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Mel's Babysitter:

He Freaked Out

Before Fight

8/14/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the babysitter for Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva was front and center for the beginning of the now-famous January 6 blowup. 

In the hours before the incident, Oksana went to a basketball game ... leaving Mel, baby Lucia and the babysitter at Mel's Malibu home.

According to sources connected with the case, the babysitter says Mel "began freaking out" while Oksana was gone, "slamming doors, cussing and screaming at someone on the phone."  The babysitter says Mel was screaming to someone on the phone, "I want to f**king destroy you."

We're told the babysitter called Oksana and urged her to come home because Mel was losing it.  The babysitter claims, "Mel was possessed and completely out of control."

Sources say the babysitter was present when Oksana returned home but left before anything physical occurred.

Other sources, however, question the babysitter's claims, because they say she never previously made any such allegations.

People connected with the babysitter tell us she didn't come forward with her story because she's fearful of Mel and is fighting stage 4 cancer and undergoing chemo. 


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Michael -

LMAO! Dingos, fishheads - really, you're MUCH better at thinking up stories than Miss Oksana.

Hey! YOU should be her new PR rep!

1530 days ago


People keep referring to E!ONLINE and an article called sex lies and video tapes. I found eonline, but no article, or video...where is it? Anyone have a link?

1530 days ago


I agree, today's picture is at least
one nose job ago, maybe two.

Too bad they won't use an unflattering
photo of her. Yea right...

Oh wait that's right, she's so "beautiful"
she always looks perfect. My mistake...

1530 days ago


People keep referring to E!ONLINE and an article called sex lies and video tapes. I found eonline, but no article, or video...where is it? Anyone have a link?

Posted at 7:49 AM on Aug 14, 2010 by gonesi
It was a tv special they aired Thursday night.

1530 days ago


The E! bit was a half-hour "expose" of the Oksana/Mel story (heavily slanted in favor of Oksana) that first aired on the channel on Thursday 08/12 @ 10PM. Correct title is "Mel Gibson: Sex, Lies and Audiotape."

They did something like it on Lindsay Lohan's "Road to Jail" last month & if that was a precedent, E! will be repeating the Mel piece multiple times starting this weekend.

1530 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Fuddy, did you make it thru the night?? Do you have internet in your room? lol.

"seeing how i think that phrase turned up on the ....recordings that were released"
Posted at 1:31 AM on Aug 14, 2010 by wondering

Wondering: are you thinking the 'babysitter' recorded him? She could have, right...?

1530 days ago


I think that pic is back from when she was with Dalton.

Here's an intersting befroe and after pic.

1530 days ago


You are too kind...
Actually Curious, I am only the messenger...

I am a humble vessel, who has been molded
and shaped by these truths. Nothing more...

1530 days ago


Seriously TMZ, quit beating a ded horse. Nobody cares about Mel/Oksana anymore. We're over it. Nobody cares about the flight attendant guy anymore either. His 15 minutes expired days ago. Why are you the only people still interested in him? There has got to be more interesting things to report about. I think you're losing your edge..............just my opinion.

1530 days ago


Sorry, should have said 'dead horse'.

1530 days ago


E aired that again this morning at 10:30 est. It will be replayed again on Sun 8/15 @ 10 am est and Monday 1:30pm est.

1530 days ago


#77 V great poem

#78 wondering.......I loved that movie and Danny Kaye

Team Mel Team truth

1530 days ago


is this the babysitter that the dentist found? Babysitter/nanny? This woman is totally confusing me.

1530 days ago


Mel Gibson is really weird, needs terapy or something like that, stop making movies mel! the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions and 4 play games here is the topic about Mel Gibson:

1530 days ago


Ya know, I can't help but wonder how the questioning of these witnesses might have gone.

Q: So, you confirm that you are Jimmy the Sound Guy and you say you have important information regarding the alleged abuse?

Jimmy: Oh yes! I'm the Star Witness! I've seen Mr. Gibson yell at Sugarti . . . I mean Miss Grigorieva lots of times!

Q: I see. Were you there the night of Jan. 6th? Did you ever witness Mr. Gibson strike, push, choke or chest butt Miss Grigorieva?

Jimmy: Well, no, but I'm the Star Witness! I heard him yell whenever Cootchiemomma, er, Miss Grigorieve would screw up on the cd they were producing. He yelled a lot, all the time.

Q: I see. Thank you for your time. Now you, Mysterious Babysitter Person, what have to say.

Babysitter: I heard Mr. Gibson yelling on the phone. I take baby to other room and I call Miss Oksana to come home. Mr. Gibson was stamping around, yelling into phone. He give me headache. Oh, and I was fearful of him for my life.

Q: I see. Fearful of him. Did you call the police?

Babysitter: No. I call Miss Oksana to come home because I was fearful of him.

Q: I see. Did you see Mr. Gibson hit, push, choke or chest butt Miss Oksana? Did you see him with a gun?

Babysitter: No. I left when Miss Oksana came home. I have headache. :pause: And was fearful of him.

Q: I see. Thank you for your time. Now, Mouse. You claim you were scurrying through the bedroom on the way to the larder for some cheese on the night in question. You heard yelling?

Mouse: Squeak!

Q: Did you at any time see Mr. Gibson strike, push, choke or chest butt Miss Grigorieva?

Mouse: Squeak.

Q: Dammit.

1530 days ago
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