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Rachel from 'Big Brother' --

Wannabe Bikini Model

8/11/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Back before she became the most hateable person in the "Big Brother" house -- Rachel Reilly was a wannabe bikini model for Hawaiian Tropic ... and the footage has finally hit the web.

Rachel Reilly Big Brother - Bikini Video
Rachel -- who's a favorite to get evicted from the house this week -- doesn't do any talking in this clip.

And really ... it's better that way.


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Mrs. B    

Now that Rachel is out of the house, and Brendon has won HOH for this week, it ought to be interesting! LET THE BUTT KISSING BEGIN!!!

1530 days ago

Mrs. B    

Rachel claims to have a college degree but for someone who claims to be soooooo smart, she sure acts like an uneducated idiot! Temper tantrums, name calling and all around acting like a dumba$$! If she was so smart, why is she playing the game like she is queen of the house? Anyone knows that and having a showmance will make her the biggest target in the house! That's BB 101! Shouldn't she know that?

1530 days ago


love rachel!!!!

1530 days ago


no one in the house knows each other. You people are lame!!! Lane and Britney talk all the time. In fact they are together most of the time. lol
Is the game really that hard to follow? NO!!!

1530 days ago


I hate stupid people. Rachel was/is an escort in Vegas. She was clearly using Brendon in the game. First for air time... then she allowed him to ruin his game to try an save her (didn't work). She said a monkey could bowl better than him. Her tune completely changed once he started trying to get himself voted out. Then it was love, love, love. Kristen had a b/f for 2 months prior to the show. (big friggin' deal, grow up!!) she did NOT sleep with Hayden. Rachel started screwing Brendon right away. Week one! How disgusting!
Obviously you people don't have the feeds. This chic is bipolar and extremely manipulative, noway she has a degree. Read her CBS blogs.
P.s her game play sucked. She completely alienated herself. She had 0 social game. Loud/dramatic doesn't make a good game player. She had no strategy.

1530 days ago


i hate the way people portrate steve as a ledgend and a hero hes a murdurin s*** tat was involved killing inncoent irish people ,,notice the irish didnt kill him back we ****ed him up for lifr the fat peg leg bollix

1523 days ago


Did anyone hear Brittney's mom say should would be fine if she hooked up with Layne. Why would she say that if Brittney is engaged? Because he is the guy she is engaged to?

1523 days ago


Rachel Reilly loves herself some much is there any room from Brendan? Due to reality T.V. we now all get to experience all the people we don't allow in our own lives. Narcissism runs ramped in reality houses across America from Big Brother to New Jersey. Why don't we put the Rachel's, Danielle's, Kelly's and all the Bad Girls and let them battle it out. I'd watch that. Winner get the most Negative attention.

1515 days ago


Thank God She's Gone!!!!!!! Oh what a trashy representative...I bet her hometown in NC is glad she's representing Vegas instead of them!!!

1515 days ago


She is a cartoon for sure. Everyone loved Jeff and Jordan because they actually talked and were goofy and didn't jump straight in to bed. But these two are nasty skanky wannabe Jeff and Jordan's.. Not Happening..

1497 days ago


loved big brother this season, except having to listen to that annoying laugh. She'd laugh at nothing most of the time. Most of the time i would hit mute when i see her on. Don't think she would make much of a model because of her BUTTERFACE.

1496 days ago


That is the ugliest vid of a chick I have ever seen? Sexy? ROFLMFAO!! She is soooooo fvcking ugly with that parrot nose!

1402 days ago

Big Poppa    

Hmm, a video of Rachel before her enhancements. She still looks like the same personality it prevalent. I, for one, will be glad when she is gone!! And Crybaby loser Brendan should be right behind her so we don't have to listen to this loser whine about her the whole show!

1194 days ago


hope shes leaves real soon, "FLOATERS BETTER GRAB A LIFE VEST" hate that saying, I hate Brendan too.

1182 days ago

John Bittner    

Seems when someone makes a snide comment about Rachel they are jealous of her. She is a beautiful woman and damn sexy too. She may be annoying to hear but she is truly a very happy person. Get a life TMZ!!!!!!!!!

1139 days ago
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