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Oksana Grigorieva:

Don't Bug Me

8/12/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva's new lawyer has an immediate mission -- debug Oksana's house.

Okasana Grigorieva House
We're told attorney James Spertus -- who Oksana has hired to rep her in the extortion investigation and an almost certain civil lawsuit against Mel Gibson -- will hire experts who can sweep Oksana's home for bugs. 

Sources say Oksana is worried either Mel or the media has planted cameras or wiretapping devices and the lawyer doesn't want to take any chances.

Spertus is a nationally recognized expert on computers and other electronic gadgets.


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guess i will check back in a while

1498 days ago


wondering...bye now...see you later on Team Mel!! :)

1498 days ago


Wondering....I'm waiting on my story too! About her working or why she is not working. I suggested she could teach children piano. She would probably claim that because of her legal woes, due to Mel of course, that she can't.

Posted at 3:30 AM on Aug 12, 2010 by fuddyduddy

Hi Everyone...

Exactly right, fuddy. If she's under contract with ICON, and they are holding up the production of her new CD, she would likely claim this.

Also, she can claim that if they find a bug, Mel put it there...before this mess started. Unlikely they will find anything...unless she put it there, herself...but it makes good "PR." Gross.

1498 days ago


this will become a made for tv movie Im sure,a very low budget one

1498 days ago


My guess is that the only bugs she´ll find is the ones she put there herself. Mel´s really got my symphasy by now.

1498 days ago


What name is on the deed? If its Mel's name and Mel's home, plant away all you want. If someone else was staying in my home for awhile, I would plant bugs too.

1498 days ago


Here's the site that has pictures of Oksana's (scratch that) Mel's house in Sherman Oaks. That B I T C H does not deserve such kindness from Mel. Kick her nasty butt out, but keep the baby. Hire one of your older kids to watch Lucia, if it is in fact his kid.

1498 days ago


If that house is Mr.Gibson's property and she stands there thanks to Mr.Gibson's generosity, how can her lawyer give such advice to her without notice the owner? If her lawyers could satisfy her in victory in court against MG, I'm not surprised in that "bug" sounds like "much noise from nothing". Oksa is nervous, because day of reckoning is imminent

1498 days ago

midwest gal    

"Oksana's home "....what?? It is Mel's home.

She really is paranoid.

1498 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Ok now that's funny!!

One year before I kicked my nutcase wife out of my house - I told her that I was installing cameras everywhere (except the bathrooms) to record what an ouot of control monster she was and how she mistreated my entire family.

LOL. Her response???


Oh really???

I can't imagine why...

1498 days ago


Aside from basic privacy issues and the fact that bugging is against the law (and no in the case of violent crimes, taping a phone convo is legal in Ca., look it up - not that Mel-worshippers ever do research to learn actual facts, they'd rather come off like jerks than find out something they don't want to know), there's legal strategy.

And if someone DID bug a home it wouldn't be someone directly connected to the client, it would likely be done through a service like phone, gas or some type of installation.

Posted at 3:03 AM on Aug 12, 2010 by Parker

@ Parker
You are kinda living in fantasy land. What she did can't ever be tolerated.

Hmmm...have you ready the Patriot Act Parker?
The FBI, CIA and even Mel can bug his OWN home. However I highly doubt Mel would do such a thing.
These Federal Agents do not mess around and she is NOT Princess Diana, so who cares if she is paranoid.
It was actually Professor Plum while he was porking Mrs Pea**** who left the shoes her "maid/nanny" aka Mummy put in the closet!

1498 days ago


Hahahaa!! Karma is a biotch!!

Great place in lfe for Ox to teach her kids that what you do, good or bad, comes back to you!!

I would LOVE IT if Mel (or anybody) had her on tape, sold it for profit, and then ran it for 10 days straight to the public!! HA! Video would be even more awesome!! Hahahahaa!!

1498 days ago


Consider how Oksana is the one doing illegal taping of private conversations - this is one of the funniest things I've read. Well, actually everything that I've been reading from their camp if funny - an pathetic.

1498 days ago


so Parker that is their new legal strategy?
plant some bugs a frame Mel for it?
from her comi comrads Oksa will have plenty of thouse,
dear friends mr Pitr or Mr. Serjoga knows where to get them

remind me of planted Miss Kowal shoes to prove relationship

God please stop this madness and keep Mel's family save,
let the truth come out soon and let the killers of young Ruslana come to justice.

1498 days ago


Oh this is a dilly! They want to question the 1st publicist OG hired. They are wondering if she used from selling tapes to Radar to hire him.

Strangly, he is a publicist that represents people 'coming out'?

1498 days ago
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