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Howard Stern Rips Dr. Laura: 'She's Such an A**hole'

8/18/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern ripped Dr. Laura Schlessinger a new one this morning on his radio show -- calling her an "a**hole" for the way she handled her racist controversy on "Larry King Live" last night.


It all went down on the "Howard Stern Show" on Sirius/XM -- where Howard picked Dr. Laura apart for saying she's quitting after her n-word rant ... and also schooled the doc on exactly how her "First Amendment rights" actually work.

Just listen ... it's awesome.



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Stern is the bigges a**hole in the universe. What a publicity monger.

1504 days ago


Amazing how you morons at TMZ found such an unflattering photo of Dr.Laura. Your bias is disgusting.

1504 days ago


Too total losers. Radio is better without them.

1504 days ago

You Betcha    

Chuck, don't blame TMZ.

1504 days ago


ROFLMAO...I remember this woman getting a show on our local Radio station many years ago. She was giving advice on Love/relationships. Thought it was kinda cool until I found out she's been married more than once.

That's like Dr. Ruth giving out sex advice but being celebate for 40 years.

1504 days ago


Apology, what apology...just smugness....thank goodness she is going off the air, 1 gone,2 more to go...

1504 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Howard admits her use of the word (in or out of context) didn't bother him. He just thinks everyone else in this world is an ass. Yawn...

1504 days ago


there wasn't anything that Dr. Laura said that was NOT the truth. She was correct when she said that if you turn on BET or watch movies or listen to Rap music, they all use the N word. I would much rather listen to Dr. Laura than Howard Stern any day.

1504 days ago


Howard Stern is a narcissistic douchebag trying to keep himself relevent. What a waste of time he is. Gutter trash.

1504 days ago


Howard Stern ? Who cares what that guy thinks ? He is the poster child for 'where are our values ?'

He has absolutely zero talent, thinks humor is making fun of the disabled and gets his kicks by having women take their tops off on his show. I guess being that ugly he'd never see it if he wasn't rich. No woman would give him the time of day if it wasn't for the money. Of course I guess that's true for many.

Why do people believe he is worthy of a bazillion dollars and people that dedicate their lives to making the world a better place for us all are worth a small fraction of what this guy makes ?

I'm baffled.

1504 days ago


It's obvious "Dr" Laura is a racist conservative. Maybe not racist, but definitely prejudice. She hates Obama with a passion, anything related to Obama aka black people, she hates. So basically, she was ventilating out her own political frustration and trying to profit by going Sirius just like the very rich and fortunate Howard Stern, who's show sucks ass anyways.

1504 days ago

solar panel    

She's a hoax as a Dr. and a catastrophe as a communicator. She's not a good example for anyone. On top of that she's horrible looking and completely ego-centric. Shylock wherefore art thine enlightenment? The quality of mercy? No! Ridicule and crush! Dominate!

1504 days ago


They were only using the term N-Word neighbourhood, people....
because Larry King used it before and they were making fun of it.
Larry King said something like: "If a N-Word person is saying......."
So the only racist here was Larry King (calling all African-Americans NI..AS)

Howard Stern isn't a fan of many people in the media and politics and he is expressing it freely.
Even if Howard is making fun of for example African-Americans he is only saying because he is making fun of the usual stereotypes or he is talking about his own negative experiences with some of them.
So if you just quote Howard Stern he might seem like a very insensitive and racist person BUT HE IS NOT.

So nobody should talk bad about Howard Stern if they never really listened to him like it seems with the most people who are commenting on this subject.

1504 days ago


OMG! Look at WHAT is calling the kettle "black"- the ORIGINAL FREAK of nature! Some people should stay under a rock and never make a public appearance

1504 days ago


Howard is playing a clip of Dr. Laura on Larry King. As posted above, Larry King referred to "non-N-Words" (but he said it before TMZ's clip began), and Howard/Robin are reacting to it. They felt Larry King was the actual racist here, and they kept joking about "non-N-words" throughout the remainder of the clip.

Dr. Laura's degree is in physiology -- so she's a glorified gym teacher. That doesn't exactly qualify someone to offer opinions on ethics/morals. And she's been in trouble at various points in her career for insensitive comments, all made during serious speeches. Howard's working in satire. Completely different.

Laura, your time is up. And it's been up for years.

1504 days ago
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