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Rachel from 'Big Brother' --

Wannabe Bikini Model

8/11/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Back before she became the most hateable person in the "Big Brother" house -- Rachel Reilly was a wannabe bikini model for Hawaiian Tropic ... and the footage has finally hit the web.

Rachel Reilly Big Brother - Bikini Video
Rachel -- who's a favorite to get evicted from the house this week -- doesn't do any talking in this clip.

And really ... it's better that way.


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She is absolutely shaped like a board, no hips whatsoever and the weird ass looks she makes with her eyes and lips are gross...and very unsexy...GO HOME RACHEL and go back to hustling men for drinks!

1536 days ago


rachel is not as bad as the rest of the others. she is at least honest. everyone in the house is exactly like the way the they say she is. they'll back stab each other at the first chance they get.

1536 days ago


I am so happy Rachel will be evicted this week. She is such a sore loser. She is happy when things are going her way, and then when she loses,she pouts and crys(mainly fake crying) and she is just enoying.
She is the MOST SHALLOW person ever on BB. It is all about Rachel.
She knows 2 things to talk about..Vegas, and drinking.
I hope Brendon wakes up and see's she is nothing more then a shallow party girl who thinks the world owes her something..I guess she forgot she challanged the house to "BRING IT",they did.

She thinks she is better then anyone else, NEWS FLASH...Kathy and Britney and Kristen have more class, and morals and values then Rachel could ever HOPE to have.

BYE RACHEL, Do not let the door hit you on the a*s on the way out of the B house.

1536 days ago


Call 911!

Somebody stole her funbags!

1536 days ago


BTW, here is a better pre-Big Brother video with Rachel in it. Judge for yourself.

1536 days ago

Mike D    

@ Sonja, what does a college education have to do with anything? Rachel behaves like a 7th grade moron. She told the house to bring it on & now she can't stand the heat. Be careful what you ask for. Anyone that has ever watched this show knows that you have to break up couples & groups, it's a no brainer. She is usually sassy & now she is just crying & complaining, must be becuase she knows it's OVER!!

1536 days ago


Rachel has major does she make Kathy's excitement about winning all about her instead?
Seriously. That poor dumb puppy Brendan (is that his name?) is in for a major letdown after the show.

1536 days ago

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1536 days ago


actually she is pretty hot :)

1536 days ago


I think your guys did make an error in naming this video as it has in fact been on the internet for quite sometime already, as it is an old video.

Rachael is smoking hot, I hope her manager takes this opportunity to try and get Rachael to appear on The Big Bang Theory in the upcoming season 4.

1536 days ago


She is the only interesting person in the house. Without her that would be very boring. Kristen was the slut who went to hook up in bed with a guy when she has a boyfriend. Britney is self proclamed "funny" when all she does is make fun of people. BB is so passe! Rachel is annoying to listen but she has hell of a body!

1536 days ago

Bubba S    

Yeah that video's been on the web for some time. Rachel has a long resume of bikini activities - including these: (Click around in their Rachel Reilly category for more - including a magazine cover with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler!) Rachel's annoying as Hell, but BB12 won't be nearly as entertaining without her! Go britney!

1536 days ago


I can't stand this b!tch with her annoying voice and fake red hair. She's such a hypocrite. And yes she is a h0, if Brendan wasn't there should would have jump on some other guy's ****, probably Hayden's. I wish I could reach through the tv and slap her. Her voice makes my ears bleed.

1536 days ago


Missing are her fake boobs that she has now!

1536 days ago


Until you haters live in the BB house ```` STFU already!! Emotions run like a roller coaster, I'm sure.. Rachel ``played `` the game. She won 2 HOH's and handed a few ppl ``their ass. It's a GAME!!! Regardless to ``` her man... She needs to stop drinking ``` but other than that `` All good!! Good luck to her `` in the future!! :)

1536 days ago
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