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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

Strike Custody Deal

8/14/2010 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have reached a settlement in their custody case.

Under the deal, filed with an Alaska Superior Court, Bristol will get primary physical custody of Tripp.  Levi will have visitation, between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on Saturdays and 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM on Wednesdays.

Levi has to pay Bristol child support.  The amount isn't stated, but the agreement says the calculation is based on earnings of $72,000 a year.

And get this ... Under the agreement filed with the court, the parties agree not to "speak badly about the other parent in front of the child ... or allow anyone else to speak badly about the other parent or members of their family in front of the child."

And it goes on ... "The parties agree that they shall not allow the child to visit with, or interact with, any family member who publicly ... or in front of the child, criticizes the other parent or the other parent's family." 

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Paul Anderson    

It is a travesty what was allowed to happen in Alaska within the Supreme Court. As a father who has experienced a painful divorce involving young children and unjust levels of Child Support that have financially devastated me, my heart goes out to Levi. He will have a long road to recovery with the emotional hurt that will occur as result of being separated from his son. He hasn't even begun to feel the pain and hurt that will accompany times that he won't be able to see his son. he will experience times that he feels he in nothing more than an indentured slave working to pay a debt for a child whose life he can little to no relevance. He has had to become responsible for other people's comments regarding Sarah Palin - does America want be required to keep their mouth quiet regarding her political style? Is this even relevant for a father? It was NO settlement, but a crime that was allowed to occur. Levi can see his son a few hours a week, yet people argue about non-existent fathers in the lives of children. That is not justice, but a railroaded sentence for life. Removing a little boy from his father should be a crime. Why does this happen - all because society has breed discrimination against fathers in divorce. Divorce is big money - the Federal Government even provides most states with "matching dollars" for every dollar that flows through a state Child Support payment system. Judges and court people in Washington State receive "additional monthly incentives" for hearing Family Court cases. It is a crime against fathers. Bristol is just as responsibility for her actions, but, she escapes with the son and alienates the father, and the courts put a stamp of approval with the woman,regardless of what is the "best interest of the child." We fight for equality and justice but our Family Courts are allowed to wreck havoc on families by making little children become "a pawn for money." It is disgusting that Bristol will receive $72,000 a year. If it will cost $72,000 a year to raise Tripp, Where is the justice? This young man Levi has no idea what a pressure it will be n his life to pay child support at such ridiculous levels. When will America wake up to stop the injustice. I support Levi's right to see his young son more than the absurd few hours a week; America the limited visitation is to create wealth for the mother and NOT to benefit that child at more than $72,000 a year in Child support. This is the pinnacle of absurd. Did Sarah will Governor fight to raise the salaries of all the parents working for state government that earned less than $72,000 a year? Apparently, it is very expensive to raise a child in Alaska. At least Bristol will receive a monthly wealth transfer, not Child Support at the cost of separating her son from their father and ripping apart Levi's heart for his young son. Hang in there Levi. There are many fathers across this country who support your rights to see your son and have Child Support set at justified levels.

1498 days ago

You Betcha    

Todd's got to be feeling lucky there's never been any money in divorcing him. Plus he gets seperate bedrooms.

1497 days ago


#83 Paul Anderson May I say firstly that as a woman myself I am normally sympathetic to father's custody rights, the child should be living with the parent best capable of caring for it emotionally etc - just giving birth does not make you a mother and especially not a good mother!!
However, it's not Bristol Palin you should be taking issue with it's the US child support law that says (I think it's something like 17%) of the father's earnings be paid in child support - that's the same for EVERYONE, rich or poor alike! It's also payable by EITHER parent, a woman has to pay child support if the child lives with it's father y'know! That's as it should be - still let's be honest there are millions of men/women not paying child support at all because they are unemployed or just bumming around to avoid it, it happens you can't deny that! Just because Levi is earning $72k now is why his child support is high, when he's a nobody again he'll petition and his child support will go down accordingly!! If Levi was being a stay at home daddy with custody and Bristol was earning $72k she'd have to pay him the same hm?!
A baby has a right to see both parents, Levi will get visitation - that's IF he bother's to keep it up, lots of men or women don't! The child should be the one of concern and it should have the best possible affordable way of life! Right now Bristol can put aside money from that into an account for her baby's education, because trust me Levi is going to be nobody again by the time that kid is 18 and needing a college fund!!
Your comments about not leaving a state are rather ridiculous to some extent, if she was going to flee Alaska or the country with her baby you'd have some reason but as she is the one with primary custody of the baby she can take it anywhere in the country she wants!! The sealing of lips on both sides regards bad mouthing either parent to the kid is a good thing, also to ensure no bad mouthing of either family in public or in front of the kid is good!! That baby will now not be permitted to hear or see anything disrespectful or detrimental to either parent and will not have it's father making money from bitching about it's grandparents lol!! If only the rest of us in the real world got that sort of deal sorted out it would save a lot of anger and heartache!! Levi knows where his kid is, if he wants to be closer then he moves back to Alaska, she doesn't have to move closer to him!!
Since the lips are now sealed and his show is about running for Mayor in Wasilla Alaska, um, it's going to be pretty boring show since he can't badmouth Bristol or her family without legal ramifications!! Not that it would have been worth it to begin with lol!!
Paul, one more thing a pint of milk in Alaska is $10, gasoline is $17 a litre - yes, it's very expensive to live in Alaska in comparison to other states, primarily because of the cost of supplying anything to the state hm?!

1497 days ago


#83 just re-read your post - Bristol is NOT getting $72k a year for the baby - that's what Levi earns!!! While your obvious pain at missing your own son/daughter is clear from what you say DON'T assume Levi feels the same way!! He lived with the Palins sponging off of them while he lived in Alaska, got their 16 year old daughter pregnant (which is statutory rape whether she agreed or not), the Palins went out of their way not to alienate him and lose their daughter but to support both Bristol and Levi.
Levi moved to California, wrote a book slamming Sarah Palin and digging out the dirty laundry as thanks!! Then he did a nude calendar, some other pointless crap and basically sat in LA enjoying himself!! He wasn't concerned about seeing his kid then was he hm?! He was enjoying himself screwing around in LA getting someone else pregnant (allegedly)!! If you don't want kids you stick a CONDOM on it, get it a vasectomy or don't have sex! Why should a woman be on the pill or the one taking all the responsibility hm?!
Personally, a child has a right to both parents in its life but divorce or splits happen for a reason - adultery, domestic violence, controlling behaviour the list is endless. It's not the kid's fault it was born and it is the best parent or the parent the child wishes to live with (as they get older) that should matter not the sex hm?!

1497 days ago

Ben Gleck    

@ "emerald"
For your information, the age of consent in Alaska is 16. But you tea baggers don't seem interested in facts.

1497 days ago



Please show me the statement or interview where Bristol proclaimed she herself was "a slut and a stoner." Also,how on earth do you know that Willow is "going down the same road?" Finally, how do you know that Bristol and Levi "never got back together?" Do you know the palins and all the details of their private lives? I don't think so. I love how you make these statements when you have no idea what is going on. You are an idiot, but thanks for entertaining me. I needed a good laugh!

1497 days ago

Mrs. Bryan Krygier    

whats wrong with those agreements the child shouldnt have to hear bad things about its parents its not a problem the child should have to deal with smart people bad part of it is neither of the parents will actually be raising it i wonder if they will have 2 female nannys or a male and a female

1497 days ago



1497 days ago


Ben Gleck,

If you had actually read my comment you would realize how stupid your response sounds. Gemini's comment stated that Bristol was a "SELF PROCLAIMED slut and stoner. I asked for proof that Bristol DESCRIBED HERSELF in this manner (that's what self proclaimed means). I wasn't debating whether or not she actually is a slut or a stoner. However, if we follow your "logic" then every teenager who gets pregnant is a slut and a stoner

Also, as I asked Gemini, please provide me with the proof that "willow is going down the same road."

YOU are the idiot!

1497 days ago

You Betcha    

@ "Linda"
I'll tell you what. I'll provide the proof you demand after you provide me Trigg's birth certificate.

1497 days ago


Thirteen hours a week? That's just heinous. The kid has two parents. Levi should have Tripp overnight at LEAST two if not three nights a week, period. He's not a felon, for crying out loud. Yeah, he's young, but so is Bristol. Balance of parenting time. That's his kid too. That's a really bad custody plan. Even if Tripp is still nursing (which he should be), Levi can use pumped milk.

wrong, just wrong.

1496 days ago


You Betcha-

The Palins' family physician verified that Trig was indeed Sarah and Todd's son back in 2008. Look it up on Also, it would have been impossible for Bristol to have given birth to Trig as she was already two months pregnant with Tripp at the time. Do the math. In the meantime, I am not going to waste any more of my precious time arguing with an ignorant moron like yourself.

1496 days ago

Ben Gleck    

@ "Linda"
Bristol is a slut and a stoner. Willow is going down the same road. Only an idiot would try to claim otherwise.

Posted at 12:45 AM on Aug 16, 2010 by Ben Gleck


I stand by my previous statement.

1496 days ago

Bobby B    

OMG that poor kid. Its name is bad enough but with Bimbo oops I mean Bristol nah I really meant Bimbo lets call a spade a spade here, this kid is gonna be one messed up soul.

1491 days ago


what an idiot levi is for taking that and of course hes got to follow bristol around on his dime
after reading her former sis in laws statement shes as big an witch as her mom
geez my ex wife and i had a better deal then that. sometimes id have my daughter for a month at a time before she was school age

1304 days ago
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