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More Evidence Slater Concocted JetBlue Blowup

8/13/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A passenger on Steven Slater's JetBlue flight tells TMZ there was no evidence of any altercation between Slater and a passenger before the now-famous flight attendant got on the loud speaker and then got on the slide.

Steven Slater Evidence
Gib Mendelson tells TMZ ... he was sitting in the middle of the plane, near an emergency exit.  Gib says, "The first indication we had of the issue was his [Steven] coming on to the PA system with his diatribe.  I did not see anything that precipitated the meltdown."

Gib adds Slater was in a bad mood during the flight -- "He obviously had a bad day."

As we first reported, authorities have not yet identified the passenger who allegedly went for the overhead bin prematurely and then cussed out Slater.  Several people involved in the investigation tell us flatly ... they doubt Slater's story.


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I knew he was a phony, don't believe that kind of crap no more. The balloon boy, these people need to be more looked at. I know that were looking for a hero, but this guy is a douche bag. This guy isn't it. Passengers and crew are coming out, it will all be blown out in the trail. Now the dumb ass wants his job back.

1529 days ago

edward przydzial    

ignore this it's a non news event. distractions like these are the reason our news media has bought into the obama regime instead of broadcasting the REAL news... tard had his 15. done.

1529 days ago


If he was as good of a flight attendant as his co workers say (as in he was Mr. Jet Blue), then it is very possible he did not allow a disruptive flyer to intrude on anyone else's experience. Although it might be false, it is also possible that he just kept it all in control so no one knew what was going on until he couldn't deal any longer. I have to do that at work all the time. I have daily emergencies and issues (nature of the job in human services) and no one knows because I work hard to keep it that way.

1529 days ago

Anony Moose    

He is just a homo who was on his butt period.

1529 days ago


I have been on plenty of flights in recent years were the attendants are straight up b*****. With the world as it is today, it's possible that this guy made the entire story up. It's very easy to detect an altercation however big or small the plane. And if people in the middle of the plane saw nothing, something sounds fishy. If you'll notice on this website, the bottom picture of the victim show no visible injuries to his forehead...the picture on this posting shows quite a cut...this does make you wonder....

1529 days ago


Just as I thought. He is nothing more than a typical American Stewardess. The worst in the world. Full of themselves and full of attitude. When people fly they are paying the salary of the staff on those planes. Is it too much to ask for them to lose the attitude and just do their jobs?

We should have a manditory retirement age of 30 for flight attendants and anyone over 30 needs to be ex Cathay Pacific staff. No more old entitled grandmas and no more chubby queens.

Where are all the thousand of Steve supporters now? Hey Harv are you still on team Steven? You guys are such suckers. Deductive reasoning would have told you it is always the Stewardess with the attitude. If the passenger had been unruly, everyone around would have done something.

Should put Steven in jail for being a liar and put his fat boyfriend in jail as well for lying to to media. You can not just have a press conference and lie or can you? Harv?

1529 days ago


im sick of hearing about this guy..also why is he on a celeb gossip one even know who he was until this hes no where near famous.

1529 days ago


I am trying to comprehend how these idiotic passengers were able to see what happened? How the funk are they able to see when they are all over the place, probably trying to stomp over others to get off the plane before it even taxied.

Read the above link and understand why Steven did what he did. Way to go Steven!

1529 days ago


The incident which Slater alleges set him off happened at the beginning of the flight, not the end. In fact it took place before the safety demonstration, which Slater failed to complete opting instead to just throw down the props and storm off, and before the beverages were dispensed, a task Slater also failed to complete opting instead to just abandon the cart in the middle of the aisle and storm off yet again.

The passengers who actually witnessed the event say Slater started screaming at the passenger who was trying to put her bag in the overhead bin but was too short to reach it easily. Slater violently ripped the bag from her hands and stormed off to the back of the plane with bag in hand leaving the passenger quite confused as to the fate of her bag. At the end of the flight the passenger asked the quite obviously drunken Slater about her bag, which he clearly had no intention of returning to the passenger, and he flipped out, grabbed the mic and cursed everyone out, grabbed another beer and deployed the emergency slide. He then ran (because he knew he'd just committed a crime and would be arrested) to his car, drove home to his boyfriend, and was then arrested. The arresting officers noted that Slater was highly intoxicated at the time of the arrest.

Maybe he can get his job back at Bloomingdale's, because his days as a stewardess are over. Time for the media to reveal why Delta fired him. Another meltdown which led him to abandon Stewardessing for a more sedate job at Bloomingdale's perhaps? By the way, his stint of five years at Delta was the longest time he has been able to hold down a job in his life. He usually only makes it two years tops before sliding on to his next job.

1529 days ago


it's always because of girls (boys in his case) and money. Fine. He's not good for da job, period.
that said what's the big deal? he was most likely drunk or upset 'cause of a boy but what do we care?

just let him go, never again on a plane (absolutely NOT when I fly, I don't want to have to deal with these drama boys)

but let him go

1529 days ago


An unprofessional gay douchebag.

1529 days ago


im tired of hearing about this strange looking weirdo

1529 days ago


TMZ, why did you flip this photo of Slater? His wound is on the left side of his forehead, as shown in countless videos since the incident has happened. btw: no excuse for the slide or the beer swipe, just a very immature person.

1529 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Slater is a DRAMA Queen.......He needs anger management!!!!!

1529 days ago


Why dose his boo boo keep moving from left to right?
Am I the only one who sees this?

1529 days ago
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