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Method Man -- The Explosive Shot to the Face

8/19/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained video ... of the moment some dumbass at the Gathering of the Juggalos fired a beer can at rapper Method Man -- striking him in the face and opening a pretty nasty wound. 

As we previously reported, Meth plans to "sue the motherf**kers" responsible for the incident -- but he was unclear if he will go after the event organizers or the person who tossed the object.


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if your getting things thrown at you onstage it can mean only one thing....YOU SUCK

1421 days ago


REALLY!!?? Whoever the dumbass was talkin sh*t saying to stop whineing because 50 got shot in the face is a total retarded D-Bag! You say you didn't hear him whinning...Probably because HE GOT SHOT IN THE FACE & after you get your jaw broken from being shot in the face it sounds a lot more like grunting! &You didn't hear about it because at that time he was just another ghetto crack dealer who got shot-up in the streets! Nobody even knew the name 50Cent or cared at that point in time...
Meth's a well known & respected entertainer who gets paid good money to go & perform his art for a bunch of ppl who paid good money to watch him spit.. &When that much money is involved there is usually adequate security to stop incedents like this from ever happening... There are venues all around the world which would've never let something like this happen & since it did, you're damn right he has legal recourse! You idiots can act all hard & say to quit whinning but when it's all said & done, you sure as hell wouldn't want some douchebag to come into your office or place of business & just start pelting glass bottles & half empty beer cans at your dome! Then again, IDK though.. Maybe you would because you're f*ck*ng retarded!
@#13 Huffyone - You're grandparents said the same thing about Rock&Roll & if rap takes "No Talent", then why don't you sit down & write a full 16-Bars that doesn't sound like ****... Or rather how many million albums have you sold? Or do you just choose not to make music that goes multi-platinum & makes you filthy rich because of the principle of it??
@#12 LMFAO...You were pretty on-point until you pulled the race-card... POS ppl come in all colors, shapes & sizes... I've personally been at a party where a couple dudes got into an altercation after which one of them who happened to be black decided to pull-out a pistol & shoot-up my friends living room! My buddies house was now riddled w-bullet holes because of one useless person... To me that certainly doesn't mean that all black ppl are thugs! Some of them are however, just like some white ppl are "unruly savages"! I just don't think or feel it's appropriate to group an entire race of ppl according to the actions of a few... Idiocracy does not descriminate! However when YOU stereo-type all-white ppl alongside of these degenerates it tends to make one think that you do descriminate & in my opinion that makes you just as bad as they are...
Get it! Got it! Good! Now go out there&make the world a better place!

1420 days ago


i wasd not at his concert but i was there i at at all the juggalo gatherings and if he said **** family its his own failt we are a family ... if should have seen what we was about before he got to the gathering..... family family ...... i am juggalo til i am down in the ground....

1419 days ago

voice for juggalos    

hey, im a juggalo and i was there and i saw exactly what happened.they came out there and they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.youve never played a concert before youve played the gathering.they came out talking ****, and thats just what happens at the gathering if we dont like you.fame doesnt mean **** there.i personally like method man and redman but they were being hella dum the way they were talking to us.i thought it was fresh that they stayed on and put on a show.but thats straight up bicth made that there filing for a lawsuit.

1419 days ago


HuffyOne, that's in your opinion of course, but that doesn't mean it's true. Hip-Hop has a lot of talent, and disrespecting that music is the same as disrespecting any sort of music high and low. It's the same as someone saying Rock legends, or musical legends that you may respect have no talent. Main point, just because you're not into that genre doesn't mean you should disrespect it so quickly like a joke. As for Method Man continuing to perform, that was very professional of him, and it's a shame that he wasn't commended for that. He deserves plenty of respect for going on with the show after being assaulted. I bet if he went into the crowd, or started throwing things back people would quickly scold him about that.

1419 days ago


RE: Comment # 10:
Not all Juggalos are methhead, druggies or jerks that throw ****! To make an abbrasive statement such as that one you are just as sick and twisted as the morons that were throwing objects onstage. I am a fan of Psychopathic records and I feel that what happened to Method Man was an isolated idiot in the crowd that doesn't know what that festival is truly about. Before you start passing generalized judgements you should tak.e the time out to really think about what you are saying. Violent thoughts such as those should be kept to yourself or you are just as thoughtless as the people that caused this years Gathering to be such a media nightmare. True Juggalos do not throw items at the performers to cause damage. Most of the time they throw items at eachother, up in the air, etc....Look up any past Gathering footage and you will see what I am talking about. Also, I have been at Rock Festivals where just as many people throw **** around and I have yet to see any of those artists publicize the event so irrationally.

1419 days ago


RE: Comment 25:
Hahahahahahah....You are really diluded. The Gathering of the Juggalos is in the middle of the woods in Illinois. Most of the people that go to these shows have traveled upwards of 24 hours to get there so to say they should just "leave" is retarded. The Gathering is Notorious for **** being thrown. That is what happens when there is no law around to keep people in line. The Gathering was not a media circus until this year. Sure, the infomercials have been parodied but never in the past 10 years of Gathering has anything of this velocity occurred. I blame the new comers to the seen. They don't understand the dynamics. All performers should be respected, however, occasionaly something is going to go flying and if it hits the artist that sucks but if these artists would do their homework they would know they need to practice their ducking skills. Every concert can have one a**hole who throws something, not just the Gathering of the Juggalos. I love Method man and I love psychopathic and it sucks that it has to come to this over one idiot throwing a beer can.
I am not some young kid, i have a normal job making almost 18/hour and I still love being a part of the fam. The juggalos are diverse and we will exist whether you like it or not. And before you judge artists in the horrorcore industry, search through the mainstream sh** and you will find people that sing/rap things just as demented. Its called make-believe, look it up. And the kid that murdered those girls and parents was a sick and disturbed individual that probably had issues long before ever being introduced to the horrorcore rap scene. Why does everyone "blame the music"

1419 days ago


That is disrespect, i feel they were just jealous cause their stupid isane piece of **** music possee is nothing but a bunch of ***gots.

1416 days ago

al kuzoeb    

**** ***** ass clowns i ****in kill clowns an eat them for dinner.
JUGGALOS are ****in ***got ass *******

1195 days ago
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