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Wrestler Witness: Tila Used Security as Human Shield

8/16/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A wrestler who was performing at the Gathering of Juggalos tells TMZ ... Tila Tequila literally had to stand behind a wall of security guards while on stage -- and not even flashing her breasts could stop the onslaught. 

Colt Cabana -- formerly of the WWE and currently wrestling with ROH (Ring of Honor) -- tells us that halfway through the chaos, Tila ripped off her top to try and distract the crowd. But, he says, that only worked for about a minute before they all went back to throwing stuff at her. 

Cabana says the ordeal lasted about 15 minutes.  A security guard told him someone had a watermelon that had been fermenting in urine and feces for two days and that they had been saving it all weekend for Tila. No word if the watermelon connected. 

Cabana tells us it was his first year wrestling at the event and he loved it, adding the highlight was seeing Vanilla Ice perform "Ninja Rap" from the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze" soundtrack. Yes, really.


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Bam Bam Bagelow    

The best thing about this whole thing is that Tila got ****ed up, and Colt Cabana got himself some press.


1532 days ago


Is that melted popiscle on her face? It sure doesn't look like blood.

1532 days ago


so i guess she still had a little fake blood leftover from her "arm meet" incident?

1532 days ago


Obviously the tape shows that the throwing objects part is real. But I think the part where they chased her and tried to destroy her trailer is made up. Plus, why did she stay out there for so long. If I was on stage and a constant barrage of objects was being thrown at me I'd leave.

1532 days ago


for one they don't allow glass at the gathering so pretty much every thing seen being thrown at her in the video was probably plastic faygo bottles maybe a few glass beer bottles brought in by a few people.if ya look at the video tho like a coward she used her guards to hide behind and block every bottle i didn't see any even hit her not to mention every one throws bottles at the stage no matter who is up there performing.every one doing a story on her is just given the little attention whore exactly what she wants,she claimed to have to hold a towel over her face from cuts well i find that hard to do when in the video she has a mic in one hand and swinging her shirt around in the other hand so no towel,plus she said as soon as she went on she had to leave yea she stayed up there taunting the juggalos making it worst for only regret is i couldn't see it in person so all yall out there trying hate and put us down for things we do just answer me this. when are ya going to learn any real juggalo just don't care what you have to say pure and simple it amuses us watching you people cry.complain and get pissy over it. much clown love to my homies maybe now they will stop bringing mainstream tards to our family reunion.

1532 days ago


Are you people crazy? I'm no fan of Tila and think she's said and done some terrible things, but throwing poop? That's what monkeys do. That is not an acceptable way to demonstrate your feelings.

1532 days ago


Everyone, when you're being attacked, remove shirt and expose your breasts. Logical...

1532 days ago

maggie De La Garza    

Why does her blood look phony?

1532 days ago


Poor Cabana if he had to be on stage.

1532 days ago


That blood looks fake.

1532 days ago


That is costume blood she got with fake vampire teeth from a Halloween store. This POS is in need of attention any way she can get it.

1532 days ago


What a frickin scank. Lets sue someone cause Im a white trash, no talent, want-to-be who is not quite "all that" like she thought!

1532 days ago

Jay Cal    

Colt Cabana, will be seen August 25th at the NWA Hollywood Championship Wrestling taping. Taking place from the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California. The show will be taped for the KDOC-TV Television Show.

For more info, check out

1532 days ago


Pathetic sad little woman. She needs to focus on having a relationship with the only one who will love her for who she is and the potential of what she can become. Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth AND the life. Life will just get worse for you without him. Wake up Tila. Wake up already.

1532 days ago

Yep I said that    

Now this stupid no talent media chasing skank knows she is not liked any where. Once the trash started being thrown at her she should have got a clue and left but nope she thinks she is a star LMAO

1532 days ago
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