American Airlines: Don't Even Think About It

8/13/2010 12:50 PM PDT

American Airlines: Don't Even Think About It

American Airlines isn't taking any chances of a repeat of the whole, "Hit-me-in-the-head-and-I'll-grab-a-beer-and-activate-the-slide" incident.

Before taking off yesterday, the pilot on Flight 345 from New York to Chicago got on the intercom and told passengers, "Flight attendants take great pride in their work. Please respect the job that they do. They are here for your safety first and service second."

Then, in a clear reference to the Steve Slater/JetBlue incident, the pilot said, "If they need you to stay put or need your assistance, please obey their orders.  When they ask you to sit down, you will sit down."

A bunch of passengers started snickering. They got the joke.