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Method Man -- 'I'm Suing Those Motherf**kers'

8/18/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Method Man is planning to drop a serious lawsuit on the "motherf**kers" responsible for the bloody wound he received while performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos this past weekend ... because as everyone knows ... Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin' to eff with.

TMZ spoke with Meth -- who didn't specify exactly who he intends to sue ... but insisted that he's not messing around.

Meth -- who continued to perform even after blood was dripping down his face -- also told us, "It's not OK ... I don't condone throwing things at the talent while they're performing."

As for why he kept going after he got hit, Meth said, "It takes a lot of heart and balls to continue performing after you've been hit in the face" and noted that continuing his show was the "right thing to do."

As we previously reported, Tila Tequila has also threatened legal action after she was nailed with some unidentified flying objects at the festival  -- thrown by fans of the Insane Clown Posse -- just a couple nights earlier.



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How the hell do these performers not know the reputation of the gatherings? Seriously, if you don't want to get hurt don't go to an ICP fest as they are not for the faint of heart.

1506 days ago


I don't blame him or
How in the hell
does glass get through
security at a concert????

1506 days ago


his boys punched joe buddon at rock the bells in maryland last year for talkin **** on hoo....a little scrape on ur face

1506 days ago

Policially Incorrect    

Who Da Method Man?

1506 days ago


These people need to learn that its not okay to just throw objects at performers. I hope Method and Tequila get a huge settlement out of this.

1506 days ago


If you ask me, he assumed a known risk. And the people are probably judgment proof.

1506 days ago

Trevis Miho    

..I haven't even read the whole article, but Method Man is one of the DOPEST hip hop performers out there. He's wild as sh*t on stage and puts out a lot of energy, there's not enough performers like him. There should be NO reason a performer should have to get on stage and worry about dumb sh*t like that. I hope they find the dipsh*t's who were actually throwing **** - they should be in a lineup to have stoned thrown at them (not killed though, come on). If HE says he's suing, I'm 100% for it. GET THAT MONEY, MEF!!

1506 days ago


Meth, suing people ain't gangsta, but you my boy, so I'll still support whatever you do. Should have pulled out a 9mm and blasted those the fools who threw stuff, though....


1506 days ago

The Royal One    

Suit? Wow. I wonder what he would've done if he was
methodically (and illegally), first blacklisted for
not being the "right" color, then his Music was craftily
plundered ($100 Million) by the same people who cry "Racism"?

Son, can you say "Double-Standard"? Justice, AWAITS.

1506 days ago

AaronC .....YO YO YO, I watched that VIDEO and now I want to be a JUGGALO too, YO. Ten times better than the average man YO. L to the O to the L.

1506 days ago


Sue whom? Like someone mentioned earlier on some other post ICP lawyers certainly made the performers sign on the dotted line. Now unless he and Tila did not sign a disclamer of liability then he's just blowing smoke because Tila is blowing smoke.

1506 days ago


Okay so next year this event obviously needs to be canceled. Or sent to Mexico or a barge out in the middle of the ocean. The people that run and attend this thing must be total bottom feeders.

Also violence is violence and it is no less offensive attacking Tila then Method Man. It seems everyone got a good laugh at her expense and then Method Man gets busted up and it's..."oh those mfers".

1506 days ago

dan the man    

I messed around with a pretty good looking juggalo girl a year back or so and the few time her friends came around it was weird. Can't really explain it. You could tell they were the losers in high school and not very successful after. They even tried to talk badly about mainstream since they were inept in succeeding in our society. One of them even bashed me when I told them I only had 3 semesters until graduating from my 2nd tier (B level) university. That's good if you're not familiar as Notre Dame is a B level school as well.
There are always exceptions to the rule as the girl I was with was pretty cool. In a room full of bad apples, there is bound to be a few ripe apples.
Method man is a cool guy. He performed at this radio summer bash concert I was at a few years back, and while not the headliner, put on a great show.

1506 days ago

AaronC ....ISH MAN, I can't believe they threw things at Tila, when that's Juggalette Sugar Slam's girl YO! Show some RESPECT MY JUGGALOS! L to the O to the L

1506 days ago


So, just to make sure every base is covered - the Ying Yang Twins performed while they were still famous, and got hit with numerous things, causing them to walk off stage, but didn't sue. Ice T got pelted last year, and didn't sue, and yet Tila Tequila, who was never even anybody to start with, and Method Man, who, while big in his hey-day, is not so famous now, think they're going to win? I would be willing to bet my home, my car, and my husband that when they signed their contracts, there is a clause acknowledging that they may get hit with objects, and that by accepting payment, they are forfeiting their right to sue. This was the ELEVENTH GOTJ - I'm sure by now, even the unprofessional people in charge (even as a juggalo, I freely admit their business etiquette is nonexistent), have gotten savvy enough to protect ICP and Psychopathic from lawsuits. If anything, maybe they can sue the venue for not providing adequate security, if one can call Hog Rock a real "venue".

1506 days ago
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