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Cleared in NYC Arrest

DMV Blamed

8/17/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Ice-T just scored a major legal victory against "the system" -- after Ice proved that he DID have valid insurance on the day he was arrested for allegedly driving without it.


As we first reported, Ice-T was pulled over on July 20 in New York City for allegedly not wearing a seat belt, and was then arrested after the computer discovered an "insurance lapse" from 2008.

But today, the case was dismissed after prosecutors decided to back down ... after Ice proved that he had insurance the entire time -- and also showed that the DMV did not properly update its records.

Outside of court, Ice and his lady Coco told us ... "We're going to Disneyland!"


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Way to go dude,put it to the man.The movie he made where those hunter guys hunt him down was cool.He thinks weed should be legal like me.

1536 days ago

Mac Daddy    

Ice-T.....Look here it's not up to the officer to make phone calls and check your story out. The computer stated you were without insurance. The officer should have just written you a ticket and given you a court date. End of stop, Officer goes back in service you go on your way......NoooooooooooooooYou being a big star you had to make a BIGGGG DEAL out of it...
Get a life, being a so called actor doesn't make you a dam bit SPECIAL---Mac Daddy Retired SC COP

1536 days ago


Ummmmm, he could have
saved himself all of this
mess by at least having the
proof of insurance in his car.

1536 days ago


#3 Machelle--that doesn't help at all if the computer says the insurance is lapsed. Consider: I've got "proof" in my car that I have insurance thru the end of the year, but there's a lot of things I could do to get it canceled between now and then, and if the company tells the DMZ it's no good, the "proof" isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

1536 days ago

Trevis Miho    

HELL YEA, ICE! If I were him, I'd send that cop plastic flowers and a pack of bacon, with a note reading "Maybe next time, biiioootch". They SWORE they had you, man, haha.

1536 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

Good, I am glad the truth came out and he's cleared. Things like this happen all the time because the DMV's around the country are idiots. This wasn't getting one on "the man", this was a man making a bunch of idiots get their crap straight. Maybe a lot of celebrities who have issues like this can learn how to take care of their stuff better like Ice-T obviously does.

1536 days ago

Y do he got    


1536 days ago

Steelers suck    

They're going to Disneyworld so everyone can ride Coco! What a skank! The cops can't win either way. If they arrest you for not showing proof of insurance, they are targeting a black man. Yeah, like they didn't know who the big mouth was. If they don't arrest someone and something bad happens, they're lazy. America needs to make up their mind!

1536 days ago


In New York City it is a crime to drive a vehicle without having the vehicles insurance card with the vehicle. You will be arrested if you do not show the police officer that stopped you the vehicles insurance card even if the vehicle is insured you must carry the proof as the driver at all times. Every New Yorker that owns and drives a vehicle has this explained to them explicitly. This persons charges are dismissed because he is a celebrity.
This should be a warning to folks driving through New York City if you don't have proof of your auto insurance in card form and you are pulled over you are going to jail.

1536 days ago


Jail? For failing to have an insurance CARD in the car? I know you are supposed to carry proof of insurance but like someone pointed out, the card doesn't mean one currently has insurance. If means at one time the driver had insurance. If you don't pay your ins bill and the coverage is cancelled, what good is the damn card? People in NY get a ticket for driving while on a cell phone, or for misdemeanor alcohol consumption. Why would someone automatically go to jail for something as benign as not having a card in the car but be just given a ticket, and sent on their way for behavior that IS REALLY serious. And before you blast me, my cousin was pulled over for a not wearing a seatbelt. The cop thought he was drinking (he had a beer at dinner) and gave him a breathalyzer, he blew just under a .08. The cop gave him a ticket for driving after consuming, then he gave ME a breathalyzer before he allowed me to take the wheel! No jail for my cousin.... but according to, "Jenny" who posted above....not having a card is much more serious. Very strange.

1536 days ago


HE'S STILL AN *******!

1536 days ago

Common Sense    

Are we now going to get a few episodes of Police Abuse of Authority?
I sure hope so.

1536 days ago


To Retired SC Cop (Mac Daddy): I sure as hell hope that the next time you are pulled over, the computer shows that you haven't had insurance for 2 years even though you really do. I hope that you are arrested as well. And, when your court date arrives, you better not do a damn thing to prove your innocence.

Next, Ice-T should sue the **** out of the DMV and NYPD over this fiasco.

1536 days ago

Trevis Miho    

To #8 and #14: You know?! Thank you!!...and #13: I sure f*%kin hope so!

1536 days ago


This happens ALL the F-ING time in NYC. The DMV gets away with this and then the police of course only arrest the black men because they are all racist pigs. Thank god Ice-T actually had the money to fight this. But I doubt anything will happen. DMV in NYC is so a$$-backwards.

1536 days ago
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