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Oksana Grigorieva Leaves Court

8/18/2010 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva got more than she bargained for today -- a marathon court session lasting seven hours.

We shot this video of Oksana leaving the courthouse in downtown L.A. just before 5 PM. 

We're told among the items on the court agenda today ... a petition for increased child support, yanking baby Lucia's passport, and attorney's fees.


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Here is something I don't understand, the hearing was supposedly about more money from Mel for Oksana's attorneys and for Oksana and yet Mel doesn't have to be THERE?

Does he get a hearing to explain why he should NOT have to pay more?

And about the passport thing - what about Alexander? Has Timothy Dalton decided to TAKE custody of him? Isn' he about to start school?

Wonder if Timothy Dalton knew anything of this move?

Did she miss her flight to Minsk in april because she was apartment hunting?

Does she have a lease for this Moscow place? Hope the Russian papers show it! It is the first residence I believe Oksana has gotten on her own... that is unless there is yet another MAN connected to this property too.

DETAILS.. DETAILS... always do many details left up in the air.


1526 days ago


Well, in the video, the photographer mentioned everyone was smiling. So it may not be so good for Mr. Gibson. My prayers go out for him.

1526 days ago


sobeyondcaring--she works so hard!! She is con-ARTEEST and this is difficult life. She must stay awake all hours thinking up schemes and never be quiet, no not for one minute because time is money when you should be slandering new victim/boyfriend. She only get break when lawyer sit on her cell phone and lock door of house so she can not wave at papparazzi and shout out fresh stories that instantly occur to her like magic lies. This is very tiring, but she is gifted conArteest and can handle pressure.

1526 days ago

Paula Schultze    

They were not smiling coming out. And Mel has attorneys to represent him. He does not have to be present in court, plus remember they have restraining orders on each other. He most likely never wants to see her ugly mug again.

1526 days ago


V -

Mr. Mel's attornies were there, he didn't have to be there in person.

Miss Oksana had to be there since she's the one filing for "Mo money" and she probably had the passport.

According one of the Russian articles, or Brit, dang if I can remember now - Miss Oksana missed flight because she had been busy partying.

Alexander's passport wasn't at issue. Hard for me to say it, but if Miss Oksana disappeared into Russia with Alexander, Mr. Timothy might be glad to be let off the $10,000/month.

I real feel sorry for the poor lad.

1526 days ago


What are YOU going to do when this case is over you hypocrite. You are posting many times every day because you have no life. I only started posting a week ago and I have not posted anywhere near as much as you.
Lena is correct. The proof is all on Radar and it is honest. Only idiots and people who think there is nothing wrong with hitting women do not believe it. There are two doctors statements including that she was diagnosed with a concussion, medical records of her concussion and broken teeth, pictures of her and the baby with injuries, witnesses including her son and at least one adult, emails and texts from Mel and of course the tapes which I believe will be proven to not be doctored and used in the case. I hope that Violet Kowal, his mistress, will testify to the threats and verbal abuse he inflicted on her. I know that if there was a videotape of Mel punching Oksana while she was holding the baby there are a lot of sleazy idiots who would still either not believe he hit her or would not care. Just like there are a lot of people who feel the same about OJ. Intelligent, decent people know that he did punch her while she was holding the baby and they want him to be prosecuted and go to jail where he belongs. He will obviously be charged with domestic violence. Even though he probably won't go to jail like Charlie Sheen I believe he will get his karma. I believe most of the Mel supporters are being paid by Mel. Either that or that have no life since they post a million times a day. They can not possibly have a job.

1526 days ago


The Hall of Public Records is a half-block down Hill Street from the main entrance to the LA Superior Court. You can go to the County Registrar once the case is compete & can search via Named Parties, Attorneys, Filing Dates, Subject Matter. Most do***ents will eventually be released, though private addresses/phone numbers etc. are usually redacted. You can't copy anything to take out with you, but it can make for interesting reading. I once found a property deed an ex had bought with another woman while I was stupidly helping him pay off his out-of-control debts.

1526 days ago


hello? I s this where everyone is? I gve up on trying to catch up on the last story and then it looke dliek eeryone was gone.... :(

Curious what did I do back there on the last story? You had posted this....

Shell -

How the hell did you do that?

And here I was chasing down a music festival and nagging by boy, lol.

I stink at online research. But I'm fantastic at Dewey!

Posted at 7:05 PM on Aug 18, 2010 by Curious

1526 days ago


Sunset -

You're right about one thing. I don't have a job. I don't need one. Worked hard, saved up, retired early. So I can bloody well spend my time doing whatever I want.

That includes, by the way, doing a little research so I'm not fooled by ka-ka like Miss Violet's stories. If what she was true, don't you think her lawyer, Mrs. Gloria Allred, would be all over Mel Gibson?

Nope. Miss Violet went off on a stripper tour with Bombshell and Mrs. Gloria is chasing down the water bottle guy.

1526 days ago


I don't see why not trust what the Russian paper says. It can't be that slanted compared to ROL. But who knows? Maybe Mel just didn't want to take any chances, so he asked the court to hold the passport for Lucia until this is over. You can't leave California anyway in a child custody dispute and take the kid with you. And afterward, you need the other parents written permission to leave the state.

Posted at 7:23 PM on Aug 18, 2010 by Paula Schultze

You can't extort people either, but that doesn't seem to matter to Oinky. I think it was a wise move on Mel's part to remove the passport...BUT...
I don't think she'd go to Russia until AFTER she has money from Mel. After all, I think that's all she wants anyway. There's no way Mel would pay her a dime if he couldn't see his child, even though the law states they are separate issues.

1526 days ago


curious, i knew what you were talking about. no worries.

As to sunset, how am I a hypocrite?

What did I do or say to be hypocritical?

As for my posting day and night, THERE ARE 4 MICHAELS ON HERE!!

I havent posted until this came out at like 7pm. How is that all day? I was gone working, making dinner and taking care of my child. How is that being hypocritical??

Your posts are so wild and off the mark and of course biased towards Oksana. The logical person would decide AFTER all the evidence has been presented not convict someone before!



1526 days ago


Shell -

Finding out all that stuff about our Sorntolc. I just got that page with our blogs and stuff on it and a music fest video, lol.

SoBeyond -

Now you know I'm going to be begging you to go peek after the case is over, lol.

1526 days ago


Sunset, that was one of the most amusing posts I've read so far. Where's my paycheck? I'm broke.

1526 days ago



Maybe Sunset is upset because you're not kissing up to Miss Oksana's version of the truth?

1526 days ago


Another article I found interesting for those that want to read it. :D I'm just digging around.

1526 days ago
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