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Joe Jackson's Attorney: Law is a Pain in the Butt

8/16/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Practicing law is a pain in the ass, and Joe Jackson's lawyer is living proof ... because he literally broke his preparing legal docs in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case.


Attorney Brian Oxman was walking down a flight of stairs last week with his MJ appellate brief in hand.  The brief was in response to the judge's threat to toss the wrongful death lawsuit because certain things were not alleged as required by law.

Oxman was going downstairs to hand a brief to the messenger ... when he slipped and fell down the stairs and badly injured himself, forcing him to ask the court for a delay in getting the documents to the court.

For anyone who has practiced law, it's a metaphor for the ages.


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Mean and hateful people like you live a long time but good and nice people like MJ don't.

1494 days ago


You must be brain dead if you can't figure out what I just said DAH!!!! OhWell.

1494 days ago


Brian Oxman

If he's not sleeping, now he's slipping!!!

1494 days ago


yeah you son of a b....., deserved it. God damn Harvey U Fa.ggit

1494 days ago


And TMZ, why are you not reporting on Michael being inducted into the National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame. Here is a article that has videos of a interview with Marlon and a dance tribute to Michael. enjoy

rip mj

Posted at 4:47 PM on Aug 16, 2010 by kim

Thanks, Kim, for posting this link. Yes, MJ was such a unique entertainer, one of a kind. He deserved that honour.

1494 days ago


Pity Oxman wasn't holding Old Joe's hand at the time of the fall. That way they'd both have landed sunny side up.

1494 days ago


All fall down.......
This is the HEIGHT of Stupidity!! You'd have to be a total idiot not to realize that this is just a stall tactic on Oxman's part because he snoozed again and failed to pull the proper paperwork together.
Personally, I'm all for Joe going after the Estate and AEG just to see what he can shake out of the trees....
Both entities have too many coincidences when it comes to Michael, and too many unanswered questions...
And even if it turns out they're on the up and up, I think it's good to keep 'em on their toes. I don't think Joe is going to get a dime out of the Estate, unless they give him hush money...oh, that's right, they already did try to, but Joe said he could make more money on his own--translation: he wants to embarrass them with a possible court case, and get a FAT settlement...
Meanwhile back at the ranch, I hope he's at least CONSIDERING getting to the bottom of who killed Michael!!!
No Peace till Justice!!

1494 days ago


Literally a pain in the a*s!

P.S This one is for MJ fans -true justice at last!!

All 4 L.O.V.E

1493 days ago


yea ok!

1492 days ago


tmz why do you have to make fun of people? I hope you guys at tmz will get a big fat taste of your own medicine!!

1492 days ago


**** A permanent memorial in honour of Michael Jackson in Munich! ****

♥ Together we can make it ♥ It’s all for L.O.V.E. ♥

1488 days ago


This guy is a total moron as a lawyer. How many times has he filed this suit to get it thrown back for being wrong, and now he files without the proper criteria for a wrongful death suit? Time to go back to law school...he and Joe deserve each other. The blind and greedy leading the blind and greedy

1488 days ago
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