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Mel Gibson Case:

PR Witness Deposition Set

8/13/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyers have set their sites on someone who spent hours talking with Oksana Grigorieva about what Mel allegedly did to her and a lot more -- her publicist.

Steve Jaffe Oksana
Sources tell us Steve Jaffe -- a master, veteran PR dude -- got subpoenaed to appear for a deposition during the last week of the month. 

And we're told, a dogfight is inevitable between lawyers for Oksana and Mel ... over what Jaffe can and cannot say.

Jaffe -- who served as Oksana's rep for several weeks before resigning -- spent dozens of hours talking to Oksana about Mel, the leaked tapes, allegations that she tried extorting Mel, reports of inconsistencies in her story ... everything, we're told, to "clear up the inconsistencies in the media."

Mel's lawyers want to hear what Oksana said and whether it conflicts with her other statements.  But we're told Oksana's lawyers are prepared for objection after objection, on grounds her lawyers hired Jaffe, and therefore many of the conversations he had with Oksana are protected by what's called the "work product privilege" -- part of the attorney-client privilege.

Sources say Mel's people, among other things, will argue that public relations has nothing to do with the legal case and therefore isn't protected.


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Of course Jaffe has something to say, a hole lot is my guess so I´m not surprised if she tries to stop him.

You don´t have to be Albert Einstein to figure out what this case is all about. I think extortion is a terrible crime and should not be overlooked.

1479 days ago


The Oksana secrets in her anagram. Why does 'Vagina' show up so often?

1479 days ago


It could be that Jaffe knows what that Russian woman is all about so therefor she does what she can to shut him up. But will the judge buy it?

1479 days ago


The Russian psychiatrist (who got a mercedes???) appears to be a PR expert as well. I wish my research/language/cultural skills were a little better, but no doubt, one of our intrepid researchers will find out more soon.

1479 days ago


Sorntolc@ If Oksana has been guilty of extortion in the past, you do not think that is going to raise a few eyebrows? The story of the first husband being a drug addict was the story Oksana wanted told and that is the story reported in the media. Unfortunately for Oksana the first husband was tracked down and interviewed. He's an attorney, his mother a doctor and their statements regarding Oksana and her greed are rather revealing.

Those "meltdown scenes" on doctored tapes only seem to offend those that already had a bone to pick with Mel, perhaps a cloistered nun or two and the politically correct moonbats. Most people have heard and used similar language. If they haven't - they are living in a bubble or from another planet.

Oksana will not receive a pass from me because she is a woman. I will judge her based on her actions - and so far her statements and photographic evidence of abuse have been laughable.
But thanks for the John Lennon clip anyway...

1479 days ago


Hired by her attorneys? Not buying it until an employment contract shows up. Did they pay him by the hour? Or per statement that he floated on her behalf? Why does any legitimate victim of domestic violence need a PR person? If there were true safety concerns, wouldn't a bodyguard be more prudent?

And before someone claims it was necessary to counter Mel's negative PR spin against her, let me remind them that Mel has fully complied with the gag order issued by the Court. He has made zero public statements about her or the case, despite being obviously baited and subjected to a vicious smear campaign. It is Oksana who has repeatedly violated that gag order, with ever-changing and often conflicting public statements, the release of sealed evidence and questionable photos. Her own words and actions have aroused suspicion about her veracity.

Also, wasn't it Jaffe who floated the ridiculous story that Mel had put out a hit on TMZ-head Harvey Levin? If that was an example of the attorney-client work product her lawyers are trying to protect, they should be laughed out of practice.

1479 days ago


Money. Grubbing. Gold. Digging. Russian. WHORE...

1479 days ago


The 'women culturally at risk' and 'women jealous of their own' scenarios are the new tryouts. Let's see, alleged bad language did not deflect attention from facts, alleged child abuse, alleged domestic violence, alleged respected musician, armchair psychiatry, etc. None of these hot topic scenarios have changed the basic search for concrete facts. I do not think that the majority of the posters here are going to be distracted. Citations (and good humor) have the highest respect here.

1479 days ago


Tee hee -- why didn't HE get a mercedes? Janis Joplin, we miss you: 'Lord, won't you buy me a mercedes benz, my friends all have porsches, I must make amends . . .'

1479 days ago


Wasnt this the same plot for James Bond in the movie "From russia with love",oops sorry I think they tried to steal a space shuttle.

1479 days ago


The Oksana secrets in her anagram. Why does 'Vagina' show up so often?

Posted at 4:15 AM on Aug 13, 2010 by nzmoores

*raising hand* Because she is exactly what Gibson called her - a c.unt?

Out of curiosity, I decided to do an anagram for Mel Gibson and got "big melons." Interesting since a pair of big melons tried to do him in lol. She hasn't succeeded yet.

Anagram for Oksana Chernukha (her real name) came up with "A Arachne Ho Skunk." How perfect is that? Not just the Ho Skunk part but Arachne was a weaver (in O's case of lies) that was turned into a spider. She's got the spider look already going on...

1479 days ago


How can anyone honestly believe the lies when the evidence is smacking them in the face. For the ones that are falling for the crap, didn't you learn reading comprehension in school. Can you not read a story and understand what it is trying to relay to you. Which part of this whole fiasco do you not understand. Team Mel is here to help you tear it down and pick it apart so that you will understand what it means to use your brain and finally get it. If you are LEGALLY in the right, you do not play to the media and try to sway public opinion on gossip sites. It only opens you up for dissection. There are a lot more sleuths digging for the truth when you open it up to us. The big thing is, you may not like what you get.

1479 days ago


this is a very interesting read.

1479 days ago


For Middleagedcrazy (#7) from Russia! Don't worry about Newsliga, I'm sure it's like ROL in USA (yellow press) And moreover, that source is not popular, I see it first in my life.Here (in Russia) we have same situation like in other countries,there are respected sources and non-respected There'are a lot of "yellow" newpapers, magazines, web sourses.TV programs And another thing! Our doctors (like yours too) prefer money That article is BS. Regards!!

1479 days ago


@gonesi - great article. Thanks.

1479 days ago
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