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Mel Gibson Case:

PR Witness Deposition Set

8/13/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyers have set their sites on someone who spent hours talking with Oksana Grigorieva about what Mel allegedly did to her and a lot more -- her publicist.

Steve Jaffe Oksana
Sources tell us Steve Jaffe -- a master, veteran PR dude -- got subpoenaed to appear for a deposition during the last week of the month. 

And we're told, a dogfight is inevitable between lawyers for Oksana and Mel ... over what Jaffe can and cannot say.

Jaffe -- who served as Oksana's rep for several weeks before resigning -- spent dozens of hours talking to Oksana about Mel, the leaked tapes, allegations that she tried extorting Mel, reports of inconsistencies in her story ... everything, we're told, to "clear up the inconsistencies in the media."

Mel's lawyers want to hear what Oksana said and whether it conflicts with her other statements.  But we're told Oksana's lawyers are prepared for objection after objection, on grounds her lawyers hired Jaffe, and therefore many of the conversations he had with Oksana are protected by what's called the "work product privilege" -- part of the attorney-client privilege.

Sources say Mel's people, among other things, will argue that public relations has nothing to do with the legal case and therefore isn't protected.


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I apologize for this post in advance as I will not be leaving a citation.

In one of the recordings, wasn't Oksana heard saying something to the effect of "You're going to pay, boy are you going to pay." That has stuck in my head as a possible indication of her intent from that night on. (I heard this on TV and have no idea which one it was, but was surprised no one picked up on it.)

Oksana made a point of stressing in her "on-the-spot" interview with ROL that all the recording were from one night. She emphasized how important that was.

I can't help but believe there are clues here that may be overlooked.

**Question** Was there a gag order issued in the custody case, was the evidence sealed, or both?

1502 days ago


Team Mel.

Anyone remember Talk boy? I this all reminds me of it for some reason.

ROL has yet to post my Scooby story, I am sad ;)

1502 days ago


I can't stop thinking about this train wreck of a story.....excuse me while I babble on.....and may I say this tiny green window makes it very difficult to compose posts, but then again I'm probably too long-winded. Tweeting would never work for me.

This whole MG/OG saga has got me seething at times. At others, I question what I'm reading or viewing. However, I had never observed a sociopath before and now I feel, given the history that's emerged, that I am, in fact, face to face with one. Especially when I play the videos. And you see, I find that more than a little frightening for I want the world to be filled with light. Purity and light. Goodness and light.

So, seeing this is free entertainment and I'm not doing much of anything else at the moment, here goes.

Playing the Devil's Advocate, I'm TRYING to give OG the benefit of the doubt; that there might be SOME goodness in her.

- Is the (limited) charity work an attempt at redemption? In her time she's flicked a lot of dreck on her victims. Is she sorry?
- Is it possible she ever felt any love for MG? Or was the whole exercise just opportunistic?
- Is she a loving mother to her son and the baby girl? I so, SO want to believe she does love them.
- What did growing up in the pre-glasnost USSR do to her sense of values? Did struggling to get by each day, when music obviously was one of the very few sources of beauty in her life, did that warp her personal ethic? Unless one had been to Eastern bloc countries or to the former USSR itself, it is almost impossible for us in the West to imagine such a dismal, soul sucking existence.
- Has she had the innocence of her childhood hijacked and distorted by a scheming, acquisitive mother?
- Is she beholden to someone outside her family? Someone who has used her as a key to gain access to MG's kingdom? Has she herself been threatened?
- Does she delusionally see herself as a great artist?

Hmmmm.....then I review in my mind all the attempts to twist events, and the good people left damaged in her wake, to get whatever it is she's after. It DOES NOT look good.

Oh boy, I'm reaching my OG saturation level again. Just reading and thinking about her is toxic to MY soul.

Sorry the above was soooo long.

1502 days ago

mrs t    

come on tmz ..there has got to be something more interesting than this tired old story...
shes ugly inside and out.. and so is mel.
one more day of this crap and i will be looking at too fab ....

1502 days ago


Sweetie! Do you Tweetie?

I think not. Both you and I both have too many thoughts flooding through us.

1502 days ago


Sorntolc, although I don't agree with you, you do have one of the better arguements of people that come here slamming Mel. The others have answered back and I am in agreement with them.

The biggest thing to me is because the recordings are altered you can be sure where any of that came from or what was really said. I am sure Mel can cuss a blue streak though, I know many people that do and would never resort to physical violence.

That said, thanks for stating your position logically.
I still stand that Ox is a very deceitful woman with an agenda of money. The proof she has provided has persuaded me that Mel is guilty. I do however believe she sat up many nights trying to figure out how to doctor recordings and photos.

The courts will decided this at the end.

1502 days ago


Things that make ya go hmmm....
1.)Doesn't Jaffes title of Public Relations infer that he RELATES to the public? That being the case, how can anything this man has to say be confidential?
2.)If Oksana was being truthful, why should she have anything to hide?
3.)Mel has stated that he is bipolar in the past. Could Oksana have tampered with his meds intentionally prior to the taping?
4.)This obviously bought (silver mercedes) personal psychiatrist of Oksanas... can she be trusted to tell the truth? Is she going to parrot Oksanas lies. Is she really a Doctor, or is this another of Oksanas fabrications (1st hubby an addict.)
5.)She obviously doubts the American publics intelligence and tenactiy if she thinks that we cant/wont search out the truth.

I too am getting sick of this story. Spin, spin, spin... I'm getting dizzy here Oksana, stop the lying already!

1502 days ago


662 on bug thread @bev

thoughtful post, thank you.

1502 days ago


#34 middleagedcrazy:

I found a few women by that name but the two that stuck out the most were these two. One is in PR and digital ambassador and the other a mail order bride.

1502 days ago


good morning all. just thought I would bring this link over for those who have not had the pleasure of reading....

1502 days ago


Blow up dolls are prettier.... With less problems...

1502 days ago


y'all smell something stinky???

that's oink$ana's and jaffe's britches. this kinda news has given them a serious case of diarrhea.

should we be sweet and send them immodium ad?


1502 days ago


Send her the eff back to Moscow on the first plane flight available. I've had enough of her Russian ways.

1502 days ago


How can something become attorney-client privilege after its been spun through the PR cycle and recycled through every rag and mag out there?
Public information is not privileged. IF they wanted to enforce that, they should have kept it out of the PR guy's hands and off the front page of tabloids and online websites.
Little late to close the door... that horse has run the course.

1502 days ago


They will try to go on this I think. You are talking to a person and getting almost a full blown story, maybe lies here and there.....but then the PR person has to take that and decide how to word it to the public. Most of what they are told is never released, but it is spun to make a good article. Then the reporter takes what they are told and will angle it what ever way they want.

3 years ago there was an article about a kid that streaked during a high school graduation. Mind you, it wasn't the streaking we did in my day, this guy wore a flesh colored body suit, but far off he looked nude. The paper told how the school was going to make him an example and he was getting kicked out (his junior year). I wrote the principal and pleaded with him to think about it, it wasn't near as bad as the things we did in our hay day. The principal wrote to me and said, it isn't like that and he isn't getting kicked out. That story isn't even close to what happened and is going to happen!

Just the reporting part, but do keep this in mind.

1502 days ago
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