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Dina Lohan -- Lindsay Will Be Out 'Soon'

8/13/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to 90 days of rehab -- but, according to her mother, she won't be doing the full time.

Dina Lohan NBC Interview
Dina Lohan was just on "Today," where she said Lindsay will have a shorter stay at UCLA and will be out "soon" -- adding that Linds made friends with a lot of "alleged murderers" during her incarceration before rehab.

As TMZ previously reported, the inpatient program at UCLA typically lasts only 45 days, but doctors often repeat the program or stylize another program for the patient that could easily last 90 days.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told TMZ doctors have not yet determined how long of a stay is appropriate.

Although the judge could let Lindsay out early, sources tell us it's very unlikely.


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Let Lindsay out early so that she will overdose, die and finally go away once and for all.

1478 days ago


This woman has dyed her hair one too many times.
She is stupider than dirt! A shame the judge didn't include
the attorneys and rescued herself. Ms Lohan!!
I hope the new judge continues with the already laid out course for this child because her mom is not parenting.
Lindsay's toxic family and friends are contributing to the
dysfunction. But back to the initial issue. Mom needs to be
silent because she certainly showed why Lindsay is in the situation she finds herself in. It's all someone else's fault but never Lindsay.

1478 days ago


"We may have a case against the state of California"


1478 days ago


what does this slut do for a living? is her career just talking about her loser daughter, loser ex-husband, pimping out ali?

1478 days ago


Yikes L that's harsh. She has problems and is messed up like a lot of people but it's the media blood-sucking leeches that won't leave her alone.

1478 days ago


enabler, plain & simple

1478 days ago


I watched this show this morning.

I have only word for LiLo's mom.....ENABLER!

1478 days ago

g ellsworth    

one more comment before I get back to work. I found it interesting that Dina Lohan kept saying that this was all the work of the "tabloids" and the "media", I believed she used the word "propaganda" several times. Well c'mom Matt "you've met my daughter". Oh, she's such a nice girl... Well, all I have to say, I have also seen pics and news reels of Dina all over the place as well, never having heard her speak.. until now. BiGGGGG mistake Dina. Check yourself in a tx center asap. Now the whole world knows the truth about your family. As a side note, I'll just bet the ex-husband is the sanest one of the whole Lohan bunch..albeit that may not be saying much. At least he has some clue about sobriety, even if it was "court ordered".:)

1478 days ago

nutcase wonder Lindsey is soo screwed up...look at her role models. I wish Matt would have been harder on her like he has on other people. they all need to find a rock and crawl back under it. GO AWAY ALREADY!!!

1478 days ago



General Mills just hired Dina for its next "Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs" commercial.

1478 days ago


This woman is so infuriating! Does she think we're all stupid?

1478 days ago

Kipper Links    

Wow-Does this person live in the same world as the rest of us.
Obviously with a mom like this we can see why Lindsey is such a nut case.
Did you notice that there was no responsibility taken for anything Lindsey did.
She kept saying that the judge was removed from the case. Like that is going to change anything.
The judge stepped down. Probably cause she didn't want to be part of this circus anymore. Too bad for Lindsey cause the judge and her orders were all that are going to keep Lindsey from killing herself. Hopefully she doesn't take an innocent bystander with her. Hollywood Idiots! Boo Hoo. They have the world handed to them and all they do is whine that there lives are so hard with everyone always watching the. You know what...Take all the money you've made and move to the middle of nowhere. Get a real job that's 8am to 5pm monday through friday and then let's see how bad your life really is. Total A Holes.

1478 days ago


I don't know this woman personally. But if I was a mother in her position with a daughter who has been in jail AND rehab I wouldn't be sitting on The Today Show talking about it. I would be with my daughter making sure she comes out of all this in the best position possible. Stop craving attention and start being a MOTHER. Stop trying to justify everything and be a MOTHER. Stop trying to keep the gravy train rolling and be a MOTHER.

1478 days ago


Haters are gonna hate.

1478 days ago


She needs to go on the View and have Whoopee put a beat down on her....Now that I would watch

1478 days ago
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