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Kim Kardashian -- I Banged Up My Bentley

8/17/2010 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian had a super-expensive boo boo on the front of her ultra-expensive convertible Bentley yesterday ... and TMZ has learned it's all because she hit a speed bump too damn fast.


Yesterday, Kim rolled up to the Madison clothing store in Beverly Hills with some serious scrapes on the front of her ride ... and warned the valet parker, "It's gonna make a noise when you drive."

Sources close to Kim tell us it happened when Kim "hit a speed bump too hard" ... which screwed up a custom Platinum Motorsports kit she had installed on the front of the car.

We're told Kim is "pissed" at the damage -- which could cost around $25,000 to repair.


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This dummy and her entire family spend money like it grows on trees. They will ALL be broke in less than five years. Not one of these dip****s knows the value of a dollar. A Bentley? What a damn joke. I work with mega millionaires who can well afford a car like this but they fly under the radar. Guess who will keep their money and who will end up flat broke?

All of the Kardashians (including that moron Brue Jenner, who looks like a woman btw) should have "DUMMY" stamped on their foreheads.

1491 days ago


God I hate this WHORE.

1491 days ago

Greg H.    

Bruce Jenner just rolled over in his grave...then got up to make some coffee.

1491 days ago


Wonder what Bob Kardasian would think of his trailer trash family ? .. Jenner was supposed to watch out for them .. some watcher .. and kris has him wrapped tighter than anything one can think of .. yes, it will all stop within a few years .. reality junk should be on the way out now .. sex tape on net .. sheesh .. was that your plastic surgeon who died today? .. Y'all stop watching the stupid WRITTEN SCRIPTED show and .. pop goes the balloon! Yes, all written out .. both the show and the soon to be END of all the reality shows .. TV has always changed throughout the years ..

1491 days ago


poor hovo, how's he gonna fix that?

1491 days ago


@ Nancy. I agree. This family will be played out sooner than people expect. It happened to Paris, Jessica Simpson, J Lo, & others. It will be a matter of minutes when another "it" girl comes onto the Hollywood scene to overshadow the Kardashians. This family is like a rash...irritating. When people really get fed up with this narcisstic behavior, the reality show's ratings will drop and the network will cancel just like they did Paris reality show.

1491 days ago


Why don't this chick go somewhere?! She is a nuisance!!! She f**ked up that Bentley anyway when she go it detailed. Luxury cars like that aren't meant to be custom-designed. Just a Ghetto-bird with lots of makeup & botox.

1491 days ago

Yep I said that    

Every week this stupid bitch has some waste of time BS on one of the web sites. Who the hell pulls up to a valet and starts yapping about a dent on their car, no one except this media hoe wanting a photo op. When is ths bitch gonna disappear into the who cares file of wanted to be's

1491 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I like the heading "Exclusive details" LMFAO! Nothing about this bitch is exclusive every thing with her is an orchestrated media event to make sure she gets her photo op. Vapid, materialistic, no class trash

1491 days ago


She's a ****ING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1491 days ago


@Trooper Tom .. ahhh, but you are wrong . she has a LOT OF class, unfortunately, it is all 3rd .... :)
Actually, I don't know if you can blame her or her siblings .. the blame, perhaps, goes to the parenting of the brood ..

1491 days ago


oh wait did i do that lmao what a stupid woman

1491 days ago

South Beach    

How fast do you have to be going to cause this kind of damage? Idiot.

1491 days ago


No speed bump. She probably pulled into a parking spot too far and nailed whatever curb was in front of her. Probably went over the parking curb with metal poles sticking out and went in reverse back over it.

she's ugly and will never get married. Which means she will be broke the rest of her life

1491 days ago

Throwback kid    

Why do they need 3 girls to work at the Dash store in Miami? did anyone else notice that there are about 10 articles of clothing in the entire store? How does that store stay in business?

1491 days ago
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