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Tim Tebow ... and the Hyperbaric Chamber of Secrets

8/12/2010 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL rookie Tim Tebow just had a hyperbaric oxygen chamber delivered to his hotel room at Denver Broncos training camp ... but TMZ has learned he's been using the device for more than two years.


The device -- which is said to "greatly accelerate the recovery process" -- was purchased by Tim in 2008 for just under $20,000 ... this according to Ric Rooney, owner of Pikes Peak Hyperbaric.

According to Ric, Tebow had the device shipped from his home in Florida to training camp -- but couldn't set it up ... so PPH sent a rep to Broncos camp to help Tim out.

Rooney tells us Tebow has been getting "banged up" at practice ... and Tim felt the chamber could help him heal quicker. We're told Tim has a routine where he sits in the chamber for 60-90 minutes after every practice.

We're told hyperbaric chambers are big in the NFL right now -- with stars like T.O. and Hines Ward using them routinely.

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Michael Jackson was weird?????????????????? I don't think so

Gotta love the media!!

1531 days ago

Cathy T    

It's too bad that Tim Tebow didn't do more research. The "Mild Hyperbarics" or soft sided chambers that these companies are selling to the public for personal use were never designed nor intended or FDA approved for sports injuries. Only for “altitude sickness” It is misrepresentation like this that brings a bad reputation to the Hyperbaric Industry. Oxygen is a drug and you need a physician order to be treated with 100% oxygen. Could hyperbarics be effective for soft tissues and bone injury, sure but there are not enough studies out yet to substantiate this, regardless, "soft sided" chambers can’t pressurize to a depth that to deliver the right amount oxygen to heal soft tissue or bone injury. Readers should reference this study. PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH USE OF THE HYPERBARIC CHAMBER IN SPORTS: August 23,1996
Update; Nov. 15,1996 The following report was sent to all 26 General Managers in the N.H.L. in January 1995

1531 days ago


If he just had this delivered then why does Tim have a full head of hair......

1531 days ago


@ Cathy T - I totally agree with you. The soft chambers are what's referred to in the industry as "bag people". Highly misrepresented from manufacturer's with unrealistic claims. These "bags" do help in recovery, but true pressurized oxygen happens in acrylic or steel chambers prescribed by a physician.

Unfortunately, most people don't care about the science here, they just want drama and gossip...


1531 days ago



1530 days ago

james bates    

No one on this board has heard of financing? really?! 20k is like 200 a month over 5 years.. retards..

1530 days ago


Using hyperbaric oxygen as a treatment for my illness was a blessing. You can read my complete testimonial if you visit csfreshink.com and the Wednesday, August 11 edition.And I would hope that you would take time to visit the website for the International Hyperbaric Assciation at IHAUSA,org and read how it has changed the lifes of so many others.

1529 days ago


How does a poor college kid afford such a device at 20,000.00 a pop. Is Mr. Paul Dee going to look into this or just stuff another donut in his mouth and look the other way? NCAA? COI? What a joke they are.

Go Hogs

1523 days ago


Jealousy has many wicked turns. One is in speaking out such crap as these negative comments on Tebow. All you negative people should take a look at your own life...and ask yourself..If my parents had money, they'd help me - and there would be nothing wrong with it. But you AREN'T FAMOUS, and you DON'T have money - and therefore you are angry and jealous of those that do. There is nothing underhanded about this device, it helps people heal. It isn't a drug, it isn't steroids....so what is the problem...oh, right - it's expensive. So we're back to the "your jealous of people who have $ thing again". Why don't we examine the poor ghetto kids that make it in the NFL.....what do THEY spend their money on? I think you'd be shocked to find out..how many cars can you own? How many drugs can you buy....how bid a house do you need....but nobody talks about them, and there are a lot of them. We want to bash a good kid, with a dream, and the hard work to make it come true. We'll call any Tom **** and Harry on the street a HERO for merely doing their job, but we gotta pick on this kis, who has done nothing wrong, and the day he DOES do something wrong, and he will - because he is HUMAN - he will be ripped to shreds over it. It's comments like these that make me realize why everyone hates Americans...because of how many of us are SHALLOW, TURN ON EACH OTHER ON A DIME, CRAP ON PEOPLE WHEN CONVENIENT - AND PUT DOWN THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING WITH THEIR LIVES. You all make me sick. Work your apparant issues and anger out with your therapist, and GET A LIFE, you obviously do NOT have one.

1492 days ago


The device is used to speed the healing process. It isn't a drug, it isn't steroids - it speeds the natural process. There's nothing underhanded about it.

Pathetic are the jealous people who comment such viscious statements to people who have means. If YOU had money, what would you do with it? YEAH - NOBODY CARES, because your aren't famous. Jealousy is dimented, and wrong - and you show your ignorance - each of you - when you make fun of someone who has worked hard, and has made it. Has the courage to stand up for what he believes in. Yes, what a horrible person Tebow must be, and he should be blamed for the fact that his family just might have enough money to help their son have a good career. If I had money - I'd help my kids too. All you people and your negative comments - you are showing your jealousy and hatred of all that is good in the world. How dare you judge - what have you done with your life? If you were famous, we'd all know, but your dirty little secrets are same - as you will likely be NOBODY with the attitudes that you have. Tebow - don't listen to these people, and RIP mj for all your mistreatment as well. Humanitarians get a bad rap, when all they are doing is trying to give BACK SOME OF WHICH THEY HAVE TO HELP THOSE IN NEED.

This is why everyone is in the state we are in, because of all the SHALLOW AMERICAN THINKING....maybe that is why everyone hates us...

1492 days ago


Oxygen is a DRUG? THAT is a good one. I guess we are ALL DRUGGIES then, seeing that we breathe it all the time. Dang, and all this time I've been getting away with breathing oxygen without a prescription. I'm must go and hide before someone finds me out. Shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone!

1492 days ago

Greg Harris    

As this article states, Time Tebow is not the first, nor will he be the last professional athlete to seek out hyperbaric therapy. In fact, I believe this fad that is becoming a trend will soon be considered commonplace within the elite ranks of athlete. In the past, many athletes weren't open and didn't promote their usage of portable hyperbaric chambers; but now that the stigma has worn off, athletes are speaking out and their testimony is creating a snowball effect throughout professional sports teams. Previous to increasing oxygen and still used by some athletes is the reduction of oxygen using an altitude tent. Often times these two devices are confused, I have written a short article to explain so of the primary differences. Check it out at...http://hyperbaricoptions.com

1000 days ago
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