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George Clooney -- Did He Put a Ring On It?

8/16/2010 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney might finally be ready to take the plunge with hottie girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis -- cause she was spotted flaunting what looks to be a giant engagement ring ... emphasis on "looks like."

The notoriously single star was dining in Italy this weekend with his model girlfriend and several friends.

Either Elisabetta is ordering five of something ... or she's bragging to a friend about the boulder on her finger. 

UPDATE: Hell, apparently, is not freezing over. George's publicist says Elisabetta's "jewelry" is simply a napkin ring. TMZ voters got it right. 


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Yes, most of the gay stuff is put out there to try to convince him to keep going along with these publicity games. A few actual gay guys see the stuff posted and repeat it. Some of the most insulting stuff posting about Clooney though is posted by Canalis herself and her publicity people, who have made comments insulting his acting skills and his looks. I've never seen anything like it. Italian criminals now rank a close second to Russians in my mind for people not to get mixed up with. As for the Emmys, if George takes Canalis it will kill his box office and his personal life. If he doesn't take her, fewer Italian tabloids will be sold and fewer kickbacks will be funneled to The American's Italian financiers. I'd go with choice number one if I were him, but it's his life. I'd love to see him break free of this circle of serpents that have surrounded him and start living an authentic life.

1532 days ago


George is gay his friends know it ..Remember Rock Hudson?

1532 days ago


George's record on relationship with women is two years before he dumps them for younger version of his former gf's. lol Never get married George otherwise, 50/50 or of they're not a self proclaimed gold digger it would be 70/30 (70% for them what is left is yours to keep!roflol!

1532 days ago


A very close friend of mine slept with him several years ago while he was in Miami and he is far from being gay. Just because he looks like Rock Hudson doesn't mean he is gay.

Brad ignited the flames when he said he would marry Anjie when George could marry his partner. Brad should clear this thing up ounce and for all as it damaged his reputation as a leading actor.

If George was gay he would be open about it. I don't think he is, at least not based on what my friend said, and the joke got out of hand.

This girl seems to fit in well with his lifestyle. I actually think they are good together.

Some people aren't meant to love the same person forever. I know I'm not. I would love a kid or two, but maybe not that also or I would have done it by now. People need to respect that we are all different.

I have a feeling he shares some of my beliefs and that it would be great to feel as if you want to be with someone forever, but in my case I would rather be alone and date here and there then to be with someone I'm not totally into.

I haven't met anyone I would want to share my life with, nor do I expect to, and many people are like me. Life is fun and there's to much to do then to just be for the sake of just being.

I feel sorry for George. I trully believe he wants to find someone he totally loves, admires, and so on, but he too must not have found it yet, and if he has, then congratulations to him and best wishes.

Most of us like this guy, so support him in what he does and try not to hurt him. He has feelings and he doesn't have all the answers either. Allow him to be himself and cheer him on. I would very much like to see his new movie. I have never watched him in a movie and even ER, but can see from interviews and other outlets that he means well and is a great guy and friend. Good luck george, and Eli...

1531 days ago


Don't do it George.
You have too much style and things going for yourself to settle but you do need to eat some more.
You looked old and about 20 pounds under weight doing those pull ups.

1531 days ago

Clooney is GAY    

@Lee, no. 68
What color is the sky in your make believe world? He is GAY and is in a happy relationship with his GAY BOYFRIEND, Rande! PERIOD!!!

1531 days ago


She is obviously enjoying the powertrip of f-ing around with the paps. She did it with the bikini/boat at Como knowing full well what she's doing and she did it again and she is laughing her arse off at all the headlines. After seeing the pictures on ET of this same dinner, thought it was strange how George was ignoring her, busy talking with his friends, while she's all over the place entertaining the paps. My favorite was where she's got his head in a lock while she's kissing him, thought she was going to rip his head off. George had no way of escaping that shot!

1531 days ago


I think Canalis is just a stupid whore .

1531 days ago



1531 days ago


Even if he is gay it's no one business. Today the sky is blue with several clouds on the west side of the sky.

1531 days ago


“there are a lot of nice and talented girls that no work and are without money because they aren't” Yes Canalis has been walking on the red carpet, it has been spoken about her as a random woman, it has been stepped on her dress, she was part of some parties where she was ignored and yes, she was at the covers of some magazines, it has been talked about her much … But HOW? Read some ... So what did she actually get?
Good girls should not regret. Yes, maybe their work is not that greatly paid, they are not on the covers of magazines, but they may have a simple human happiness. They will gonna have families, kids and a man who will be loving and caring.
Choosing easy way comes along with a very sad destiny, because you will never be able to feel truth love… and it is clear, leading this way of life you can never give a birth to great and healthy kids.
So, ask yourselves, is it worth to sell your future?!

1530 days ago


well apparently canalis thought sleeping her way through it all guarantees riches. sad state of affairs if you ask me. not uncommon in hollywood though. it shows the low self esteem and image she has for herself. what irks me is that the power that is pushing this charade on further rumours has it has been putting clooney's feet to the fire to make sure she is at emmy's.

funny, george always came off as having bigger balls than that. guess i was wrong for ASSuming he did huh?

the question of the day is who is the one the finger should be pointing at? yeah as it was said by lee on #66 that he slept with a close friend and he should not have to be accountable for his promiscuity.

however, do we have to have this kind of sordid nonsense shoved up our nostrils because he is hoping these kind of pr shena****ns will ensure box office gold. you tell me.

her mafioso pr team and george's are not doing either of them justice. i am just saying......

1530 days ago


Oh for the love of God, George Clooney is not gay! That's just wishful thinking by gay men and jealous guys who wish they could get women like he does. And regardless of what his rep says, it could still very well be an engagement ring. I mean, honestly, would she have lasted a year with the man if she was the type of girl to put napkin rings on her finger and flaunt it like an engagement ring? If so, I wish them joy and much luck. Marriage is difficult enough without being in the spotlight.

1528 days ago


It seems she always seeks approval and feels the need to make the world aware George Clooney loves her when really the only person it should matter to is her! George Clooney is just a typical example of middle aged men who lust after younger women. At the end of the day their relationship is all about how they both look, the attention they get, the holidays they go on, the restaurants they dine at, the photo's they like taken of themselves so they can show off their new clothes and hair-do's and latest cosmetic surgery and sex. But those that want to be famous are all insecure and they need permanent attention and approval. Elisabetta Canalis has dressed very vulgarly too and often flaunts her assets in a very 'full of herself' way. She needs to take it down a notch or two.

1527 days ago

Helen Nguyen    

This couple never show any connection to each other.

1525 days ago
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