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Mel's Babysitter:

He Freaked Out

Before Fight

8/14/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the babysitter for Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva was front and center for the beginning of the now-famous January 6 blowup. 

In the hours before the incident, Oksana went to a basketball game ... leaving Mel, baby Lucia and the babysitter at Mel's Malibu home.

According to sources connected with the case, the babysitter says Mel "began freaking out" while Oksana was gone, "slamming doors, cussing and screaming at someone on the phone."  The babysitter says Mel was screaming to someone on the phone, "I want to f**king destroy you."

We're told the babysitter called Oksana and urged her to come home because Mel was losing it.  The babysitter claims, "Mel was possessed and completely out of control."

Sources say the babysitter was present when Oksana returned home but left before anything physical occurred.

Other sources, however, question the babysitter's claims, because they say she never previously made any such allegations.

People connected with the babysitter tell us she didn't come forward with her story because she's fearful of Mel and is fighting stage 4 cancer and undergoing chemo. 


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"stage4 cancer? working?

Posted at 1:26 AM on Aug 14, 2010 by wondering"

My first thought also wondering! Not just WORKING but CARING FOR AN INFANT. If at that time battling any stage of cancer, why would the person be hired to care for an infant?

In all fairness though, some cancers (and we would have to know the specific battle) actually are not detected until the cancer is at stage 4. AND REMEMBER this whole thing flared up six months AFTER the ALLEGED occurrence date. People's lives are not static. Notice whoever this was JUST LIKE the SOUND ENGINEER was not present at the time of the ALLEDGED incident. IMPORTANT? Who she claims she is created a BIG RED FLAG for me.

My second thought! WAIT, Lucia doesn't have 'baby-sitters', she has a HIRED "NANNY", doesn't she? And in Oksana's MULTIPLE stories she even REFERENCES and uses the word "NANNY" in at least three of the ....good grief this morning I can't recall exactly how many versions this makes. Are we to believe Oksana goes to some basketball game and leaves FATHER and NANNY with the infant BUT ALSO HIRES A BABY SITTER? HUH? How many people double team caregivers for a two month old infant when the parent, and experienced father who raised 7 children is at home?
Or could it be, the nanny's day off and she hired a babysitter so she could go to the ball game? No, that won't work because the nanny is mentioned in too many of the prior versions. Count me confused. WHO actually is this person and what is her relationship with Oksana Grigorieva? TMZ shame on you. CRITICAL piece left out.

My third thought was a mere suspicion. The June 2009 Russian article just a few days ago posted on this website as a link had Oksana's Mom claiming that SHE had been in CANCER HOSPITAL just after the birth of Natasha and Oksana was forced to "be a mother" to Natasha. Curious ---- the pattern continues? How about the ever evolving tales MaMa G. casts? Could this be one more? Coincidental? Could grandma be the BABYSITTER? We don't have any names. Window open?

4 - Can we add trying to play to sympathies by inserting "cancer"? Much like the US VETERAN stuff which continues to ruffle my feathers! And maybe carefully sound less elite or more JohnQPublic by inserting "babysitter"? Remember this is SPIN SPIN SPIN.

5- ONE more "new" person LA PD and DA have to add to their roster, right? This person's veracity has to be vetted. Will careful examination determine her "fearful"ness is actually not connected to Mel Gibson but to someone else?

So gotta ask:

Did she work at that house any time AFTER Jan.6st? Make herself available to be in contact with Mel Gibson? If she was "fearful" of Mel --- common sense she wouldn't go near that place again, would she?

And an aside - the word choice remains interesting to me. Oksana's account repeated uses 'IN FEAR OF' which is verbatum to what one finds in TEXT about domestic violence. Granted this woman is originally from another country but after 20 years in the WEST and working in a field where WORDS play an integral part, anyone feel her choice of words or whoever is relaying this stuff to any media source is suspect? Now this babysitter account uses the words "fearful of". Granted it isn't within quotes but I have been wondering for some time --- What happened to just plan ol' "AFRAID"? Isn't that the choice most would expect used? If you really experience domestic violence aren't you just "AFRAID"? Maybe those who are writers can help me out here. There are words that are used when pen is to paper and there are similar words which are used in conversation. The two are not always exact, arent' they? Word choice matters doesn't it? ESPECIALLY WHERE DOMESTIC VOILENCE ALLEGATIONS are concerned, aren't they? Surely LA PD and the DA have paid very close attention to word choice and order of each of these witnesses AND the self proclaimed alleged victim.

1440 days ago


next we are gonna read as an exclusive breaking rol story ... "source" said that oksana claimed mel gibson broke into her house while she was asleep and put a fish head in the bed next to her to terrorize her

1440 days ago


I'm sure the baby sitter also didnt come forward until now, because I'm sure Oksana called her and promised to pay all her medical bills if she lied.

No one, has ever been fearful of Mel Gibson, until this wretched twit walked into his life.

And it's funny, also how, everyone who claims within in the last few weeks that they saw something, they were there, yet, they all happened to leave just before the alledged abuse occured.

If you were that fearful, you would hang out in another room, to make sure the woman and the baby were safe, and protected, and be on hand just in case to call 911 if the moment called for it.

It's more BS stories.

1440 days ago


So Oksana was so afraid of Mel and afraid for the safety of herself and her baby that she *left* the child with Mel? PSHH-AW. He's a megalomaniacal has-been going through a mid-life crises and she's a money grubbing star humper. They deserve each other.

1440 days ago


Wondering # 67 - LMFAO !!!!

1440 days ago


It's interesting how so many people are willing to kiss the azz of a man who is so obviously a psycho with a God-complex, just because he's rich and famous. He's a regular church-goer, yet he seems to be possessed by the devil. He's obviously obsessed with her, and couldn't handle the fact that men seem to find her attractive, because she has this aura about her. She's not his mother, and he's not a baby. She already has two children, and doesn't need another one. She should be able to go out and socialise, without him having a fit. He needs to take responsibility for his own demons, and stop using people as emotional punching bags. It takes a lot of integrity to NOT use your money and power against people. It might be easy for him to talk about destroying people, and he's probably done it many times. But has he ever sat down and thought about the impact all of his rage is having on other people's lives? A lot of (immoral) people on here who are defending him, but I'm sure he wouldn't think twice about threatening to destroy your own lives, if you were to 'displease' him in any way.

1440 days ago


V # 66 - Bingo !!!

1440 days ago


Typical bi-polar jerk.

1440 days ago


Bingo what? What a load of nonsense.

1440 days ago


In case anyone is trying to see IF there is a connection between
Andrey Melnichenko and Oksana, here is some info.

Andrey's business partner is Sergey Popov.
His wife is Aleksandra Nikolic Melnichenko.
The wife cannot be involved with the Serbian
former government, as her father is Serbian and
mother is Croatian.

I am from Serbia and grew up in Croatia, and there
is no way she would be siding with only Serbs.

She was born is Belgrade. (i know it well)

NOTE: I saw some photos of Aleksandra and screen-capped
the sunglasses she always wears. I swear they are identical
to Oksana's. Not similar, but IDENTICAL.

I seems she knows who to copy.

1440 days ago


Oh, come on !! Mel hits new baby mama in the face. Mel hits newborn baby.
A two month old premature baby is being taken care of by a stage 4 ! cancer

And what does all this have to do with Oksana getting a computer expert
to clean her computer?


1440 days ago


And just like that...


World Class Pianist Oksy G. is afraid for her life
this morning, after being threatened by what sources,
exclusive to ROL, are calling THE FISH HEAD BURGLER!

This criminal, who was recorded using an Australian
accent, broke into Mr. G.s home late last night and
left a FISH HEAD next to her, to terrorize her!

Ms. G. is afraid for her life, and feels abused over
the newest in a long history of alleged allegations
against her former lover, M. Gibson, originally from

[in really small print at the bottom]
Story Update: Restaurant sources confirm that Ms. G
ordered the fish head combo from NOBU last night
as takeout, just before closing.

1440 days ago


Hey Michael, why should you have access to her medical records?

1440 days ago


firefly, one of your posts made me really want to post this poem. I learned this when I was very young.

One bright day in the middle of the night
Two dead boys got up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other
Drew their swords and shot each other.

The deaf policeman heard the noise,
Came to save these two dead boys.

If you don't believe this story is true,
Ask the blindman he saw it too!

Much from Oksana and her mom has made me think of it. Figured I would share.

1440 days ago


"source has told tmz that they overheard the nervous babysitter telling oksana "The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pessel, the challace with the palace has the brew which is true! but said oksana looked puzzled and said the pelican with the what? what pelican? where?

Posted at 3:04 AM on Aug 14, 2010 by wondering"

Absolutely loved this post! Thanks for the laugh.

1440 days ago
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