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Howard Stern Rips Dr. Laura: 'She's Such an A**hole'

8/18/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern ripped Dr. Laura Schlessinger a new one this morning on his radio show -- calling her an "a**hole" for the way she handled her racist controversy on "Larry King Live" last night.


It all went down on the "Howard Stern Show" on Sirius/XM -- where Howard picked Dr. Laura apart for saying she's quitting after her n-word rant ... and also schooled the doc on exactly how her "First Amendment rights" actually work.

Just listen ... it's awesome.



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@ #60..., Wow:

As usual, some white people are hung up on the commonality in which the SOME blacks use the “N” word. They are fully aware that juveniles who are finding themselves and misguided rappers don’t speak for the entire Black race. You and I both know that these “artists" are really deviants who proudly paraded their criminal records and gun toting lifestyles with glee.
It doesn’t matter because white people who use this excuse are simply feigning ignorance.
It is this new subtle racism by way of denial and trivializing the racial experience is becoming more common today. It is just as dangerous as the blatant racism of the 60’s because it shows people are reminiscing on the “good ole’ days” when uppity Black folk would be put in their place if they got out of line. For some reason, getting a hold of the N-Word again in a PC society would
So when people Michael Richards and now Dr. S say the N-Word it's a collective victory for white covert racists waiting for their opportunity to use such a coveted word. LOL!
I have yet to see one race of people itching so badly to call another race of people a known racial slur.
One would be hard-pressed to find a black man longing to call a Jewish person a “k-ke.” We are able to respect other people’s histories although our ancestors weren’t implicit in that pain. Why is that so difficult?

1520 days ago


Moreover, do you think that 50 cent can greet Denzel Washington or Oprah with the "N" word?
White people who attempt to diminish this slur as just another word need to be honest with about their intentions. It’s not about what black people do. It’s about dignifying their own feelings because they long to use the n-word.

Can you be honest with yourself? Many black people have NEVER EVER uttered that word because we understand the depth of pain, anger, terrorism, destruction, death, murder, and confusion in which it brought NOT just HUNDREDS of years ago but just 40 years ago.
I am black...NO ONE and I repeat NO one in my circle uses that word. EVER. That is the grossest generalization I have ever heard. Not my friends, not my colleagues, not my family members.

I have seen casual conversation between Black teenagers end ABRUPTLY because one mistakenly used the word, "*****" as a term of endearment towards the other. Do you know what happened? The offended party stopped the discussion, explained that the word is not one he embraces and the offender apologized and the conversation continued with the words, "son" and "brotha" substituted.

1520 days ago

jack sprat    

To be fair, Howie, you are arguable the King of the A**holes. That said, at least you know it. She has a ways to go before she recognizes the face in the mirror. (Not that you should be quite so comfortable with your own, Howie. Freely acknowledging that you go out of your way to hurt people is only a virtue by comparison.)

1520 days ago
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