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Kelsey Grammer: I'll Marry My Pregnant GF, But First ...

8/13/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moments after Kelsey Grammer confirmed that his new GF Kayte Walsh is pregnant with his child, dude told photogs he's down to marry his future baby mama ... as soon as he clears up some "other stuff."

The "other stuff" is Grammer's wife --Camille Donatacci Grammer-- who just filed for divorce from the actor last month after 13 years of marriage.

But today, Grammer -- who was super chatty with photogs -- said he's "very happy" with the situation and joked, "we wanna keep the baby."

BTW -- the couple was on their way over to super-fancy jeweler Harry Winston's ... BLING!


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Another conservative Republican "family man".

1530 days ago


Seems like a sound foundation for a marriage!

1530 days ago


Congrat's Kelsey!! BUt Geezzz DO ya think she could have been a little bit older she looks like she is just hitting 20...what is with all these guys ??Midlife crisis or what?? Afraid of getting old!! Please...

1530 days ago


I'm not the kind of woman that is bitter just because a man divorces and finds someone else and is happy about it. That's normal, everyone should strive for happiness in this lifetime, even if it means a divorce.

But is he for real? Does he really think this new chick "loves" him, and isn't going to rape his ass double when THEY get divorced? Come on man, get your midlife crisis in check. Buying an expensive car is one thing. Even having a short affair is one thing. But to get so caught up in it that you dump your wife, impregnante someone you don't know that well, half your age, and promise to marry her? Be ready to bring out the check book and watch your life's earnings just whittle away, sir.

I say his current wife takes him for as much as she can, because she actually married him for love since he wasn't that rich back then. That way there's not much money left for this new gold-digging ho...only to the wife and kids of a 13 year old marriage.

1530 days ago


Oh and I'd like to add, the pregnant chick's father is "very hapyp" about the relationship.

Really? He's happy that his daughter is dating a man his age, who impregnated his daughter out of wedlock and while being married to someone else, with kids? He's happy that she's with a man who is having a very public, difficult divorce?

There's only one reason for him being supportive, and that's $$$$. Kelsey Grammer, how are you so blind?

1530 days ago

Ivor Biggen    

Kelsey Grammer, the new face of Viagra!

1529 days ago


He cheats on his whorish-looking wife with whom he has kids and then effs some short, fat, nasty-looking nobody and gets her knocked up? What an idiot. I hope his wife takes him for all she can get.+

1529 days ago

Lord Snooty    

Jealous much everybody ?? Go Kelsey I say !

1528 days ago


Reminds me of the Michael Douglas-Catherine Zeta Jones union.
Not even divorced yet but expecting a child and evidently shopping for engagement ring........that's disgusting.

1528 days ago


I'm sorry, do you see what he is with now? I doubt highly "ladies be lining up for him". I don't think she'd be the pick of the litter if that was the case.

Hey Ed',

You are spot on. Word is after his two day public humiliation tour he and his handlers are scrambling to save face. Which is your next phase! Throw the EX under the bus again to protect his image. That image he taken a huge hit after the not so bright parading around of the mistress. He has officially become a desperate low life who will stop at no means to spare his public image.

I can't wait for the rumored videos to come out!

The man is so, so flawed in character.

1528 days ago


Eewwww. How could anyone have sex with this creep? I'm sure its for the dollars! I thought he was so in love with his first wife -- the one who looked like a stripper/pole dancer. He is such an unattractive man.

1528 days ago


*sigh* Another rich guy who proves how dumb he really is by knocking up his young innocent (cough, cough) girlfriend. If he thinks she actually cares about him and isn't after money, he's the biggest idiot (join Mel's club!!!!). In the end, if she divorces him and takes half his money, well, he deserves it for being foolish.

1526 days ago

sandra lord    

she knew EXACTLY what she was doing...the economy is in the tank so she has a retirement plan in her uterus... It sickens me but these guys are getting their Karma....Mels life is in the tank, Tiger's golf game sucks and I hope Camilla takes this the big mouthed conservative alien headed moron for all she can....

1526 days ago


how can this girls dad be happy for his daughter and say that she and kelsey are a great couple if he's never even met kelsey? that doesnt make sense. camille was with him for 14 years and kelsey considers that "stuff to take care of". how can a soon-to-be ex-wife and TWO KIDS just be "stuff"? he needs to get his priorities straight. camille deserves every penny she gets from him

1526 days ago


gave his family up for a bimbo lol s*** bag!

1525 days ago
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