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Steven Slater Story: Fuzzy Wuzzy

8/13/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Slater may have made up the whole story about a passenger attacking him on the JetBlue flight ... this according to sources involved in the investigation.

Steven Slater Story

Sources are telling us investigators still have not identified the elusive female passenger who allegedly went off on Slater ... curious to say the least. 

We're told the airline and Port Authority investigators are not at all convinced the incident ever occurred.  As one source connected with the investigation put it, "Crazier things have happened."

One source familiar with the situation tells TMZ investigators think some of Slater's story just doesn't track.  

Slater's lawyer could not be reached for comment.



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Tammy LM    

I've had a sneaking suspision this whole time that this was all a ploy to get a reality show ala, Richard Haney aka Balloon Boy Dad. This sounded fishy from day one.

I think he planned to do this just for the attention it would cause and hoped it would make such a wacky headline, he'd become an overnight sensation. Well, it worked. But when people find out it was all a stunt just to gain attention, he's going to be the most hated man in the headlines. Doing something wacky is one thing when it's real and unrehearsed but faking your way into stardom is another entirely.

He and his wife had better do some serious backpeddling and get out before the you know what hits the fan.

1532 days ago


Queer Eye, for the gay sky- kick his ass out

1532 days ago


I have read that HE was the one who was acting irrational the whole trip. Seems they are trying to figure out also if he had the head injury before he even got on the plane. I think this is going to take a completely different turn from "Hero" real soon.

1532 days ago


It is odd that the lady he had the confrontation has not come out with her side of the story. Where is she? I get more suspicious of this guy everyday. And he had an open head gash which may have exposed some to his HIV virus. I would really be concerned about that.

1532 days ago


My how people's opinions change just from reading an article!! Unreal. Why don't all of you people get jobs or volunteer work? Too much time on your hands.

1532 days ago


When is this a**hole's 15 minutes of fame going to be over? From the latest update the passenger had a panic attack. If that is true, why didn't he show some compassion and try to help her instead of freaking out and acting like a jerk? This guy needs to get lost and stay there.

1532 days ago


I don't care what is true-but the fact he cussed everyone out over the intercom, grabbed a beer and slid down the emergency slide is classic. I wish I could think of a good way to quit my job that leaves such an impression. (Yet, it probably won't happen since I will never win the lottery.) :-)

1532 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"Petulent Fairy"


"Insufferable Petulent Fairy"

Thank you. Couldn't have said it better myself.

1532 days ago



When is this a**hole's 15 minutes of fame going to be over? From the latest update the passenger had a panic attack. If that is true, why didn't he show some compassion and try to help her instead of freaking out and acting like a jerk? This guy needs to get lost and stay there.

Posted at 12:04 PM on Aug 13, 2010 by LW

The panic attack happened today on a very different flight. The Boston to Santo Domingo flight was diverted in Washington, and therefore didn't land in New York, where all of this went down.

I didn't think it was a hoax at first, like some others here, but I was never a fan. I saw right away that he was showing signs of psychiatric problems. A meltdown that massive didn't happen just because of an "unruly passenger."

1532 days ago


Ok, his fiftheen minutes is up. Bye Bye

1532 days ago


I thought there were eyewitnesses who commented on this incident. Where are they now?

1532 days ago

Al Brown    

Our latest Folked Hero...

1532 days ago

son of sam    

Airlines drill in your head from day one, NEVER TALK TO THE PRESS. They have a reputation too and need time to difuse the situation. Don't discredit his story yet because several passenger seated near this women witnessed what was said. And most likely followed the safety precautions of the FAA, NOT to use your cell phone. If in fact pictures were taken, JetBlue would request that they hand them over. Remember, this is an ongoing investigation plus JetBlue paid every passenger for their inconvenience. Facts will not surface until a trial begains.
Why does his it matter if he is gay or straight anyway? It doesn't matter. But I betcha JetBlue is trying to cover the ass'cets on this one because they do not want any negative publicity therefore making Slater out to be a liability.

Think about it.

1532 days ago


I thought he was creepy from the first time I saw him.
Creepy-ass grin, Creepy-ass eyes.

1532 days ago


He lied about other things. First of all, he wasn't in the business 28 years or even 20 like he later claimed. He worked at Bloomingdales selling accessories previously to getting hired at JetBlue in 2008. He also had the cut on his head prior to boarding the flight. He also told the police he is HIV positive. Don't know if the latter is true or not.

1532 days ago
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