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JetBlue: Shame on Steven, No Matter What

8/12/2010 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The passenger who allegedly beaned JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater may have been a malicious, arrogant bitch, but Steven was still in the wrong ... this according to an internal airline memo obtained by TMZ.

JetBlue Steve Slater
As TMZ first reported, Slater is telling people the passenger "maliciously" struck him in the head by yanking on the overhead bin, cutting his head.

But, according to the JetBlue email, " ... if Mr. Slater’s story proves to be accurate, and even if there was a precipitating event that motivated his behavior, that still doesn’t excuse his actions."

The memo goes on, "There is no excuse for endangering Crewmembers and Customers in response to a challenging service situation. Intentionally arming and deploying an evacuation slide for anything other than the express purpose of protecting the safety of our Crew and Customers is unacceptable."

The memo adds, "Slides can be as dangerous as a gun ... It is an insult to all aviation professionals to have this particular element of the story treated without the seriousness it deserves."


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No one said it was a blow up slide. No one said what side the slide was on. Trying to think where are those slides. I am thinking passenger side you know where the doors are and not on the cargo side where the ground workers would be. They are always near the doors aren't they. Well that side is up against the ramp. Theres nobody there. The workers are on the other side getting out the cargo aren't they or underneath the plane? I'm not picturing how anyone would be at risk.

1500 days ago


Anyone who call this guy a hero needs a brainscan! This guy is nothing more than a whinny crybaby...He is NO Hero...A hero is a police officer or soldire that puts his life on the line for our freedoms, not some azzhole queer that acts like a little biitch! Ahero is a couple that adopts 2 kids to keep them out of the foster care system not some "stewardess" (yeah I said it) that can't handle an accidental bump to the head so he curses in front of kids and storms out! You guys that call him a hero are IDIOTS!

1500 days ago


Look we all work and live in a world of people who believe they are entitled. And it really sucks. While I along with the rest of the service industry secretly applaud him, the reality is that he broke the law and rules. No company would allow this kind of behavior. They can't.
The saddest thing about this is - and I know this won't sound right - is even though he was wrong, he was also right. Come on everyone! Stop acting like you're the only one who has to get somewhere or do something. Stop treating the folks who wait on you like we are your own personal slaves. Oh that's right, that would require compassion for others. Something that seems to be missing these days....

1500 days ago


His 5 minutes of Shame is almost over. Then reality is going to kick him in the ass.Doing this kind of thing on a airliner is serious. When he gets the bill for damages and no job and maybe jail time it wont be fun. His happy face will soon be gone. I say he should get the Dumb Ass Award..I dont look at him like a hero for what? endangering people lives by letting the slide out.

1500 days ago


The idea of quiting your job in this high unemployment economy because you are sick of taking abuse on the job and quiting in a dramatic way is something a lot of people can relate to.

1500 days ago


Lets be real it is this guys job to be patient with unruly people. Maybe Slater came into the situation in the wrong? Who knows....not you. TMZ trolls haha like the sesspoool of the internet.

1500 days ago


Glad txcn has all the info. Do you really think he looked out the window before deploying the slide? Do you think he thought about all of that before reacting? I doubt it, he was just lucky no one was hurt. The plane was unloading, no one would have hesitated walking near the plane or would have been looking for a slide to deploy. They would have been doing their jobs. Would we really want to live in a world where everyone said everything they were thinking? How unpleasant would that be? it would be like living with Simon Cowell.

1500 days ago


"Slides can be as dangerous as a gun"

hahahaha Yeah people are killed by slides constantly! I hope your mothers warned all of you about the danger of slides.

1500 days ago


I agree with JetBlue. He should have had her removed from the plane by police as an unruly passenger for assaulting him. That is a Federal crime, is it not? She would be in a heap of trouble. Instead, he only got himself in trouble. He could get 7 years in prison for that little temper tantrum.

1500 days ago


On behalf of all flight attendants..... We still think you're our HERO!!!!! Steven did what all flight attendants have wished they could have as some point in time.

1500 days ago


Ok. Can we give this a rest now? So the guy quit his job in an unusual fashion. He should not be rehired. Needs a calmer job.

1500 days ago


"73. On behalf of all flight attendants..... We still think you're our HERO!!!!! Steven did what all flight attendants have wished they could have as some point in time. Posted at 10:42 PM on Aug 12, 2010 by Jennifer"

Nice to know that all you stewardesses are mentally unstable ticking-time bombs ready to go off any second. Of course most of us learned that back when it came out that a stewardess was wiping the toilets with bread she then served the passengers. If there was ever a job that is totally unnecessary it is that of stewardess.

1500 days ago


Well the slide can't be "as dangerous as a gun." Nothing but a gun is as dangerous as a gun.

1500 days ago


Has Jet Blue done anything about the "better than thou" passenger? We fly Southwest, we would enjoy seeing Steven on our flights. Our flight attendants are always enjoyable. Passengers would step in (I hope) if they were being abused.

1500 days ago


The passenger who started all this should be charged with assault. I'd like to see who this person is that thinks she is better than everybody else on the plane. Apparently rules were made to broken,to her. Why didn't Jet Blue have her charged with disobeying the flight attendents orders? She needed to be in the spotlight for a few days. Maybe that will help her with her need for attention.

1500 days ago
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