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Mel Gibson's

Crashed Maserati --

The Wreckage

8/17/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the photos of Mel Gibson's smashed up Maserati -- taken after he crashed the ultra-expensive ride into a rocky hillside in Malibu on Sunday.

The front passenger wheel area is a total mess -- with serious cosmetic and functional tire damage ... which is why the car had to be towed from the scene.

As we first reported, Gibson told CHP officers in the field that he did not know how the car drifted out of the lane and into the hillside.  But according to the police report, alcohol was not a factor.


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Yikes. You Team Mel/Team Truth fanatics sound like your one defective gene removed from TMZ's Micheal Jackson fans, don't you? That's not something to be proud of. It's a low point, get help.

You people are crazy!

1535 days ago


Yes, SOME of Mels most intensive supporters do piss people off & it doesn’t create much room for debate. One thing is power of the majority. But Team Truth? It's a joke!

Posted at 4:01 PM on Aug 17, 2010 by Sorntolc
______________________ are Vee are really stretching hard trying to get up on that pedestal you think you should be on. I suppose you have your tiaras on, too!

There have been plenty of insults hurled towards Team Mel people here. I don't know what posts your are reading, but apparently you are skipping over the ones of your comrades that try and bash us.

I don't really give a hoot what you think.

I support a man, and I don't care if it was someone else, who has been trashed in the media by a woman. In this case, Mel and OG. One of these days, if you should be so lucky, and if the law comes down on Mel, then please by all means blow your horns then. Until then, please shut the f up!

1535 days ago


When I was young and stupid, I said many things without understanding; I am now so grateful to the people who had the sense to challenge me, and call me on my ignorance.

Posted at 4:15 PM on Aug 17, 2010 by vee

What are you--old and stupid now? I think they gave up on you, honey, because you are still ignorant!

1535 days ago


wondering...dang! I did it again! Do not engage--must not engage. Darn those German genes in my DNA!

1535 days ago


@ gimme -- Thank you. We do have fun here don't we?

1535 days ago


If anyone makes a post that supports Oksana the same sick disturbed group of Mel, supports constantly on TMZ attack them. The other day, MARIA ASHOT had the nerve to tell me to take my pills.

Under the TMZ story, I have text messages - read the post made by Maria Ashot number 1201.

The girl claims Mel may have crashed his vehicle because someone sprayed an aerosol chemical into his vehicle, which caused Mel to not think, and stuff like someone hacked into the vehicle computer system and caused Mel to crash or a laser in Mel’s eyes caused him to crash his vehicle.

If that were the case the police report would have stated Mel saw a red laser bean obstruct his vision and crash.

Maria confirmed what I thought - she is a crack addict, crack baby or flat crazy and cannot understand how Mel’s wild sick crazy behavior is wrong.

In fact, in one prior post Maria Ashot tells all the other Mel supporters that her entire family generations simply have temper issues like Mel Gibson and thinks nothing is wrong with it.

The excuses for Mel’s wild behavior made by Mel’s supporters are just as delusional as the excuses they believe may have caused Mel to crash his vehicle.

1535 days ago


@ fuddy -- Wait! TIARAS? Can I have one too? It will go with my sparkly magick wand and my tinfoil hat and my grape hat (with the tasteful veil) and my underwired nighty (for those damselindistress nights of terror) and my dingo and my sword --

Please, fuddybuddy, can I have a tiara too? Can I be crowned with all the knowledge of the universe like them too? Pleeeeese?

Remember: do not engage . . . Our mantra.

You can have cookies and cheeze curls, if you want. Tee hee

1535 days ago


@Tellthetruth59 & mimik

Yes, that’s a nice update of your Planet Oksana scenario! She is quilte a revenge seeking monster living alone in her own greedy world, must be her animus.

But after all: Most you Mel supporters don’t seem to find his verbal outlets on the tapes especially threatening or out of normal context? You even have a relaxing interpretation of his talk about ”the rosegarden” I know.

Why is it then so hell of an evil mess (whoever did it), that these tapes have been revealed to the world? They are what they are & these scenes are gold!! Mels kids can be proud of their father, or at least say: Our father is a human being like other kids fathers: Mel has come down from his throne!

So why all this witch hunting? The legal disageements around a breakup is no big deal. Mom & dad cannot live together anymore, but there is no unsolvable problem. No innocent child has been hurt forever. Just let the court clear the details!

If only Mel will treat his women right (both Oxa & Robyn), he can come to a fair agreement. Still he seems to have a problem getting himself together & beeing unable to relate to a female partner in a noble way.

1535 days ago


Got news for you Gimmeabreak--mechanical failures happen. The age of the car or mileage has nothing to do with it.
Yeah you really know what your talking about there Mr. Fixit. Just shut up your embarrassing yourself.

Posted at 4:48 PM on Aug 17, 2010 by gimmeabreak
_________________________________ have your head up your tail pipe if you don't think that 'newer' cars break down! The one Mel was driving was a 2008 model, so it's not exactly brand new. Do you know what the mileage is on Mel's car? No--so there is another fact you forget. I don't really give a rat's what you think or if you fixed upper ball joints or not. Cars break down--new, old, and all ages in between. You're tryinig to twist everything around that Jason stated, which was completely valid.

1535 days ago


Curious, I agree with you 100% on the law enforcement side. They have a whole lot more detailed & comprehensive data on all of these matters... And you may well be right: perhaps the best way to clear the air & let all the facts out into the light of day is to prosecute BOTH cases, one after the other or even concurrently. Concurrently -- two courtrooms -- would probably help dispel any illusions in the minds of whatever part of the public jumped on the bandwagon to throw stones at Mel Gibson.

I don't for a moment think the accident was anything BUT a criminal operation by the same set of people. The yacht is right there and a boat can ferry someone to shore who -- without involving any mechanic -- can slip in and slip out & get the thing done.

There are computer programmes in cars that can be hacked, reprogrammed. There is an expert on this who teaches at MIT. He was in the news giving evidence in the Toyota spontaneous & unstoppable acceleration furore.

Via computer, it could be done in a way that would be almost untraceable. A 2008 M must have impressive computer controls.

Last night, by the way, I passed that very canyon road right around 8:30 - 8:40 -- the whole family was with me -- we took Topanga instead, heading north back towards the 101.

These people are crude, shameless -- and desperate. That desperation is obvious.

There is also the question of any car following his, that might, for example, have flashed a light into his rear-view mirror that would temporarily disorient him... Or someone could have sprayed an aerosol into his car that would lead to difficulty thinking.

Were he not alive this morning, we would all recognize it had been a hit.

Because he survived and can't clearly remember what exactly happened, we are more inclined to consider the possibility of ... something other than a crime.

Full toxicology is in order plus chemical analysis of his clothes and any car upholstery, in case some chemical was used... No, of course he wasn't under any 'influence' of his own choosing.

These people pay hard ball. They are used to getting what they want -- by any means possible.

THEY WON"T THIS TIME. If he needs any further proof of having guardian angels keeping him safe, there it is.

He needs to carefully reconstruct his ENTIRE DAY yesterday and where he had been just before getting into the car the last time. Also look into whether there are any surveillance cameras in the area, or before the canyon road (maybe in private drives) to see if any mystery car was around him.

GOD KEEPS HIM SAFE. All will be well. And we will not stop, nor be stopped.

Posted at 1:21 PM on Aug 16, 2010 by Maria Ashot

1535 days ago


it's probably safe to assume Mel hasn't quit driving when he's slightly buzzed.

It's a more likely explanation then a ball joint failure on a new car anyway... but I'll give him the benefit that it was just distracted driving and *boom* the canyon wall called him out on it.

Posted at 6:01 PM on Aug 17, 2010 by gimmeabreak

You are such a fu.cking a.sshole!!

Mel was buzzed is what you are saying!!!

Officer Tang did not notice any intoxication! If he would have suscpected Mel of being intoxicated, then he would have pursued that course.

Mel was just with his daughter. In most orders from the Court about child custody, it is usually stipulated that you do not drink while you have a child in custody. And I am certain, that would have been in the restraining order.

I detest that you are trying to make it seem that Mel was drinking here. I don't think Mel would do that with all the scrutiny he is under, do you?

Someone posted earlier, and I believe it was V, that it was probably a simple mechanical failure. End of story. Jason also said the same. And now, you POS, are trying to blame it on the bottle!

1535 days ago


You can have cookies and cheeze curls, if you want. Tee hee

Posted at 6:32 PM on Aug 17, 2010 by middleagedcrazy

Dammit, everybody's stealing my cheese curls. Fine.

I'm gonna go pout. And stare at my tiara. Oooh, sparkly!

1535 days ago


Relatives and family members of criminals still love their relative that committed the crime and are usually truthful to admit the person was wrong and needs help.

1535 days ago

Maria Ashot    

Shell, and others who allege I am paranoid or infecting others with paranoia:

Exactly how many yachts have weighed anchor at Malibu, at that distance from shore, in the past 25 years?

And how many this past summer?

You have the numbers?

I am not the person on trial here, and to my knowledge, TMZ is not regarded as some kind of Bible...

1535 days ago


Maria...I don't recall anyone saying your are paranoid.

On the yacht deal...who knows. Could be connected; maybe now. I think this yacht if fairly new. Could be they are just enjoying their new toy. If you go all the way up the coast, way north, and then to the east, you'll end up in Russia. Could be they are just headed home.

1535 days ago
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