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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

Strike Custody Deal

8/14/2010 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have reached a settlement in their custody case.

Under the deal, filed with an Alaska Superior Court, Bristol will get primary physical custody of Tripp.  Levi will have visitation, between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on Saturdays and 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM on Wednesdays.

Levi has to pay Bristol child support.  The amount isn't stated, but the agreement says the calculation is based on earnings of $72,000 a year.

And get this ... Under the agreement filed with the court, the parties agree not to "speak badly about the other parent in front of the child ... or allow anyone else to speak badly about the other parent or members of their family in front of the child."

And it goes on ... "The parties agree that they shall not allow the child to visit with, or interact with, any family member who publicly ... or in front of the child, criticizes the other parent or the other parent's family." 

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No Avatar


Custody Deal for the brain they share or the baby?

1496 days ago

the DQ    

SP should have been put down years ago. This behaviour will be perpetuated forever.

SP's been warned before to STFU -

1496 days ago


Bristle always acts like she's on the rag

1496 days ago


I don't know who I hate more, that terrifically overweight Bristol Palin woman or the Steven Slater beer guy from that airplane who TO THIS DAY I don't know WHAT he did for America to be taking sides about. Dios mio!

1496 days ago

The Real Story    

To Other Blogger: Democrat Party is the Party of slavery , bias jim crow laws , Nationalizing Health & Economy, political bigoted laws (see bills), Etc. .

""REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH Means taking wealth from Companies or Individuals that are Not loyal to the Collective or Statist DNC party and allocating it to loyal democrat party members (like certain regions , groups, or organizations). The references used in the above reality are within the Bills and policies passed by Democrat Hardliners. Remember the progressive Democrat party is the party of democrat Bias Jim crow laws to Nationalized Health and Economy , which in all cases leads to the rapid ac***ulation of authority within one party.""

1496 days ago


Good Job Bristol, just have to put up with the dead beat father of your son knowing that your the parent doing right by him. He's your littel boy, not a meal ticket. Your doing the best for him and thats what matters, nothing else. Good for you.

1496 days ago


So.. um.. am I the only one wondering where the $72,000 number is coming from? Whats this dude doing that's bringing him in more money then a lot of educated Americans make? Is this all based off of appearances and crap? If it is, that's just disturbing.

I read he wants to run for mayor of some Alaskan town but even Bristol is confused: "never knew he had political aspirations. I'm glad that Levi has not given up on completing his education and is looking for steady employment."

So yeah, dude definitely doesn't have a steady job to be pulling this much.. and I wouldn't say a head first leap into politics, that he might not win, is either.

1495 days ago



1495 days ago



1495 days ago

Sammy Yammy    

Who care about them. So he put his **** in her. She must have liked it. Now they have a custody dispute.

1495 days ago


Levi is just a plain slimeball & needs to stay out of their lives!

1495 days ago

the DQ    

Elaine - Town punch, Bristle, is the one who whores out herself and her son to the media to make money............NOT LEVI.

As for his sisters blog, maybe she can use that against the Palins, by telling them if they're not allowed to see the kid, she absolutely WILL post the truth on her blog.

1495 days ago

Butt Lovin Bear 401    

What's the deal with the "sad sack" face on her? Is she looking for sympathy, maybe to get her old lasy some votes?

1495 days ago


If I were negotiating this contract, I would have put a clause in it that Tripp cannot go out of state without his father's written permission ; that no photo ops can be given to the tabloids without Levi's written permission and if given, 50% of the money received by Bristol goes into a special trust fund for Trip only and that a certain percentage should go toward Levi's child support payment. If either parent really loved this child, they would not be using him as a pawn in the tabloid stories. Bristol and Levi would not be doing photo ops or reality series with Tripp in them. This is a child, not a money making machine. When Bristol starts whining about how her childhood was robbed from her, she is making very selfish statements and saying that her life is so bad that she has to use her child to earn an income. Time for both of these grifters to grow up and accept responsibility and give this child a life in privacy. Let Sarah Palin continue her begging--show the world that Levi and Bristol have more class than that!

1495 days ago


Use anti-zit cream on that nugget!

1495 days ago
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