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Fantasia May Be Sued for 'Stealing Husband'

8/12/2010 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino is preparing for a possible legal war with the scorned wife of her married lover ... because Fantasia's attorney tells us under North Carolina's "archaic" domestic laws, "women can sue women for stealing husbands."

Fantasia Barrino Affair With Married Man

As we previously reported, the "American Idol" champ had been in a relationship with a man named Antwaun Cook -- who is still married to Paula Cook. Paula recently filed for divorce ... and in the legal papers, cited an "adulterous affair" between Fantasia and Antwaun.

Cook has not taken any legal action against Fantasia yet -- but Barrino's lawyer, Gena Graham Morris, tells us it very well COULD happen ... because in NC there are certain "heartbalm torts ... where a wife can sue a third party for having a relationship with her husband" -- it's called alienation of affection.

Morris adds, "The heartbalm torts arise out of the notion that women were once property that could be stolen like televisions. It is a comical irony that in 2010 women can sue women for stealing husbands."

Morris says she "hopes" Paula Cook will choose not to sue -- but in case she does, Morris vows to "vigorously defend" Fantasia.


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it is the LAW!

let her get what she deserves.. pay the wife... fanny begin to count your pennies.. they are going bye bye.

1503 days ago

Amy Atteberry    

Looks to me the soon to be ex wife is looking for some money from Fantasia!!!!!!How pathetic, if your man cheats u dont sue for money you beat their ass!!!

1503 days ago


all this over Fantasia.. what about home wrecker Alicia Keys stealing Swizz beats from Mashonda... HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1503 days ago


Right on Amy! There's plenty of toothless hicks in North Carolina's jails who agree with you! /sarcasm

1503 days ago


What that lady needs to do is sue her own husband for having RDS...Restless D**k Syndrome!!! When is the man going to accept responsability for what he did??? He needs to learn to keep it in his pants! It's not about Fantasia, I could have been ANY broad out there. The wife also needs to ask herself "mmm...what is it about me that lead my husband to cheat?"

1503 days ago


If she were just some girl from around the way/club/work/friend of friend/ then it would be no thing. He would get called out..the wife wld probably play on her phone threaten her a bit and then he would tuck his tail and go home or divorce his wife for the other woman. This stuff happens every day to every day people. (mom-sis-bro-bff look around you- everyone knows someone doing may even be guilty of sleeping around on your mate) Fantasia isn't a monster she is human. And the only reason the public cares is because of the scandal and drama of it all. If it were the stripper from the local club or the waitress from the local hooters nobody would give a damn! You wouldn't even take 2 seconds to look at it! Get a life people! To the WIFE...get over are probably all too familiar with the place you are in now...he has probably cheated before and you got nothing out of the deal. Looks pathetic that you are attacking another woman because you can't control YOUR husband. Gold Digger...but I mean hey it's cool..guess you have no other way of making money. Otherwise at this point in life you would have already done it. Bet you feel like you have won the lottery with this one! You may get $ but the world is laughing at you at how low you have to go to get it.

1503 days ago


She should sue her a@@. thats will teach her to think twice before getting involved with a married man!! I hope this man is worth all the money she is going to loose!!!!!!!!

1503 days ago


The Alienation of Affection law in N.C. is not "archaic" and is not only used for "women who steal others' husbands." In any event, I think it's a wonderful law that shines importance on the sanctity of marriage. Just recently in North Carolina, a woman received a judgment for over $9 million from her husband's mistress.

1503 days ago


sue her! that's a great law! couples should end it before they begin it with someone else. sue her butt!

1503 days ago


SUE HER! Love the law! You just don't date married men. Fantasia knew EXACTLY what she was doing. No one is this stupid.

1503 days ago


Maybe next time she'll date a single one. Not sympathetic towards her.

1503 days ago


Yep Fantazia, hope that c*ck was worth all the $$$ you're fixing to pay out. Wah ha ha

1503 days ago


Once she knew he was married, she should have used common sense (if she had it) and not get involved with him. He used her and his wife. Now two women are hurt because he wanted to play both sides of the fence. The court do***ent filed is online and an interesting read. Fantasia better be worried because she messed up big time because the judgment can be awarded when the "other woman" was a willing participant in the affair. Her dumb butt got on the phone with the wife bragging about it. Stupid is as stupid does. Hope the dirt bag husband and Fantasia get what is coming to them. Karma, good old karma.

1503 days ago


yep sandra

and thats the point of this mentioned law.. TO PLACE A FACT OF LIFE LESSON TO NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR!... i find it amazing you still have some idiots out here trying to defend the lil ghetto tramp for seeing a married man.. she willing got involed with a married man..

how can someone even fathom to take up for a girl that knowingly got involved with a married dude.. then started to cry cause she got busted.

only chicks that are down for that are taking up for her.. fake christians.

you all should burn..Adultry is a sin and that should extend on to the mistress as well.. homewrecker

she should be burned at the stake but NC's law will set fire to her soon to be broke behind soon enough..

there are 5 states that have these laws and any fool who actually paid attention to the laws during the marriage license portion would know about that clause.. especially since ANY person can sue for that reason in the proper states. Hawaii has this law also..


cause its meant to protect the marriage relationship and keep away skanks and cheating husbands vice versa.

1503 days ago


If a sposuse cheats because all their needs are not being met at home. It has nothing to do with the outside party. Paula needs to accept that he hiusband didn't want her, for whatever reason, and move on. I've alway found it's the wife who comes out worst when a husband starts telling in court why another woman's coocxhie was better. I'm sure every wife wants to hear how bad sex with her and that another knew how to put it on him like a poptart.

1503 days ago
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