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Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer -- No Decision ... Yet

8/18/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Lindsay Lohan unscheduled court hearing is over, and according to LiLo's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, nothing has been decided yet in terms of when Lindsay will get out of UCLA.


TMZ broke the story ... lawyers went to court today and we're told it has to do with the recommendations of UCLA doctors.  As we first reported, the doctors believe Lindsay's condition is far less serious than first thought.  Our sources say it's almost certain Lindsay will not stay at UCLA for the full 90 days.

Lawyers met with Judge Elden Fox in chambers and we're told two letters, dated 8-12-10 and 8-16-10 were placed in the case file. The next court date is scheduled for August 25 regarding her treatment status.

We're told Lindsay's docs have indeed weighed in and recommended a release earlier than the 90 days.  Ultimately, it's Judge Fox's call.


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This waste of space is a spent whore. The less publicity for this low life ... the better!

1495 days ago


to Nicole - It is what it is. No one forced LiLo to break the law. She did that all on her own. It is very un-predictable as to who you will get as a judge once you have to face one. If this judge had it in for LiLo than I wonder what kind of treatment the next one will give her after she screws up her probation? The law is for the lawless. You break the law.. you pay. It doesn't matter what judge you face ... there still is consquences to pay. This story will never end until Lindsay deals with her root problem and she will not get help in a secular rehab. So far she has struck out in others. So releasing her early will only prolong the issue. She never admitted to having a problem in the first place. Therefore, life goes on and the story continues. She still should have taken up Angelo's offer.

1495 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

I don't mean to be rude, but you seem misguided. You state "peope are acting like she is the only one getting (A) DUI"
and that your cousin drove recklessly and ONLY got "classes".

First, I think if Lindsay was the only one getting a DUI, it wouldn't be an issue. Drunk drivers kill and CRIPPLE people all the time. It is becoming an epidemic. Lindsay is representive of many people who dont see the dangers in DUI. For the record, here where I live, just a few weeks ago a 26 year old man with 3 previous DUI swayed over the center line at 6pm and killed the (30 yr old woman) driver of the other car and seriously injured 3 other of her passengers. Of course, he wasn't seriously hurt, yet, but he is sure to spend plenty of times behind bars now, because our society here is in an OUTRAGE of how this could have happened.
Secondly, you said your cousin only had to go to classes.
Miss Lohan only HAD to go to classes but SHE DIDN"T SHOW UP.
She is not being maliciously tortured for "A" DUI that "was three years ago" (as if the date of the crime made a difference)....Linsday's current prediciment was home-grow by her. This is no longer about DUI, she is currently "doing time" for VIOLATION OF PROBABTION, the terms of her probaation were AGREED upon by her, she signed on the dotted line.
I very much wish thatsome people who are so disorted in how they are percieving Lindsay plight would education themself to what is realy going on, and not just assume that their personal feelings are the bottom line.

1495 days ago


i cant beleive she is getting out of rehab early. This looks horrible on the judges part. She was given a sentence and now she doesnt have to follow through. It was one thing getting out of jail early, which she shouldnt of anyway, but now rehab because she was misdiagnosed. I guess when you have money you could get out of trouble in no time. Everyone thought that this is going to be it for lindsay and she is going to finally learn her lesson. Looks as if she learned the best lesson of all. YOu can make anything happen if you have loads of money. I feel sorry for lindsay because she could prolly use the help that the rehab place is giving her, but now she is not going to have a chance to get better. I really feel sorry for her.

1490 days ago
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