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Kelsey Grammer: I'll Marry My Pregnant GF, But First ...

8/13/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moments after Kelsey Grammer confirmed that his new GF Kayte Walsh is pregnant with his child, dude told photogs he's down to marry his future baby mama ... as soon as he clears up some "other stuff."

The "other stuff" is Grammer's wife --Camille Donatacci Grammer-- who just filed for divorce from the actor last month after 13 years of marriage.

But today, Grammer -- who was super chatty with photogs -- said he's "very happy" with the situation and joked, "we wanna keep the baby."

BTW -- the couple was on their way over to super-fancy jeweler Harry Winston's ... BLING!


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What an absolute PIG. I used to like him, but this is disgusting. His other children (Remember them Kelsey? The ones you left in LA?) must feel lost and totally abandoned. No prenup + pregnant girlfriend = $$$$$$$$. Go Team Camille.

1498 days ago


I hope she gets him for adultry, obviously if the gf is knocked up before the divorce was filed. These Hollywood *******s need to keep it in their pants.

1498 days ago


Number 15 - she has no self esteem as a woman or a person; there are a lot of women who will sleep with a married man if it means he is going to come be with her even if he is still legally married - we live in a different era now and a lot of people have absolutely no morals or dignity at all about anything......

1497 days ago


She actully look at him with no clothes on ?? Just he has gas, heartburn, false teeth,long soft ba!!'s,flabby butt,wow what people wont do for money Yuck ..

1497 days ago


Look what the skanks did to tiger he cant even get the ball in the hole.This happens to regular people, too. A friend got married 3rd. time before ink was dry on divorice papers.Grammer laid the golden egg. hahahahahah

1497 days ago


I'm really disappointed to find out Kelsey is such a slut. I thought he had more class -now I know I was wrong.

1497 days ago


For those of you keeping score, THIS is the sanctity of marriage that the right wingers go on and on about. We as a people and government need to preserve this holy institution for couples like this and keep it safe away from the gays. My question is, when are we gonna start "defending the institution of marriage" from douche nozzles like this instead of pretending that gay marriage taints something pure and holy and should be reserved fro straight couples?

1497 days ago


He's going straight to hell for doing this to his wife and kids, and the girlfriend with him. Why is it that men with money think young women love them for themselves? He just bought himself at least 18 years worth of baby. He should have checked with Mel before doing something like this a this age.

1497 days ago


Did he say, "We ask that everyone respect our privacy?" He doesn't know the first thing about respect. I used to like him, too. Unreal.

1497 days ago


Man, is that chick FUGLY!! It's going to be one ugly little kid!

1497 days ago


Another whore out for a dime.

1497 days ago


How could anyone be on Kelsey's side. He is the one who has committed ADULTERY! His soon to be EX-WIFE Camille should take him to the bank.
How long has he really been with this SHAGATLANTIC BIMBO? Her father is happy for them. Maybe next time he should write down what he is going to say to the press so he doesn't contradict himself. HIS DAUGHTER IS THE GOLD DIGGER NOT CAMILLE!

1497 days ago


Kelsey Grammer just landed the most pathetic old man award ever. He is as stupid as Mel Gibson and going down the same path, and he is too stupid to know it, pathetic old man. Destroyed his family and now in the beginning of building another disaster relationship with yet another to be fatherless child and most certainly a fameho mommmy in this case.

1497 days ago


Yeh,wonder why he can't have any more success in the entertainment field.God is his NEW agent & manager and he giving it to Grammer right now! No more success in the Earth world for him. His last 2 tv shows tanked along with his movies.Tiger Woods even hasn't won any tournaments since returning early this year. These 2 and the others in Hollywood need to tell God there sorry! I'm serious!

1497 days ago


Everyone's laughing at the Fantasia fiasco. Her being with a married man. Flaunting it !

But look at these two, he's still married and is all over town with his mistress, yes that's right mistress, happy as a clam confirming she's pregnant !

Does anyone have any decency anymore or is it okay nowadays to just flaunt affairs ! Disgusting !

1497 days ago
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