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Dina Lohan -- Lindsay Will Be Out 'Soon'

8/13/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to 90 days of rehab -- but, according to her mother, she won't be doing the full time.

Dina Lohan NBC Interview
Dina Lohan was just on "Today," where she said Lindsay will have a shorter stay at UCLA and will be out "soon" -- adding that Linds made friends with a lot of "alleged murderers" during her incarceration before rehab.

As TMZ previously reported, the inpatient program at UCLA typically lasts only 45 days, but doctors often repeat the program or stylize another program for the patient that could easily last 90 days.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told TMZ doctors have not yet determined how long of a stay is appropriate.

Although the judge could let Lindsay out early, sources tell us it's very unlikely.


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Armchair psychiatrist are hilarious - go watch intervention or something.

1498 days ago


this is exactly how the system fails. if anyone needs a full treatment program it's lindsay. not this drive-thru rehab. if lindsay is looking for a 45 day stint this suggests she's still in denial.when I was in rehab, most of us were scared to be discharged, the ones counting the days to get out have an agenda....just sayin

1498 days ago


This woman is in denial big time. She is an enabler and Lindsay will never get better as long as she has people like her that are in denial about Lindsay's bad behavior.

1498 days ago


yep Dina, New York is the answer. The city that never sleeps... perfect for Lindsey Lohan. I mean she'll be in bars by 9pm every night and up at the "crack" of dawn every morning. I'm sure Dina will be right by her side along with underage Ali. No on will say anything because they are together as a family and Lindsey has been through so much emotional drama these last few months that she deserves to have some fun. Perfect.

1498 days ago


Dina says "um" 10 times in the first 4 minutes. she avoided the questions. she blames the judge for Lindsey for Lindsey's behavior. Like it was the judge hanging out with Lindsey at the clubs until 5 am every morning??? Dina... Dina ... Dina... take some parental classes.

1498 days ago


The Apple did not fall far from the tree....Idiot!

1498 days ago


I was in county jail for 60 days (ONE PROBATION VIOLATION) NOT AS MANY AS HOHAN...anyhow, I NEVER ONCE MET A MURDERER, and I was in general population. She is so full of S H I T it is unbelievable. Hohan was in isolation, I doubt she ever met anyone....except Sherrif's Deputies...she got off light with all her arrests and violations..WHEN IS SHE GOING TO REALIZE NOBODY THINKS LINDSAY IS A VICTIM...SHE IS A COMMON CRIMINAL..NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. she got off light with all her missed court appearances, missed depos, and multiple charges...DINA LOHAN IS A FAKE STUPID IDIOTIC OPPORTUNISTIC MANIPULATIVE UGLY B I T C H!!!!

1498 days ago


i watched this this morning and its no wonder that lindsay is as messed up as she it...dina is in complete and total denial! and to tell the truth i dont think she is all that sober herself, she was completely loopy and wasnt making much sense. she was overly defensive about very simple questions and didnt really answer anything asked to her and matt could hardly even get a word in or finish asking the questions for that matter. it would be only beneficial for lindsay to stay in rehab for as long as possible because she is never going to get the help she needs so long as dina and her other enablers are in the picture. it would only help the situation if dina could wake up and get the help that she so desperately and obviously needs...its really hard for addicts and former addicts to get and stay clean when they are around other unhealthy individuals...

1498 days ago


Two words:

Who. Cares.

1498 days ago


My God,will these people ever go away? Mom's face is so "fresh" looking that she now appears younger than Lins

1498 days ago


As we say in the field that I work in, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree". She's so deep in the forest that she can't see beyond the trees. Fame and money are addictive and Lindsay's mother's is afraid this "propaganda" is going to hurt Lindsay's image/future as an actress. It is so obvious the whole family needs family counseling. I remember thinking this with the Paris Hilton incident. Lindsay can't address her issues if she has a family protecting her from them. Denial is not a good place to be, especially when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

1498 days ago


This woman has been living off her daughter for so long she is just as much of a druggie....she follows the 2 daughters around like she's a teenager. She has no grown up life of her own...she needs Lindsays purse to survive.What a p!ss poor mother....trailer trash

1498 days ago


Could this woman be more ridiculous?! She needs to be a mother, not her girlfriend and most of all her biggest enabler! Step up and admit that your daughter has a problem & you and your ex-husband are to blame for it!!!

The best think for Lindsay is to be away from these wack-jobs! In fact, her mother could use a nice long-stint in rehab herself!

1498 days ago


I watched this on Today earlier. After watching this, it is apparent that Dina is not in touch with reality; there are several incidents where she doesn't even listen to the question Matt asked her. How is Lindsay's situation the paparazzi's fault? Seriously!?

Lindsay should not just move back to New York, she should cut herself off from her mom too. Holy...

Is "hardball" the word of the day? I'm surprised at the shots Dina took Judge Revel.

1498 days ago


OMG!! Dina needs to be in the next room from Lindsay in the psych ward.. She didnt even answer the questions asked..all she did was get defensive...CRAZY!!!

1498 days ago
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