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Photos of Dr. Frank Ryan's Fatal Crash

8/18/2010 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photographs of the Jeep crash on Monday that killed famed celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan.

The photographer tells TMZ he drove past the accident almost immediately after the crash. "There was still dust in the air," he said.  The photog tells us he pulled over, scaled down the cliff with other people and approached the Jeep.

The photog says Dr. Ryan was bleeding badly from two head lacerations but was still moving while trapped inside the vehicle. By the time lifeguards pulled Dr. Ryan out of the Jeep, however, there were no signs of life. "He was non-responsive and not breathing," the photog says.

The photographer helped bring the spine board down the hill and then helped lift Dr. Ryan onto it, to no avail.

And the photog says, it appeared the lacerations were the result of the Jeep having no real cover on the top ... causing Dr. Ryan to strike the rocks on the way down.


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i love tmz, but these pictures are not newsworthy. it is just very sad that someone so wise, foolish has lost his life for a tweet. please take these photographs down. they are offensive, esp. to the many people who loved dr. ryan.

1528 days ago


I call for TMZ to remove this immediately from the site.

1528 days ago


Don't TWEET and DRIVE!


1528 days ago

Misha the CrackHo    

"I call for TMZ to remove this immediately from the site."

^^ I agree, take them down NOW!! What are you going to post next TMZ... morgue photos of the doctor?

1528 days ago


Where is the dog in this picture? She landed in the ocean why didn't you report on who found her, how she was saved ect??? Alot of us want to know please report on how exactly she was found and saved!! Why do you people hate on Dr. Ryan you didn't know him you jerks. He drove an older jeep because it MEANT something to him. Perhaps it was the first Jeep he ever owned and had sentimental attachment to him. He could drive whatever he wanted to without your permission. Stop posting stupid comments on his 1995 jeep.

1528 days ago


He twittered when he climbed an embankment with
his dog.
It's so easy to lose control of your vehicle
if you catch a little gravel with your tires
going around a bend or turn in the road.

1528 days ago


I agree that these photos should be removed. They won't be, because terrible tragedies like these bring more visitors to TMZ's site, but it's wrong.

I enjoy visiting TMZ, but if they aren't above posting something like this, I think my time here is done. Sick.

1528 days ago


1. there's nothing graphic about these photos.
2. The Jeep has a rollbar, it's visible in the pics.
3. Jeep rollbars can only do so much.
4. I doubt that he would have survived even if he had been in a vehicle with a roof.
5. I think we've seen all the stories we need to see about this.

That is all.

1528 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I was thinking about buying a jeep, until I saw this photo.

1528 days ago


Find me another vehicle that survives a roll down a cliff. Everything will look mangled in this situation, Pablo.

1528 days ago


Tasteless TMZ...totally tasteless.

1528 days ago


What a huge difference between a smart and brilliant doctor and a bunch of losers, who are so eager to post their empty and stupid comments! He contributed to this world, and you are doing????? Go back to school, get an education and shup up! Have some respect when someone you don't even know passes away. Bunch of sheeps! Absolutely disgusting, yet not surprising given the actual state of this "empty" society. Jesus!

1528 days ago

My two cents ;)    

that's sad :( rip complete stranger

1528 days ago


I don't condone the pictures, but since they are already published this could be a public service announcement...No texting, tweeting, while driving.

1528 days ago


In regards to posting the photograph.

It is a fact. People learn by viewing. Why do you think such long lines form (sometimes for miles) and traffic slows when an accident is on the other side of the highway(with a median separating the roads)? Its common sense. People look and learn. It may not affect them, but they want to know, because instinctively, knowing is learning.

1528 days ago
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