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Photos of Dr. Frank Ryan's Fatal Crash

8/18/2010 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photographs of the Jeep crash on Monday that killed famed celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan.

The photographer tells TMZ he drove past the accident almost immediately after the crash. "There was still dust in the air," he said.  The photog tells us he pulled over, scaled down the cliff with other people and approached the Jeep.

The photog says Dr. Ryan was bleeding badly from two head lacerations but was still moving while trapped inside the vehicle. By the time lifeguards pulled Dr. Ryan out of the Jeep, however, there were no signs of life. "He was non-responsive and not breathing," the photog says.

The photographer helped bring the spine board down the hill and then helped lift Dr. Ryan onto it, to no avail.

And the photog says, it appeared the lacerations were the result of the Jeep having no real cover on the top ... causing Dr. Ryan to strike the rocks on the way down.


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why would you post something like this, knowing his family will see it? you should really have a website especially for people void of heart and conscious that like looking at this crap.

1504 days ago


Can someone please report on Jill? I'm hoping she's ok, even though her owner isn't there to soothe her. You could tell he really cared for his dog; makes me sad that she must be wondering where he is. Yes - I'm one of "those" people who loves animals more than people. Get over it.

1504 days ago


THey should use these photos as a public service announcement to not text and drive!

1504 days ago


Such a tragic accident to someone that seemed so talented..and of course a tragic accident that DIDNT have to happen. Its too bad that he choose to text over paying attention to the road.. Here in Canada, in the province that i'm located in.. we just passed the Law of No texting while driving (july 15th, 2010) its a criminal offence with a 200.00 plus fine... hopefully they will pass this law in your state as well. Its a none fact that you are not paying attention when you're talking on the phone and/or texting. hopefully this accident will help avoid future accident of this sort

1504 days ago


Public service announcement? please..... The families deserve some respect. TMZ has lost all my respect for posting these pics.

1504 days ago


A full TWENTY-THREE MINUTES went by between the last tweet and the crash. This in no way proves he was texting and driving. He tweeted at 4:10 and crashed at 4:33. Don't trash this fine person who gave so much to charity and established his own foundation and camp for underprivileged kids.

1504 days ago


I know....could we please get an update and perhaps details as to how Jill was rescued-posssibly something uplifting TMZ...I would much rather read about a POS worthless losing their life rather than hear about a dog being abused and dying as a result. Animals love unconditionally and Jill must be so confused and lonely right now....heartbreaking :-(

1504 days ago


So, what I'm gathering here, is that people think he deserved to die because he was messing with his phone. Wow. So nice we still live in a world filled with love and compassion. NOT.

TMZ-also very tacky of you to post these pictures. If it was your friend/family I know they would not be up for all to see. I guess if you have no soul-working for TMZ is right up your ally.

1504 days ago

Moe Greene    

This is what happens when you text while driving. Of course TMZ won't cover that aspect of the investigation.

1504 days ago

me in Canada    

Hopefully this tragedy will bring the focus of banning all cellphone use to the forefront. Here in Ontario Canada, we are heavily fined or license taken away if caught using your cellphone while driving. Its about time that it should be a universal law - I know they have one in the UK - think of how many lives it will save. What is so urgent that you can't wait till you stop or pull over before you call, tweet or text someone - is your life worth it?

1504 days ago


Why are people getting all bent out of shape over TMZ posting these photos and over the fact that the photographer took the photos?! You see photos like this in regular newspapers! For some reason if TMZ posts them it's "disgusting" but if the paper posts them it's "journalism." Death is sad but we human beings are nonetheless curious about it. Why else would people slow down to gawk at accidents, murders, etc. It's sad that most people who stop simply want to stare. It is very rare to have people actually try to help! If it is true that Dr. Ryan was texting then the photos provide for some truth and shock as to why we should not text and drive. RIP Dr. Ryan.

1504 days ago


I'm happy the dog made it!

1504 days ago


In Orange County we beat people ass for conduct like that in front of the stupid cops if necessary. If you could would you have provided pics of his head and face photos?

1504 days ago


Good Job TMZ, way to go, posting pictures of a dead man, from a photog who just "happened" to be passing by. What a load of crap. Harvey, you and your side-kicks should really be ashamed!!

1504 days ago

Whip It    

GEE, i'd like very much if the *photographer* would have taken BETTER Photos and Close-UPS. I really can't see anything. Sorry may sound cold but seeing this up close anyone's lasts minutes is interesting, death is a mystery...a trip.

mummy & daddy aLways told me convertables are dangerous...

~whip it

1504 days ago
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