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Howard Stern Rips Dr. Laura: 'She's Such an A**hole'

8/18/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern ripped Dr. Laura Schlessinger a new one this morning on his radio show -- calling her an "a**hole" for the way she handled her racist controversy on "Larry King Live" last night.


It all went down on the "Howard Stern Show" on Sirius/XM -- where Howard picked Dr. Laura apart for saying she's quitting after her n-word rant ... and also schooled the doc on exactly how her "First Amendment rights" actually work.

Just listen ... it's awesome.



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You have a lot of nerve calling her an a****** Stern, you jackass! The things I've heard you say and comment about on your sorry ass radio show over the years have Dr. Laura way, way, beat.
You are the captain of Jerkoffs and a bad, nasty, filthy mouth.
Go try to find some plastic surgeon to make you look good for once, Stern, you ugly mutha.

1535 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Howard Stern has NO room to talk that guy is such a waste of freakin space he abuses the freedom of speech...

1535 days ago


People are still racist in this Country. Deal with it. I don't use the N word, but I find it hilarious when African American's use it sooooo freely. Kind of hypocritical to use that word, yet say it's so racist. There are people in every single race that hates another. So what? I guess if the N word, or Negro is so terrible to be called by another race, maybe it shouldn't be used at all by the African American race. That was the only point I was trying to make with my previous post. I could really give a Tila Tequilla less what you call me. Just don't cry when some Idiot on the street uses the word Negro. Just kind of dumb. I think the older generations that dealt with Nam, and segregation are almost gone. So it's really pathetic to keep saying what we went thru back then has affected us. Maybe 10% of the people that were around during those years are still around? Just seems dumb to keep beating a dead horse. Obama's in the White House and doing a crappy job, and if anyone acknowledges it, their racist. Pretty funny to me.

1535 days ago


Howard is ten times smarter than that stupid b*tch. School her Howard!

1535 days ago


Strange that one of the most offensive websites/shows is slobbering all over this non-story. Notice how no one is able to say Dr. Laura "called" anyone a migger. No, she was simply making the point (which she has proven to be most correct) that it's hypocritical how blacks can use the word on a daily basis, even on television, but if a white person says it then all hell breaks loose. This is why the PC bull$sh*t movement is quickly reaching it's end.

1535 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

For once, I agree with Howard Stern.

That scares me...

1535 days ago


Howard stern is no better than Laura,he is just as racist. He just uses humor to display his racist slurs and attitude. He's not mad at her for the rude terms she used, he's mad because she quit her job for it. Meaning its ok for her to use the word and she shouldn't let anyone make her back down for doing so. Both Losers! Robin is a lost cause, she is the biggest loser of the three. She is sitting there with Howard as he slights her race giggling and agreeing with him like she's not black. She has always been that way and never calls him on any of his BS. Racism is just a big as it was years ago. Its just people are more careful about what they say and do in public to avoid getting sued or being looked at in a negative way.

1535 days ago


Hey TMZ. Why not do a story on Obama's approval ratings which are pretty much at the same level as the Titanic?

1535 days ago


The bitch finally became as ugly on the outside as she is on the couldn't be any more hideus

1535 days ago


Howard Stern is an embarrassment to any American. Such low class trash, no matter how much money he makes, he will go down in history as a joke, low class, who would want a son like that, only other trash!!! Dr Laura was taken out of context, HS would love to have her ratings.

1535 days ago


She's better looking than Carrie Prejean

1535 days ago


TMZ and Howard Stern are mutual ass kissers. Howard is nice to TMZ so that they won't do any stories about Howard's wig. Howard has a lot of secrets. He won't be able to keep the wig secret for very much longer though.

1535 days ago


I agree with Howard ...The nword is just a stupid word get over it already ...Blacks are just to damn sensitive and they like that fact that only they can use it but they can call other races names ...suck it up ..

1535 days ago

Trev the 1    

Don't you idiots realize he is being sarcastic and Robin the woman talking with howard is a nword

1535 days ago


normally I don't agree with Howard Stern on much of anything but on this one he is totally right she is an A-hole and a biatch. not only that she is stupid.

1535 days ago
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