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Mel Gibson's

Crashed Maserati --

The Wreckage

8/17/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the photos of Mel Gibson's smashed up Maserati -- taken after he crashed the ultra-expensive ride into a rocky hillside in Malibu on Sunday.

The front passenger wheel area is a total mess -- with serious cosmetic and functional tire damage ... which is why the car had to be towed from the scene.

As we first reported, Gibson told CHP officers in the field that he did not know how the car drifted out of the lane and into the hillside.  But according to the police report, alcohol was not a factor.


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Maria Ashot    

Good morning, California -- Ciao! everyone else --

So, if it is so easy to crash on Malibu Canyon Road, how often do such accidents actually occur?

And how many of those under dry conditions with clear visibility?

People who drive that road regularly know it by heart. No more likely to have an accident there then on a Wilshire. And traffic is much lighter, which actually makes it safer, not more dangerous. The road is well maintained.

As for the suspension problems suggested by V (whose research always impresses me):

IF this particular vehicle had a problematic suspension, I am sure the Maserati people, as a point of pride, will go over it micron by micron to ascertain exactly what happened. And of course compare to the roadway.

What is curious is that at no time when Whoaxy was driving was there any suspension trouble, nor indeed any sudden inexplicable loss of control.

The minute Mel Gibson gets behind the wheel after being away, and before an important deposition, and another important hearing, on child support -- a docket item -- the car turns into Voldemort's buggy or something and stops responding to the driver.

Had there been a tragic outcome, the legal proceedings would be plunged into an entirely new kind of turbulence.

To me, that's a suspicious confluence of events.

1491 days ago

Maria Ashot    

Re: Russians attending Obama fund-raisers:

The only political players outside Russia that gangsters from the ex-USSR have sought to influence have been the ones in the UK. There was quite a bit of negative PR from some Brits dropping in on someone's yacht off Corfu... BBC will have that, I'll see if I can retrieve it for you -- about 18 mos. ago at most.

After the Chapped Lips episode I think any US political figure, much less Obama, would be leery beyond words about shaking hands or accepting dirty donations from people with Russian passports, however gorgeous their playthings...

NOPE: there is not one good reason -- except the obvious one -- for any such barnacle-platform to drop anchor, weigh anchor, cruise around, show off and above all to linger -- at this specific point in time -- within telescope distance of the Gibson residence.

There are plenty of "retired" Russian SpetzNaz (Special Forces, СПЕЦНАЗ) who would know how to enter & leave grounds or premises without leaving a trace, regardless of the security system.

And surveillance could be one agenda item, but I am more inclined to think there is currency in that hold, for cash payments; interesting toys & gadgets and of course, lots of communications to blog from... They're close to shore, so they can use someone else's WiFi even, if they wanted to... Some of them, I suspect, have appeared here with the more inane comments.

(Menza... What it takes to control a Ferrari... that kind of drivel. Remember, they make Tony Soprano seem like Einstein.)

1491 days ago


Everyone seems to know each other. Do people know me? haha. As for this whole Mel/Oksana business, it's getting pretty boring. Let them hash out their problems in court. People don't have dignity anymore. They want to air their h ell in public. Why?

1491 days ago


for V


The past few weeks the posters on this site have uncovered a lot
of extremely damaging information about Oksana. They also
caught Oksana's lies, one after the other, and offered proof.
The posters continue to uncover more and more facts and
poke holes in Oksana's story.

So now the TMZ comments site is becoming quite problematic for
Oksana's case, and its in her best interest to somehow interrupt
the flow of information.

The logical solution is to place a few posters, or Oksana herself
to distract this momentum of fact finding. That is what I'm seeing
now, like never before. (from the story post we just left)

My suggestion would be to continue the research and questioning
and NOT get sidetracked by these suspicious few Oksana supporters,
unless of course they offer intelligent arguments.

I like Michael's approach of not using this as a platform for Team Mel,
but rather as Team Truth. And since Oksana seems to be in short
supply of truth, Team Truth is looking a lot like Team Mel.

(Remember in the movie The Exorcist, - the priest is warned not to
engage in dialogue with the, you know ... devil (our case would be
a sociopath). Because the devil will try and trick him by pulling
personal issues out of him, thus rendering him weak )
A bit dramatic of an analogy, but it fits so well from what I observed

I think you know what I'm talking about.

By the way Oksana will never stop, mark my words! she'll keep
pulling new surprises and outrageous new claims. That's why
we should keep our eye on the ball, - Team Truth


I'm glad Mel is physically OK from the car accident. But if I was
dealing with this level of UNPRECEDENTED continuous character
assassination, I would be a nervous wreck, - no matter how much
concrete evidence I plan on presenting to the judge.

Posted at 9:55 AM on Aug 16, 2010 by LISA

V you are very smart and important here
"they" are trying to play with your brain
that is why choose nick vee
please be strong we need you here
my comment are lost or in reverse, or do no go through

1491 days ago


My Goodness,

I certainly made a splash here last night. Maybe I should change my name to stupid bitch? You'd like that, wouldn't you, Genna.
No time now, but I will be back.

Hugs and Kisses

Posted at 11:20 AM on Aug 18, 2010 by vee

If the shoe fits...

1491 days ago


You are all behaving crazy. Stop, lay down, breathe deep and find your heart beats. There, now no more tedious, boring, trite, unnecessary comments from anybody. OK? Good.

1490 days ago


Poor Muffin!

1490 days ago


Mel, sorry about your car, good thing you didnt get picked up for a DUI or something CRAZY like that. hang in, It will all pass. You just have to ask the devil to protect you, he will you know? you invited him in with some of the MOVIES you have made. NOW YOU ARE PAYING THE PRICE!! He will never leave you alone

1476 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

We love you Mel. Make more movies, be safe and don't listen or think about these smallminded idiotic detractors that don't have enough sense to read and understand information that is placed before them.

1454 days ago
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