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Mel Gibson Back in L.A. With Fish Tales

8/14/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson flew back to L.A. today with two of his sons -- back from a two-week fishing trip.


Gibson landed at around 2:00 PM PT.  He's been fishin' in Fiji ... where no one -- not even Oksana -- could find him.

Sources tell us Mel's deposition in the custody case will go down next week.


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#132 and 136 Fidel's Niece ROFLOL! Cool opportunities there lol!! But d'you figure at 93 Kerkorian might need a little help from the little blue pill and have a heart attack before performing for the conception of the twins lol!!! Sumner Redstone at 87 sounds much more up her street, they'll share music in common and when he takes out his hearing aids he won't care if her singing has cats committing suicide in the streets outside lol!! Perhaps he could make her c.d for her, sell it with little pink and diamante earmuffs for all cats and dogs so their poor, poor little ears don't bleed in pain lol!! Mind you if he's looking at a 29 year old Octomum's double hasn't got a chance lol!!
Mind you at 93 Oskansa might figure Kerkorian has less time to live so she'll get her inheritance quicker with him, what's a lack of musical interest when you'd be able to afford to BUY your own studio lol!! Oh God, that's a depressing thought, Oskansa's record label - no, no I can't bear it lol!! Still, there's a chance she won't be able to afford the plastic surgery to get the tits and everything else in the right place even BEFORE giving birth to the twins lol!!!
Glad you all enjoyed the scenario though lol!

1498 days ago


What's he carrying??? A Bible??? OMGosh !!!!!!Hahahahahahahahah. What a turd....Look that up in Ur bible..U ****..

1498 days ago


For the love of God, would all you sweetheart groupies get a private room already?????????????

Gee whiz, it takes hours to get through all of these useless posts wondering where your hero has gone.

1497 days ago

mary woods    

I hope Mel had a great time with his boys....calmed down...thinking clearly, listened to GOOD advice - caught some fish. And (as he grew up in Australia), can remember the song SPEAK NO EVIL by Dragon one of the great AussieRock songs....just sayin'

1497 days ago


All the money in the world and he's wearing a shirt that's all wrinkled?

1497 days ago

Tina Jones    

PLS...send email to my FB...He is my Idol forever..This is all about money and popularity..this is unknown name who wants to join popularity to Mel heart goes to you MEl and my prayer...

1497 days ago


Gibson is back LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

1497 days ago

Granny to 8    

Is anyone else sick to death hearing about all this drama?
So many more important things going on in this world to
concern us about than these two morons.

1497 days ago


#219 Alexa He's wearing it because HE can lol!! He's not coming home from a fishing trip dressed to the nines lol!!

1497 days ago


mmmm private plane? I thought he had no money left

1496 days ago

mary woods    

mmmm private plane? I thought he had no money left
Posted at 9:12 PM on Aug 15, 2010 by AH

lol..that's funny....He's probably asset rich but cash poor at the moment... what with paying his divorce settlement puting some aside for child support and DON'T EVEN GET STARTED ON HOW MUCH ALL HIS LAWYERS ARE GOING TO CHARGE HIM....this fiasco is a boom for lawyers, they'd have to be luvin' it.
We must continue to buy Mel's dvd movies to support him!!!
I love Mel's movies.
Talking of Mel's money.....why didn't Oksana take the 15million - does anyone know? I think that was a fair offer for 3 years...can anyone fill me in on that one?

1496 days ago


She's a money grabbing hoe.

1493 days ago


Just like most stars...... The pop slam dunk them...they dont get a fair hearing. If I were mel...i wouldnt have come back at all. Isnt it funny how people will turn on the ones they praised for so many years but when they need you to stand by t hem that spot is vacant !!!! dont slam him if you havent walked in his shoes.

1493 days ago


It's obvious the Soviet-reared 40-something targeted a good man down for his kindness to her. How many women get "accidentally" pregnant at 39? Gibson could have had really a great mistress, and he chose this low grade opportunist. You only hopes he learns something and turns his life around.

1486 days ago
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