'American Idol' Contestant Busted

8/12/2010 11:00 AM PDT

'American Idol' Contestant - Busted - Asiah Epperson Arrested

Bad week for "American Idol" contestants ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ seventh season competitor Asia'h Epperson is currently in custody and has been booked after beating up a girl at a Hollywood nightclub.

According to sources, Epperson and another chick -- her sister -- kicked another clubgoer's butt inside Colony club.

We have video of Asia'h leaving the club with Too Short at 2:20 AM, just before she was cuffed and cheerfully taken away.

The victim complained of bruising and pain. Epperson is currently at the station.

UPDATE:  The alleged victim has now made a citizen's arrest and says she will press charges.  Asia'h will be transferred to a nearby jail soon.

UPDATE 7:20 AM: Asia'h has just been released from custody.

Story developing ....