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Joe Jackson: I Get No Respect

8/16/2010 7:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson's lawyer claims, his client has not been treated with "dignity and worth" by the judge in the Michael Jackson probate case.

Joe Jackson
Jackson's lawyer, Brian Oxman, filed papers with a California appeals court, claiming the probate judge was wrong in shutting down Joe's attempt to 86 executors John Branca and John McClain.

The trial judge ruled Joe had no legal standing to object to the duo, because Joe himself was intentionally excluded by MJ as a beneficiary under the will.

But Oxman claims Joe was financially dependent on his son and should therefore have a right to object to the appointment of the men who are making financial decisions for the Estate.

Although Joe is alleging various misdeeds on the part of the executors -- including fraud and embezzlement, which the executors strongly deny -- the lawyer for Michael Jackson's kids claim Joe is actually harming them with all the "procedural wrangling."  Margaret Lodise, the kids' lawyer, says Joe only cares about his stake in the Estate and, therefore, he's "the ultimate dog in the manger."


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The man doesn't get respect because he hasn't done anything to deserve it, gold digger!

1527 days ago

Are you sure?    

What part of "left out of the will" don't you get Joe Jackson?

1527 days ago


Lets see, first you have all the kids call you Joe not dad or father, then you beat Michael and bully the rest of the family (that must be what they call good parenting), then you take control and put the fear of God in Michael with just a look - which made him ill all the time, then you and the rest of the family live off of Michael & Janet - because you are unable to care for yourself. Then in the wake of Michael's death, you take every opportunity to make money for yourself or promote yourself (as you did at the awards when you promoted your alliance with another person in starting a record company) or try every avenue available to make money off of your son. And you are surprised that he left you out of his will? And now, you are trying to take from his children and you want some dignity and respect. Okay, for what? You have done nothing to earn the dignity and respect in the first place. Secondly, the finances that Michael left are for his children and his mother - not you - not his siblings! Joe you are a leach! You always have been and still are. Instead of living off of your son and your other children and wife - get a job and live within your means (not outside of it) and try to be a father to your remaining children - then possibly you may earn some respect - even though I doubt it. As far as Michael's money and that is concerned - you are **** out of Luck and you asked for it and Baby your getting it! What goes around comes around! Just had an idea Joe - Why don't you try and bully, beat, black mail, or just back stab the judge into doing what you want - you did it to Michael, maybe it will work for you on the judge!

Someone here said that Money was Joe's God. That is so true! Money is the only thing that Joe has ever cared about. And I am glad that the judge saw right through you. Personnally, I hope you rot in hell for all that you did to Michael! He was only your son when it meant money for you, other than that he was only Michael. I thought that my daughter-in-law was worthless - but you Joe out do her any day of the year! Rot in hell where you belong! Some grandfather you turned out to be!

1527 days ago

Paula Walker    

Dude what have you ever done to deserve even one ounce of respect ??

1527 days ago


You get no respect because you are an abusive dichead.

1527 days ago


I have mixed feeling on this subject...Joe is Michael's father and without his persistence Michael may not have grown into the seasoned showman that he did. I also believe that Joe loved or loves his son. They made a mends over the years but Michael knew or knows his father. Leaving his mother and children the primary beneficiaries and Brance and Weitzman as executors of his estate was by choice. We, the public, are on the outside looking in and responding to articles that are no doubt written to evoke a sensationalist response. Maybe there is some foul play happenning or maybe its not. I believe there is alot more to this story of MJ's death that has not even been imagined. I could be wrong. Michael has supported that family for years and part of that pressure contributed to the "demise" of the King Of Pop along with the green sucking vultures and control freaks that come with fame and celebrity. It's all sad to me....

1527 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I was driving from Chicago to Detroit 2 weeks ago.

I got off I-94 at Grant Street in Gary, Indiana.

Zig zag zig zag - 3 blocks off the freeway.

I pulled up at the old Jackson family home at 2300 Jackson Street, Gary, Indiana.

The house is beautifully preserved with a wrought iron fence all the way around it. It has a 6 foot high memorial to Michael out in the front yard.

My point???

I tried chatting with the neighbors who were hanging around.

Uh oh.

Let's put it this way.

White boy was NOT welcomed there. This ghetto is far worse than anything I have seen in Detroit.



1527 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Joe has more of a right say about Michaels Funds than two non family members who can do what the hell they please and pay off a few important people to side with them and they live good the rest of their life off a dead man who would not have been a singing rich Black man without his Father's imput, however strict.

Who is to say Joe does not know what he is talking about and what happens in ten years when Michael's children are left with barely enough to live from.

They had to no right to pay for security. Michael's family did not name a number of police, what they would ride or drive. Say what you want about Mr. Jackson, but when Michael was going back and forth to court, Joe was there. Michael will continue to bring in money for the state of California and brought in enough for food, lodging, gasoline sales, quick stop treats, etc. on the day of his Memorial. What the hell right did they have to make MJJ's Children pay anything.

He did not hate his Father in the end. Joe tried to cut those fifty shows down because Michael spoke about it with his Father.

We are not totally stupid and we do not need certain people to be in control of our funds for us.

We have no proof MJJ wanted these guys to be over his estate. All they have to do is type up some papers because they knew MJJ's business, know people in high places, and there ya go.

If no family member is allowed to see that those men are not stealing, then Joe is correct. I don't think Joe wants to be over it, Just get someone who can be trusted to do the right thing.

Now if you want to call someone gold diggers, call the men that is over the estate. I am sure they are living the good life for life.

How do we really know what was supposed to have caused Michaels death? The Death Certificate seems illegal, making no mention of his burn. There is a lot of slipping and sliding.

Where were these men when Michael was using too many drugs? If he was. Were they concerned that he could not make good judgments or did they care. Did they get him to sign papers when he was under medication? Has anyone checked to see?

I would listen to Joe a bit. Janet said he was not a horrible Father, and what Michael was so bitter about was probably when his nose was talked about, but intelligent people grow and do not live in the past. I am a witness.

1527 days ago


Man, Can you imagine that face staring down at you while he's disciplining you? Holy sh**! No wonder Michael was warped.
The judge probably can't get past that mug long enough to show respect. That face would stop a train in it's tracks.

1527 days ago


Get a new lawyer!

1526 days ago


Michael said Joe stripped him butt naked, oiled him down, beat him with an extension cord, then slammed him against a wall. No wonder why Michael died a junkie :-(

1526 days ago



Dina Lohan. Female version of Joe Jackson.

1526 days ago


"We have no proof MJJ wanted these guys to be over his estate."

MJ's WILL is proof as to who he wanted looking over the business affairs of his Estate. MJ made it clear on more than one occasion, he wanted Joe to be his FATHER and not tangled up in his business affairs.

1526 days ago


Hope this LOOSER ends up on the street begging for food! CHILD ABUSER@

1526 days ago


Maybe he gets no respect because he doesn't deserve any!

1526 days ago
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