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Steven Slater -- Itching to Get Back to Work

8/12/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Slater let his lawyer do the talking today at a press conference outside his home in Queens, but he did take a moment to thank his newfound fans.

According to his lawyer, Steven hopes to return to being a flight attendant very soon -- because it's what he loves and it's "in his blood."

Steven chimed in briefly, expressing his thanks to all of his supporters: "It's been amazing ... the support and the love."


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1498 days ago


People on planes suck. I don't know how the flight attendants stop themselves from giving them a whack upside their heads.

1498 days ago

get a life ho    

I would like to fly with him during his next meltdown .,.,NOT .,.,

who in their right mind would hire this guy back except for a publicity stunt ?

He better capitolize on his 15 minutes because he isn't going to employed for sometime IMO

1498 days ago


The guy's emotionally unstable.
there's no way I'd get on a plane with this guy even if He was a passenger.

1498 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Whatever happened on that plane is irrelevant because this gentleman has been exonarated in the press. There is not a jury in New York State that will convict him. The best he will get is 5 yrs probation and anger management. What I feel from this gentleman that he did is what most people wish they can do is tell the truth about how they feel. Folks are living vicariously through him. I just the imagine the domino effect of this and where it will spread. That will be enjoyable to follow. I need more laughs. I can just imagine how his heart was beating when he was doing it and how much it was beating when he realized what he really did. It makes me laugh and I am happy for him. If you need an assistant yahoo me Slater.

1498 days ago

john johnson    

its offical, this chump is a fraud!!!! i got inside info from other passengers on board that flight. these people do some truth telling when they are promised $100 and extra true blue points. he was already blasted prior to them landing at jfk airport. that lady he got into it with was disrespectful, but he took it way too far. and you know the rest: he cursed her out on the PA system, took some beers(2)from the cabin, then activated the emergency landing chute to slide down it, got his car from long term parking to drive home, and screwed the hell out his boyfriend(sorry for being so graphic) before being apprehended by the port athuority police.

1498 days ago


And now numerous passengers from the flight are saying that this clown was drinking during the flight and that he started the whole thing. He's not only a jerk, he's a fraud!

1498 days ago


Silly fa gue

1498 days ago


This loser's days of being a Flight Attendant are over. I think its very fortunate that he snapped while the plane was on the ground and not at 38,000 feet.

1498 days ago

who dat    

The lawyer did a great job. His client however will never get his job back as a flight attendant. Not only that, he will be on the passenger no fly list. Can you imagine the liability of any carrier allowing this known mental case on their airline and if he should pop an exit at 30K feet. He's grounded, and rightfully so.
Would you want to fly on any plane (with him) knowing about his mental state, and knowledge of the planes exit/ emergency exit doors?

1498 days ago


Ugh - I can't wait til this kook's 15 minutes of infamy are over. He deserves to be shunned, not treated like a martyr.

also...he's obviously a bottom.

1498 days ago


He's not unstable. He's just a homosexual diva. No real man his age acts like that. He'd either punch the person or walk off. He had to put on a frigging show. It had "I'm a flaming ****ot" written over over him.

1498 days ago


Another example of homosexual violence....when will it ever stop?

1498 days ago


sounds like what's "in his blood" is too much alcohol.

1498 days ago


If JetBlue is smart, they should hire him back, he has given soo much free publicity tom the airline. He is a HERO to every service worker! If Charlie Sheen can get away with domestic violence, drugs, weapons and whatever else and end up serving NO time in jail under a plea, then this working stiff better get off. He should be given s plea of time served and his job back. He was a very sweet FA on a jet blue flight I took recently. The woman who injured his head should be charged for violating safety procedures.

Looove the guy!

1498 days ago
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