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Method Man -- 'I'm Suing Those Motherf**kers'

8/18/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Method Man is planning to drop a serious lawsuit on the "motherf**kers" responsible for the bloody wound he received while performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos this past weekend ... because as everyone knows ... Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin' to eff with.

TMZ spoke with Meth -- who didn't specify exactly who he intends to sue ... but insisted that he's not messing around.

Meth -- who continued to perform even after blood was dripping down his face -- also told us, "It's not OK ... I don't condone throwing things at the talent while they're performing."

As for why he kept going after he got hit, Meth said, "It takes a lot of heart and balls to continue performing after you've been hit in the face" and noted that continuing his show was the "right thing to do."

As we previously reported, Tila Tequila has also threatened legal action after she was nailed with some unidentified flying objects at the festival  -- thrown by fans of the Insane Clown Posse -- just a couple nights earlier.



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these fu**ing fans are loser homeless fa**ots there all over up here in WA state about six months ago me and three of buddys were out play-in disc golf we heard some sh*t about these guys robbing golfers because most disc golfers aren't to aggressive and the courses are wooded around here and these idiots are mostly homeless and live in the surrounding woods and cant get there own money anyway were not your typical golfers we ran into about five or six of them just wondering around no disc or nothing so i made the comment "hey get the fu** out of are way unless you are playing which caused a fight these loser had all kinds of weird sh** to fight with glass bottles homemade knifes all kinds of **** out of there pokets we got some scrapes and scratches we end up pulling a g*n and putting them on the ground and stomping there homeless loser faces in except the two females we had no girl with us or they would got it also one of them even sounded like a propeller half out the water while he try ed to breathe they deserved what they had coming they haven't attacked anyone there sense then a dose of there own medicine was the cure

1529 days ago


To Blades comment....

This TMZ article makes it sound like Method was nonstop was one can and the show went on. I'd say 95% of the audience enjoyed Method's performance. By the way, most of the shows have throwing of items. Watch any of vanilla Ice's performances over the years. Only a few performers have REALLY been slammed..Bubba, Tila and to a degree, Kurupt. Ying Yang walked, but some people were pissed by that.

1529 days ago


How bout if people boo you just get off the stage, then people won't get into this. Don't blame all Juggalos. It's the few *******s that ruin everything for everyone.

1529 days ago


trash - why do they throw it?

1529 days ago


First of all, you should know that whenever you're on stage you have the risk of being hit with something, no matter who you are. Check - Justin Bieber. He wasn't a little wimp about it. Grow up, guys. You knew the terrority you were going into when you signed up for the show. Get over yourselves. You're not that great.

BTW - I'm not condoning violence against anyone in anyway, I'm just saying, you knew what you we're going into. You knew what you had signed up for. You knew they were a rough crowd and if you were stupid enough to continue, it's your own fault.

1529 days ago


Why do him and Tila wanna sue. They know the hazards of live shows, they are the jackasses that stayed on stage after having stuff thrown at them, and they are the ones that signed up to do the event. If audience members can't sue bands for what goes on at shows, then the performers shouldn't be allowed to sue for what happens to them. Yes, Meth did do the right thing by staying and performing, but you have to have boundaries. If you feel safe enough to stay and perform, then you have no cause to sue anyone for what happened to you. Getting stuff thrown at you, having people yell at you, anything like that is what makes a live show live. Does it make it right... no... but it is a live show and you can't hold ICP or the people that set up the event responsible. And stop calling it a attack, no one got attack, some stuff got thrown, nothing more nothing less. That isn't an attack.

1529 days ago


thats sum ****ed up ****. saw meth perform up here in VT last year. put on a great show and showed the fans a good time, jumping into the crowd n walking on our hands. its ****ed up those FREAKS cant show no respect to a true artist. **** the juggalo community and its ****ty ass "rap" music

1529 days ago

Friendly Phil    

Yeah but he said "throwing things at the TALENT", so it's okay.

1529 days ago


seriously you got one damn cut over your eye , and the last time i checked you were in jail for not paying taxes so go be sue happy somewhere else cause you ain't getting a dime from icp or psychopathic records , just like tila you signed a waiver , so get over yourself and quit being a whiny little bitch

1529 days ago


Whats with these people acting like its the Roman Empire.
What an insult to one of the best (Method Man)
Everyone who plans to perform in an event like this should wear
helmuts, body armour etc.
Hope lots of success happens to the Wu-Tang in the future so Meth will not have to appear in a two-dollar event like this.

1529 days ago

Big Bry    

Wow... The M-E-T-H-O-D Man!? Are you f*ckin' kidding me?? I've lost ALL respect for anyone attempting to call themselves a "Juggalo". These new kids nowadays. So much for the "Family".
How come nobody threw anything at Coolio's CrackHead azz? Is it because he has "JUGALO COOL" tatted on him? You new "Juggalos" are a F*CKING JOKE. Give the rest of 'em a bad name. Exactly why I stopped reppin' that sh*t. Hope Meth sues the f*ck outta the Psychopathic Records camp.

1529 days ago


Okay quite simply this was a job and they were paid to be there. Does anyone think that anyone would be there hanging out with those crusty excuses for human beings without being paid. News flash jugg-dorks. ICP makes millions off of bowing down to this social group because no one else wants them. I will give it to ICP they are marketing geniuses. The only reason they care anything about their fans is because they are paying out the nose to become billboards.
If the concert promoters or whatever said "Hillbillies are going to throw things at you"that does not equal protection. Either start treating these "fans" like toddlers and take away this festival until they learn you must treat people civil. Or put up a barrier of either high plexiglass or mesh to protect the performers, which basically kills the whole seeing someone preform live.
This was a job idiots, if someone came to a jugglos' work at burger king and threw a whopper at their face I wonder how cool they would be after that.
Think it over....

1529 days ago


First off let me say i think the crowd should not have thrown things at either performer it could effect whether or not there will be future gatherings and if there aren't it could ruin it for everyone else who simply wanna go c some their favorite artists! What they did was immature and ridiculous. With that said!

Tila was warned about the rumors and went on stage anyway knowing it was dangerous and then took off her shirt and stayed after things were getting thrown even though she was told by violent j that if things got out of hand where she had to get off stage she still got the to keep the money she was paid! It's her own damn fault and has no right to sue. she should be firing her security guard that should have been dragging her stupid ass off stage when they started throwing things at her but didn't

Idk why they threw anything at Method but if he's dumb enough to stay on stage after he gets hit and blood is dripping from his face then obviously it didn't bother him much and shouldn't sue either!

1529 days ago


"I don't condone throwing things at the talent while they're performing"

Trust me. No one was throwing objects at anything that resembled talent.

1529 days ago


It doesnt matter...the fact is you should not be doing harm in anyway to anyone for that matter! Crowd have some serious anger issues they brought to the concert!

1529 days ago
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