They must mean any passenger that had to watch this out of control passenger assault a flight attendant. It's very clear this passenger caused Steven's reaction and I would have probably done much worse than he did after the woman closed the overhead compartment door on his head. It's a FEDERAL offense to assault a flight attendant. Why is JET BLUE glossing over that fact? SHAME ON THEM. Pick another airline!

1532 days ago

Michael Q    

Q, the flight attendant did nothing unsafe, he of all people knew what he was doing. He made a statement and for all the fluff you write about "no parole", yada yada yada, there is no such thing. The sad fact is that our whole system is in shambles. There's a pig in the White House dismantling the Constitution and some here want this flight attendant prosecuted. How about some priorities?

1532 days ago
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