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JetBlue: Shame on Steven, No Matter What

8/12/2010 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The passenger who allegedly beaned JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater may have been a malicious, arrogant bitch, but Steven was still in the wrong ... this according to an internal airline memo obtained by TMZ.

JetBlue Steve Slater
As TMZ first reported, Slater is telling people the passenger "maliciously" struck him in the head by yanking on the overhead bin, cutting his head.

But, according to the JetBlue email, " ... if Mr. Slater’s story proves to be accurate, and even if there was a precipitating event that motivated his behavior, that still doesn’t excuse his actions."

The memo goes on, "There is no excuse for endangering Crewmembers and Customers in response to a challenging service situation. Intentionally arming and deploying an evacuation slide for anything other than the express purpose of protecting the safety of our Crew and Customers is unacceptable."

The memo adds, "Slides can be as dangerous as a gun ... It is an insult to all aviation professionals to have this particular element of the story treated without the seriousness it deserves."


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You know, people take crap in their jobs all the time... nurses, waitresses... they don't have meltdowns and hissy fits.

If he can't take being in a service buisness, maybe he should find another career.

He's not a hero, he's a jerk.

1500 days ago


Steven is still the man in my book.
He can use my chute anytime.

1500 days ago


No, Slater acted like a person who has had enough of being treated like **** by customers who think they are above the rules. The "woman" should have been arrested for assault and her identity should be all over the news just like Mr. Slater's, then she could be treated like **** herself and get a taste of what she dishes out to people who deal with her kind on a daily basis.

1500 days ago


Ha, the airline only did that because it is afraid of massive Flight Attendant protesting or demanding change for the abusive working conditions they have to work under. The airline is warning its employees of potential actions if anyone does anything like it. They want them to continue to working with a smile on their faces even when customers abuse them. Some people clean baby diapers on the food trays and leave the dirty diapers for the stewards to clean! Go Steve!

1500 days ago


I agree with Jetblue's response. As far as who is the mysterious passenger, I read it was a female Texas representative. Not sure if that is correct... perhaps TMZ could fact check it.

1500 days ago


This IS personal- As an aviation professional who went down with the ship more than once and has the utmost respect for the industry-this story has an alternate side that needs to be shown.

NO aviation professional acts out nor disrespects not only the clients or employer but the INDUSTRY in general. That is why you have grievances or report abuses or incidents to your superiors.

I have complete disgust over the attention and welcoming of flight attendant abuse scenario. Puhleeze- If this person was an aviation professional this person would have gone through the chain of command and followed protocol and procedure.

It is obvious this was a commercial carrier incident and not a private nor military matter. Instances that unfoled as this one in private aviation would be addressed and a difficult client would be warned or eventually banned if they were abusive. It has happened and I have seen this a few times over the years. It is never ignored and promptly dealt with. Never have I seen an attendant,pilot, charter rep, nor myself nor my bosses meltdown over what would have been a minor situation that an idiot such as this one- blow out of proportion. A professional would have diffused the situation and not ADD fuel to the fire.


I am appaled at the new celebrity status and what this entails for a commercial flight attendant with absolutely no regard for aviation safety,protocol, practices and procedures. Loose lips sink ships and trust me I have gone down with a sinking ship several times due to the economy and private aviation fluctuations and have never ever thought in anyway shape or form malice towards my employer. Cir***stances beyond anyones control happen and nor do I blame the current administration for causing a blow to private aviation. Many people are without work and careers have ended and here is someone who has a meltdown and will make substantial gains from acting in a questionable manner.

Am I saying be a doormat? NO- I am saying act like a professional and respect the industry you are in and follow protocol- YES YES YES. Endagering passengers is not acceptable and thank heavens you never were close to the private sector or military status. You do NOT measure up.

And what is with grabbing a beer and exiting down the emergency chute- Hell yes-call the cops you jackass-

I have no less than high regards for my aviation career. Note that I too have had my suffering from a less than perfect situation - economy-unemployment due to the turn in private aviation and am lucky to have wonderful aviation experiences no matter how they turned out- Certainly at higher levels than this idiot performed- YET what has happened from my former employers cir***stances and how it has affected and effected me ARE MY personal issues not the publics and aviation will always be the most fufilling and LOVE of my life.

Shame on the media/public for not letting the story unfold. We all dream of telling a less than perfect employer where to stick it- but bottom line those are thoughts not actions and I DO question those who act out and meltdown in public especially in a security sensiative career. Is this the NEW terrorist?

Disgruntled employees acting out?

He is lucky if the carrier does not press charges.

So Harvey you're a LAWYER.
What is the vote?
Press charges? Don't press charges?

1500 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Jet Blue - you have received MORE media attention than you can ever pay to get. Steven acted on impulse, was wrong - BUT the chute opened properly - a letter from that company states that - and the idiot woman should have been removed from the plane in handcuffs and charged with assault! Next time I fly - I want Sully for the pilot and Steven for the flight attendant! It will be a peaceful flight!

1500 days ago


So sick of this stupid story. I have no idea why it's being reported on so much. Ok, a gay stewardess grabbed some beer and deployed and emergency slide. Who gives a ****. Throw him in jail and shut up about it. It's such a non-story it's not funny.

1500 days ago


#15 and others: MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY! I do not get the hero talk. There're a heck of a lot more stressful jobs than a flight attendant for goodness sake. Like I said earlier, what would happen if a welfare counter worker flipped out like this idiot? Whatever channel gives this guy a reality show is off my list of channels to watch.

1500 days ago


That's the problem in our culture. A drama queen, who lacks self control becomes a hero. Whats this say about the real heros in our culture? My buddies in Afganistain are heros. Slater does not rate on the real hero scale.

1500 days ago


If he worked for me, he would be out of a job.

Dealing with difficult customers in a professional way is extremely important on an airplane.

He lost his cool, that is a big no-no as a flight attendant.

1500 days ago


You have to always maintain professional decorum- that is what he is supposed to be in that role! He is wrong!
As a young nurse I was hit several times by beligerent patients-
we never hit them back and most certainly didn't walk out of the hospital!! That is a risk of some professions!

1500 days ago


A folk hero? Hell No...

Nobody seems to care about the hundreds of passengers that had to find other flights while technicians reset the slide... that plane was scheduled to fly back to Pittsburgh and then back again to NY...

I hope those passengers file a class action suit against him...

1500 days ago


I am sick of the media keeping this story going just because his guit his job while there are people wishing and looking for jobs all day long! And to think they even had his ex wife on like three morning shows wasting air time. I think this Guy is a jurk, and a sissy for indangering people lives that was on that plane,just because he wanted to have a hissy fit.

1500 days ago


Oh come on... he's just another one of these bitchy gay flight attendant boys. He was on the rag and was looking to throw a fit. Flight attendants have gotten to be so rude and despicable since 9/11. It is THEIR JOB to provide us as the customer with courtesy. Remember the old saying, the customer is always right? Now you get bitchy, haggard, rude gay men or menopausal rude women in those jobs that treat people like sh##!t... to hell with him.

1500 days ago
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