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Rachel from 'Big Brother' --

Wannabe Bikini Model

8/11/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Back before she became the most hateable person in the "Big Brother" house -- Rachel Reilly was a wannabe bikini model for Hawaiian Tropic ... and the footage has finally hit the web.

Rachel Reilly Big Brother - Bikini Video
Rachel -- who's a favorite to get evicted from the house this week -- doesn't do any talking in this clip.

And really ... it's better that way.


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Each year Big Brother gets worse. Rachel is just nuts. And I'm talking boil-the-bunny nuts. And speaking of nuts, Brandon has none. Britney is the most duplicitous individual ever born (by the way, her and Lane know each other from outside of the house). The Brigade is a joke as these types of alliances usually are (at least they haven't started the "Bro's before Ho's" chanting yet). The gay guy is... well, he's the token gay guy that every season is issued and he is performing as scripted. Did I miss anyone? Oh, Kathy... I actually kind of like Kathy at this point in time. But I'm sure she'll become increasingly annoying as her camera time increases.

1534 days ago

your not all that    

FAKE BIT*H. I wish someone would pop a boob or a lip so we can see her cry. I HATE FAKE ASS BITCH*S.

1534 days ago


Im for Team Rachel

although she carries herself like a true las vega's slut.. she's actually very very smart and has been playing the game by the games own rule... however last night the aggressive confrontation between her and kathy made her look even worse..

in or out of the house no biggie.. but the girl does have the looks.. i hope we'll see more skin personally.. she's showing enough cleavage in every episode.. she's soaking up her 15 mins of fame.. she's working it!... stop hatin on the red-head extensions. lol...

last night was a blast i'd have a few drinks with rachel any day!

and ps.. she hasnt done the Ho thing.. Kristen did she cheated on her boyfriend as he looked on watching her all in the bed with Hayden...

Both girls are HOT either way..

stop hatin fat chicks shut up and watch the show

1534 days ago


Well, it sure looks like she'll be out tomorrow. All her winging an whining tonight made me cringe. She doesn't love her man! Especially after saying a monkey could knock down more pins than he did. She's just ICK.

1534 days ago


Just watched the video and wonder does living in the BB house make your boobs get bigger? Just sayin ...

1534 days ago

Freddie R    

I don't think she is hot at all...I think she looks like Boy George.

1534 days ago

wcb 74    

Soooooo glad she's got one foot out the door!!!!! She brought all the hate on herself. It's ok for her to tell people just nomintated and probably the lowest they can be, as she says when on block, to bring it and tells floaters they need to get a life vest. But when she's at her 'lowest', and gets beat by one of the floaters and they get happy about it she can't take it? She goes around demanding an apology for it but has to have her arm twisted by her 'man' to go apologize for things she says, give me a break. And can't even stand to watch the screen anymore when her and her man are by themselves, it's a chance to run to the fridge or something. Then she actually thought Britney would use the POV on her after getting Money out of the house? Hurry up live vote, put us out of our misery!!!!!

1534 days ago

Chris Oliveira     

UMMMM, Hello!!!! This Vid was shot before her ta ta's were done. she looks way better without her implants. but what do I know? EVERYTHING

1534 days ago

Mr. Nice Guy    

I like TMZ but I love Rachel!

1534 days ago


I hope this bitch goes home. She's conceited, fake, annoying, and she's just a bitch. I don't know what kind of people are like "Team Rachel". Being a stuck up ugly bitch is not cool, and she's not funny at all. I'll be sooo happy when she's gone.

1534 days ago

L. A.    

Seriously, "finally hit the web"? Every BB site out there has had this video posted for ages. Slow much TMZ? This site is starting to get as bad as Perez!

1534 days ago

phyllis elderts    

please rachel is the biggest fake piece of crap in that house her and brendon need to go..

1534 days ago


Dont worry Rachel...some porn producer will call you after you lose at this game.
Brendan acts like a 12 yr. old with his first crush. In love my eye....How about in heat?
Both losers in my opinion. I hope Brendan does have some friends back home to wake him up.

1534 days ago


LOL No waist and a weird belly button. Her boobs were half way decent, too bad she ruined them.

1534 days ago


I'm for the majority of the vote for rachel.... she is mean,and nasty disrespectful rude, and def. comes across as a vegas ****tail waitress, with big boobs and no brains...sorry just because in the beginning of the show she posed with a lab coat and a steaming beaker doesnt exactly mean shes a chemist, im sure if i spent that kind of money on school to be a chemist...i wouldnt still be slingin drinks in vegas? hmmmm..typically you go to school to get out of that atmosphere am i right? granted shes played the game maliciously, and screwed herself over with only banking on brendon when she shouldve been more involved with the houseguests....and if shes so damn smart she wouldve known 2 cant beat out 7...of the ones who hate your ya real smart move by both brendon and rachel, they both deserve to go home...

1534 days ago
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