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Dina Lohan -- Lindsay Will Be Out 'Soon'

8/13/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to 90 days of rehab -- but, according to her mother, she won't be doing the full time.

Dina Lohan NBC Interview
Dina Lohan was just on "Today," where she said Lindsay will have a shorter stay at UCLA and will be out "soon" -- adding that Linds made friends with a lot of "alleged murderers" during her incarceration before rehab.

As TMZ previously reported, the inpatient program at UCLA typically lasts only 45 days, but doctors often repeat the program or stylize another program for the patient that could easily last 90 days.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told TMZ doctors have not yet determined how long of a stay is appropriate.

Although the judge could let Lindsay out early, sources tell us it's very unlikely.


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Lindsays mother needs help, there is something wrong with her brain, it takes no notice of REALITY. Either she is incredibly stupid or incredibly mentally ill, possibly both. She lives in a alternate reality where she makes up things. And they let her visit Lindsay, talk about bringing trouble to someone who needs none. It is looking like Michael is not the parent who should stay away. It will be a miracle if Lindsays siblings turn out anywhere near normal humans, with Lindsay it is already too late.

1499 days ago


I'm so glad that Jean in Post #60... brought up Dina's excessive use of the word "HARDBALL" when she repeated said something to the affect that the judge wrongly played "hardball" on Lindz. Yeah, right. That idiot of a mom is complete denial--she apparently has no desire to really see what's so plain to everyone else in the world. Lindz mom truly seems to have a huge part in making her daughter become the dysfunctional adult she is today. So sad, and yes, she is very unnerving to watch. I hate it when people being interviewed don't answer the questions being asked. Evasion is a bad sign, Dina, a really bad sign.

1499 days ago


You might hate Michael Lohan, however, if his child dies, atleast he tried the very best to get her the help she really needs. He understands the nature of addiction. I really give him credit. Dina on the other hand is in total denial and needs alot of help. She will enale Lindsay right into her grave. Bless them all.

1499 days ago


I meant to say enable Lindsay right into her grave. Thank you.

1499 days ago


Dina Lohan obviously has a mental disorder, Narcississitic Personality Disorder or plural mental disorders. She should be in rehab herself, I'm sure Lindsay is her druggie friend too. She's probably worried that Lindz may get sober and realize that Dina is using her money and her life to live her own dreams. Dina is even using her assisstant while she is in rehab. That's just ridiculous. This woman is just insane and she makes Michael Lohan look like the only sane parent. He can also take blame for some of Lindz' problems. I don't like him but after seeing Dina, anyONE would be better for Lindsay than the rotten evil mother. It's really sad. Judge Revel is the only person who has acutally helped Lindsay in years and instead of being grateful for her saving Lindsay's life all Dina can do is babble about getting her fired. This woman is a sorry excuse of a parent. Someone needs to adopt Lindsay quickly or she needs a Mentor that genuinely cares about her. The whole family makes me sick now. I hope Hollywood is paying attention.

1499 days ago


The judge was so trying to do what was right for lyndsay and her enabling addict parents just keep fighting it. This girl does not even have a chance with the circle of love ones she has.

1498 days ago

d ehrnsberger    

As a mother ,she should be kicking her ass! NOT.defending her actions!Where is the parent discipline????? Sounds like Lindsay has been raising herself;and doing WHATEVER she wants to do. Legal or illegal.What a bunch!

1498 days ago


Nicole - instead of endlessly repeating Dina's baseless claims in pseudolegal language, just google

"sentencing guidelines" california probation violation

and you'll see that everything the judge ordered (both jail and court-ordered rehab) was well within the guidelines and people get those kind of sentences every day. And yes, it's common for several years to go by first, especially when probation is involved, so it doesn't matter that the original events happened in 2007. Any probation violation, no matter how small it seems to you and Dina, immediately brings the original sentence into play. The judge also has the right to impose restrictions such as a SCRAM as part of the bail conditions, which occurred simply because Lindsay thought it made sense to go to Cannes and come up with excuses to stay instead of being there for her original hearing. A SCRAM report alone does routinely put people into jail, and for much lower readings that (unlike Lindsay's high reading) could possibly be false positives; Lindsay avoided jail on that account by being able to afford the increased bail and then the judge kindly did not add to the charges based on the SCRAM report (she could have done so). It is routine around the country to require abstinence from alcohol while on probation whenever the original crime involved drunkenness.

Lindsay was not routinely tested for drugs and alcohol during her probation, but only during the few weeks between her missed hearing (when the dog ate her passport because he was worried about volcanic ash) and her final probation violation hearing. So you have no idea what all she was doing in the meantime, and the allowed prescription drugs would mask withdrawal from any of it. Regardless of whether or not she was an addict, though, forced rehab was still within the sentencing guidelines because she was drunk and coked up at the time of the original crimes. The court does not require proof of addiction before sentencing drunk drivers to mandatory rehab.

If you are ever unlucky enough to go before a judge but lucky enough to get probation - please do follow the court instructions to the letter, no matter how trivial they may seem to you.

And please stop worrying about poor Lindsay being forced into rehab "when she doesn't have a problem". If she doesn't have a problem, it won't hurt her to be in rehab rather than jail. She could use a vacation from the paps. She did the crime, and now (since she violated her probation) she's doing the time. All self-inflicted. She'll survive.

1498 days ago

Darci Mosher    

Lindsey's mom reminds me of my younger sister who is an alcohol and drug user. She is not being a mother at all. She is so pathetic. Let's replay this interview when Lindsey either kills herself or someone else. This mom loves the limelight. She couldn't even have an intelligent conversation with Mr. Lauer.

1497 days ago
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