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Adrianne C

I Was 'Molested' Outside Star Wars Expo

8/16/2010 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "America's Next Top Model" champ Adrianne Curry called police in Orlando this weekend ... claiming an allegedly drunk man reached up her skirt and "molested" her outside of a Star Wars convention.


Curry called police around 3:00 AM on Sunday to report the incident that allegedly went down in front of the hotel where the Star Wars expo was going down ... but claims it took more than an hour before cops arrived on scene.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the officer who arrived at the hotel claims he "came in contact with the male as he lay in the bushes at the entrance to the hotel."

The officer claims he spoke to multiple witnesses -- one of which said the suspect "attempted several  times to fight several other people as they stood outside waiting to be picked up for the Star Wars convention."

The man was eventually arrested for disorderly intoxication.

Curry later Tweeted, "cops are here..molesting pervert drunk in the back of their car...going to bed ... i cannot believe last night starwars...but ready to leave.”


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Sin D    

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

1495 days ago


She smokes cigarettes - ugh - her ***** must smell and taste like nicotine.

1494 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

She's is so effing nasty.

1494 days ago


The man is now counter-suing on the grounds that Adrianne Curry assaulted his visual cortex by making him have to look at her in public. I don't know if any amount can be awarded to compensate for damages.

1494 days ago


Well, when you're out late bad things happen. However, I am surprised this alcoholic, gold digging, bi-polar, fugly, witch is complaining. Americas next top model? How did that work out for ya? LOL...This chick is by far one of the most unattractive psychos out there. I put her in the same class as the tweeker hookers on Sunset Blvd.

1494 days ago


She goes to all these things NOT because she is a fan. It is because she can either do that and make a few dollars or stand on the street corner and sell 'pencils'.

The guy must have been REALLY drunk, because in person she is about the skankiest thing you'll ever see.

and what the hell is she doing hanging out outside in Orlando at 3am?? Those shows end by 10 latest. Maybe she was shopping for weed.....

1494 days ago


Okay, I'm going to nerd out here.

Hey cmoorecole. Leia wasn't in the bikini by choice. She went into Jabba's lair dressed as a bounty hunter to rescue Han. She was captured and enslaved by Jabba, who then dressed her in the bikini. Which is what I do to the girls I capture and enslave.

1494 days ago


Wow Adrienne has really put on some weight, especially in her legs, she used to be prettier, oh well, too bad.

1494 days ago


She was dressed sexy so she deserved it? Well why don't we all go out and steal cars and drive them because they look fast. Don't try to justify bad behavior, well all have a thing call self-control. This man was a drunken pig, and he deserves to be in jail. She was at a STAR-WARS convention dressed as princess Leila I hardly call that being slutty. She wasn't the only one dressed that way. I guess if she got raped she would have deserved that too. I'm sick of men blaming women because they can't control themselves. Grow the hell up.

1494 days ago


To quote Mr. Travolta " If you dress like Halloween, ghouls will try to get in your pants."

1494 days ago


Why is she on tmz? She is nobody. She has no talent. Her boobs are still too small and she is married to an old man.

1494 days ago


Probably shouldn't have posted those many nude pictures of yourself on twitter. Bad idea much?

1494 days ago


Umm i think every woman on this planet has been felt up once a while. Either in a bar or a crowded street. WIsh i had called up cops if i knew this is considered molesting

1494 days ago


OMG you guys. I work for Walgreens. Everyday I wear black pants and a hideous polo shirt that does not show any cleavage or anything. I never show any skin. Yet, ALL the damn time men grab my ass out of the blue. I can't even count how many times it has happened. I'm not saying that a guy grabbing my ass is as bad as getting molested, but I'm trying to prove the point that it doesn't matter what one wears, you can get abused wearing anything.

In her twitter she said she got SCRATCHED in her nether regions because the damn guy groped her with keys in his hand. Nobody deserves that. Regardless, I echo the others about how sweet a person she is. You guys don't know what you're talking about.

1494 days ago


Who effin' cares??? Who are you again? Never heard of you. Eff' Off!!!

1494 days ago
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