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Jenny McCarthy Butts Into Sexy Costume Party

8/16/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenny McCarthy put on a serious thong and dance at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas this weekend -- and she was joined by a tattooed snake-eater and some girl with a bad case of flower-crotch.

It all went down Saturday night at Playboy's Midsummer Night's Dream Party -- check out the photos for even more jaw-droppingly sexy costumes ... oh yeah, and that guy who plays Drama on "Entourage" or whatever.

0816_hardwick_tmz_v2Back in New York -- Jenny's former "Singled Out" co-star Chris Hardwick told us one hell of a story involving Jenny's backside ... and it kinda explains why she was his #2 on the show.


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Gee, who are the "winners" here. The arm chair fatty slinging out hottie-bashing wit in the TMZ comments, or the women out having a great time in Vegas?

1498 days ago


A lot of the women at the party were attractive, some were not, and a very few even might qualify as beautiful. There were some lovely bodies, some average, and a few that were questionable at best. There were a lot of out-sized breast implants (a couple of the women just looked ridiculous), over-inflated lips, some obvious cheek-implants and more weaves, wigs and make-up than at a drag-queen convention. Most of the women looked like they were having some kind of fun...almost all of them were holding drinks and I'd be willing to bet that the pharmaceuticals were flowing freely. Midsummer's Eve. Bacchanalia. Sex. Alcohol. Drugs. Pretty, shiny people amusing themselves.

Jenny McCarthy is not a pretty shiny person. Her body looks seriously nipped and tucked, and her face looks used and abused. And her expression is one of desperation. If that's your thing, has been centerfolds, fine, but don't try selling the "You're all just ugly fatties hating on poor Jen" thing. She has zero talent. She IS a liar, and she used her child (who is NOT autistic, by the way), and an unethical doctor who has lost his license to practice medicine for falsifying medical records to sell an a agenda and a book containing "facts" that were proven to be wrong back in the 1950's. Don't you find that just a HAIR repulsive?

Yes, darling Oprah put her on her show, allowing her to sell her dangerous and medically refuted garbage to literally millions of Oprah's sycophants. O, Oprah gave a short, quiet, very discreet disclaimer after Jenny's pronouncement, but the damage was done. If it was on Oprah, then it was true! Never underestimate the mindless desperation of under-educated, sometimes desperate parents with an autistic child who don't want to acknowledge that their own genetics might be the roots cause of their child's condition, but who want someone to blame, and to take out their anger on, and furthermore, want restitution (preferably monetary, always in at least five digits) for their frustrations. And never forget that to many morons, celebutard opinions carry FAR more weight than the medical opinions and diagnoses of physicians and medical researchers.

Are these parents responsible for their own decisions? Absolutely. Was what Jenny McCarthy did reprehensible, disgusting and the work of someone as loathsome as a snake-oil salesman? O, yes. Since her little escapade, thousands of parents have refused to vaccinate their children, and the medical community's efforts to eradicate the misconceptions regarding mercury in vaccinations and autism spectrum disorder has been set back at least a decade. Mercury in massive doses, far exceeding that in vaccines, does not cause autism. And, there have now been outbreaks of both measles and whooping cough, previously almost eradicated in the USA, in communities in which parents are refusing to vaccinate. Maybe people will start listening again when polio, or typhoid becomes a problem.

I certainly hope Jenny is having a great time, the dissipated, miserable, lying has been. I expect she is desperate to find something in her life. I wonder if, after the party, after looking at all of the pretty, happy (whether with chemical help or not), sexy women around her she went home and looked at her own worn-out, hard and used face and knew she was a failure. I expect not...she doesn't strike me as the introspective type. You who thinks she's hot can have her...I don't think an intelligent man would touch that with a ten foot pole.

I have a 19 year old high functioning autistic son. I fought for years against the morons who insisted that mercury "caused" my son's condition, well before Ms. McCarthy's corrupted campaign for self-aggrandizement. I didn't want financial recompense, nor do most intelligent parents of children such as mine. We only want to help our kids to succeed. I want to know where Jenny's o-so-precious son is while she's out partying and having a great time and making an ass of herself (and no, I'm no prude). Just asking...

1498 days ago


Seriously why does everyone have to be so negative! Jenny McCarthy looks amazing especially for her age. And there were plenty of gorgeous women at the party. Everyone is just jealous that their ugly fat asses wouldn't be allowed into a party like this.

1497 days ago


You're making a lot of assumptions, #40, just like so many do. Maybe YOU would sell your organs to attend a party like that, but a lot of beautiful, sensual, intelligent women would not. It isn't a lifestyle that everyone finds attractive...and I'm not talking about the nudity and skimpy clothing...I'm speaking of the vapidness, alcohol and drugs, lack of accountability, and complete lack of self-respect coupled with over-inflated egos and shallowness that only accounts for appearance based on artifice to judge a woman's worth. Honey, you can have it.

As for Jenny McCarthy "looking good for her age", she is what, forty? Forty-two? O, she's thin, but her body is starting to look ropey, shows clear signs of cosmetic work, her skin is beginning to get that slightly glassy, leathery look associated with way too much UV exposure, and her face is gaunt, over-processed, and hard. She doesn't look good, for any age (and forty isn't old by any means). As I said before, there were some very attractive women at that party, but Ms. McCarthy was not one of them. She looked like a ragged coyote among sleek, well-fed show cats.

There are women Jenny McCarthy's age and older who look fantastic because they are confident, take good care of themselves, and keep fit. There is no more "for her age". I see more fat, sloppy-looking, slovenly, twenty-somethings than 40, 50, 60 or even 70+ women of late...smoking, with a beer in hand, and a big, ugly spare tire hanging over their too-tight jeans. Something to consider while YOU sit on YOUR over-sized backside and whine.

1497 days ago


Wow! I'd love to line every single one of you up and critique you from head to toe. I'm sure your flaws would be endless. It's amazing people can be so incredibly rude. Grow up and have some manners. You're all pathetic.

1497 days ago

star2gazer she dumped her school for Autistic children to go party it up?

1495 days ago


Big Pharma is NOT about science.. it's about $$$$$$!!! If the same thing happened to my child I hope I would NEVER Shut UP! Sometimes I wonder if the Jenny McCarthy Haters aren't actually hired by Big Pharma to spread the lies on their behalf. One of the lies is that JM is anti-vaccine. She is not against ALL vaccines, she wants the 36 Vaccines forced on our children to be SAFE! So do I. And I do have a problem with the man telling us what kind of vaccines our children are required to have to benefit financially from each one given! Wake up people - the pharmaceutical industry does not necessarily have your best interest at heart.... IE: the Breast Cancer medicine that has been proven to do more harm than good, yet sold $6 BILLION last year anyway, and remains on the market today. Fkng Criminals. Go Jenny! You are brave & courageous, and I don't ever want you to shut up. And if I looked that good, I'd never take that little white outfit off... bitches.

1492 days ago


all these women that are commenting on how ugly she is, are obviously fat fugly women that are jealous because she looks good,nice body and men want her, just like they hate strippers

1491 days ago


ick Jenny McCarthy is gross and vulgar.

1490 days ago


I would do her day and night..all you haters are just jealous of her beauty you ugly skanks put another dingdong in your mouth and shut up.

1486 days ago

jenny mccarthy fan    

Oh Jenny! Jenny, Jenny. Yes, your son never had autism, but who cares? Right. We live now in an age where it no longer matters if truth is truth, only if you can make a quick buck, even if it means using the autism label to sell your books. Good for you Jenny! Making money the old fashion way: fraud and deception. You go girl! Sorry, your son had seizures. That must have been tough, but at some point you knew it wasn't autism. Someone in your camp, most likely a PR person, pushed you to grab hold that "autism" label and RUN with it girl. Oh you did. And you ran fast. You hit the talk show and magazine press circuit faster than Madonna hit the bed sheets in the 80's. Jenny you are fabulous. And fantastic. A new face on the wall of autism frauds. But you gotta love Jenny. She's a Hollywood gal straight up. Gets what she can while she can get it. It doesn't matter if her son didn't have real autism. Who cares. She's here for the PARTY! Boom. Boom. Boom. Get those lights out. Flashing cameras. Rock on Jenny. Thanks for the false faces of autism memories. Maybe one day you will have enough guts to write a book about how your son never had autism, but ooops, that wouldn't sell. Forget it. Just keep making money Jenny, that's all your life is about. Money.

1437 days ago
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