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'Apprentice' Star Accused of Choking Out His Wife

8/13/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the contestants vying for a job with Donald Trump on the upcoming season of "The Apprentice" has a history of going for the jugular -- in fact, back in May the guy was arrested for allegedly strangling his wife.


According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Genesiac Folkes -- who you might recognize from the new "Apprentice" promos on NBC -- was busted on May 5th in Wylie, Texas ... and charged with felony assault.

His wife Cherice filed for a restraining order a short time later -- claiming Genesiac also showed up to her workplace, took her car, and emptied her bank account.

No word on what sparked the alleged outburst -- but stay tuned ... Trump's reality star is due back in court on September 2.

Attempts to reach Genesiac for comment were unsuccessful -- but it's worth noting ... less than a week after the May incident, the guy filed for divorce.


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my husband and i have known this family for years. it's interesting that Gene's never responded. will someone check the FACTS please? fact, HE filed on her long before this incident. fact, bank account records show bank account was gene's (i saw them myself), fact, the kids on here digging gene? all were using HIS cellphones acquired by fraud. in fact, camille bought a phone using gene's account. (saw the do***ents). fact all cars registered in gene's name (saw the registration). fact, court transcripts say that the judge warned his ex about not being "forthcoming" and to never come into a courtroom and surprise attorneys by not being open and more "forthcoming" (unaware to gene, we were there) fact, SHE was ordered to return his property and has a "failure to comply with a court order! (saw the letter). gene's no saint, but he never complained about her kids deadbeat father never paying a dime in child support. all i know is, whomever sent leaked this tmz, is a sad, bitter person and has done this man a favor! to all you people posting bad stuff about gene, be careful, cause the spotlight works both ways and I'm wondering what skeletons lie in your closets? as far as the truth coming out? if i know gene he hopes so. good guy who makes horrible relationship decisions. I'm a woman and i know women and I'm sire some of these comments are from bitter women and HATERS!

1502 days ago


Doubt this was leaked, anyone who places themselves in the spot light should expect to be examined thru a microscope by the media, simply goes with the territory. Really makes no difference whether who used whose cell phone, or he said/she said, bottom line - he either grabbed her around the neck or he didn't. No man should ever lay hands on a women or child. Don't know either of them but the guy should have cleaned up his life before going on national TV if he's concerned about it being leaked. Where there's smoke there's fire, just saying.

1501 days ago


What neighbor goes to yr trial & has seen all yr paperwork & knows your business? sounds like neighborly luv or stalking lol. Reads more like it's this guy pretending to be a skirt to warn others not to rat him out...haha

1499 days ago

Been There    

This guy went out with my friend, at first I thought he was charming but it didn't take long before his cruel side came out. Met him at a club, told us he was divorced, HE told us about being online! Didn't know about the wife until this story broke but he lied about almost everything so not a big surprise. I feel sorry for the people on here defending his character, they don't even know they've been duped. The one guy is right though, he either tried to strangle her or he didn't but with everything I know about him it's not hard to imagine that he's capable of it. Just glad my friend wised up.

1499 days ago


Love him or Hate him, the guy's on THE APPRENTICE! while, everyone here is yakking about him. Earlier poster was right, NBC does thorough psychological testing, so him being a sociopath, pathological liar and whatever else? comes from HATERS! Seems like some folks have an AXE to grind! He's gotta be charged to sit before the grand jury ya'll! Doubt very much, this brother is the comment about him "acting" like someone else? brother doesn't seem like the kind that hides. while ya'll hating, he's sipping champagne. My thing is, has ANYONE wondered if the claims are true, WHY DID THIS ALL COME OUT NOW? "FATHERLESS KIDS?" So, the kids AREN'T his? So, this chick had THREE kids by some dude and claims this dude who "took in her fatherless kids" choked her AFTER he's seen on national television looking fine as hell? IS IT JUST ME WHO THINKS THIS SMELLS? hmmm... Seems like we're watching the making a star...

1499 days ago


Making of a Star...?? Going on Reality TV doesn't make someone a Star or give them talent, it makes the guy just another Wanna-be. No one will remember this guys name once the show is over. So far he hasn't displayed any talent, or substance outside of being jobless. The only reason he's being talked about is that he's been ARRESTED! Get real folks!

1496 days ago

Zapper Davis    

Every action brings a reaction. If you are in a relationship with someone you love and you believe they love you too, when things go south it changes everyone's behavior. Wives begin to despise husbands for continual abuse and maybe seek to find ways to get back the only way she can. Husbands who abuse only then become even more abusive and mean. Children involved will side with the abused parent whether it's the mother or the father who is being abused, they too will begin to find ways to get back. For example: "he/she's always beaten on me and mom/dad so I'm going to get this phone or whatever by taking a credit card or money unbeknown to the abuser. The fact is, both allegations can be true, maybe the wife did steal/take money at times, however when you enter into a marriage you enter into a sacred covenant, one of which all is to be shared. If only one side is giving, at some point the other side will find a way to take, especially if you're constantly getting your a__ beat. Maybe the husband did choke her in a fit of rage or in the heat of an argument...about what? is the question. If you know someone well enough to marry them then you know what to expect through the years...but if either party has put up a front for whatever gain there is to be had.....welcome to hell.

1482 days ago

Zapper Davis    

All of you are speaking of the person you knew, the man he appears to be in your presence, the woman she appears to be in your presence. There are things all of us would do in the presence of some that we would not do in the presence of others out of respect, but some people have another side, a dark side that only a few unlucky souls get to see. Whatever the case, he is the one who is charged...and is innocent until proven guilty.
Only time will tell the story.

1482 days ago

Ms. Lynn    

I am Gene Folkes Mother. This young lady arrived at my home with 3 children, ahead of my son as he was moving her things from up north to out west. First time meeting her was interesting. I still to this day love her and my son. But right is right and we ought not to lie on the truth. Anger will exaggerate the truth. I have not spoken to my son since he left the Apprentice but it is my hope that they both repent and try to settle their differences as God would have them to; less both be reminded ........they are both christians (though, erring children of God at this time and of airing their laundry in public. God knows the truth and that is all that matters. He without sin,.........cast the first stone!!!!!

1365 days ago
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