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'Rock of Love' Star: Michael Lohan Scares Me to Death

8/19/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan ain't out of the woods yet -- in fact, just as he was coming to a friendly resolution to that whole harassment thing with his ex Kate Major ... another kinda famous lady accused MiLo of assault.

"Rock of Love" star Cindy "Rodeo" Steedle just filed a police report claiming Lindsay's dad assaulted her while they worked together on a reality show in New York.

According to a poorly written letter she sent to police, Steedle confronted Michael about not getting paid ... and he "became violent and raised his hand" in her direction.

Steedle claims Michael "brushed his hand on my lower bottom" later that day -- and grew "angry" when she shut him down.

According to the letter, Michael has been threatening her over the phone and via email ever since -- and now she lives "in fear" for her life and child. So far, no official charges have been filed.

UPDATE: Lohan denies the incident and tells TMZ, "Anyone in the house will tell you that she is lying. I'd rather touch a hot stove, rather than her."


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Joe Blow    

What's it going to take to make all of these attention Ho-han's go away? Jesus TMZ, stop writing multiple daily articles about what they ate for breakfast and when they **** it out in the toilet. Good press or bad press, you're just giving these wastes of space what they want.

1494 days ago


Who? Does TMZ have partnership with Vivid Video to promote recently signed starlets?

1494 days ago


I saw her on Rock of Love and shehas emotional problems. I wouldn't believe that crazy b*tch.

1494 days ago


Isn't this the girl that farted in Bret Michaels face on Rock of Love?

1494 days ago


Agree 14 and 15 saw her on some other reality show and she is nutty as a fruitcake.

1494 days ago


SUCKAAAAHS! Anyone who thinks these stunts are anything other than desperate attempts to stay in the headlines is gettin' played like a violin.

1494 days ago


Her 15 minutes were up years ago....and he is a total loser...together, they make a wonderful couple. Your Honor, may I present Mr. and Mrs. D-o-u-c-h-e Bag....

1494 days ago


Awwww, poor skank. She's faded away from the spotlight and figure out a way to get a bit more.

No dice. I don't believe her for one moment.

1494 days ago


while I'm not saying this guy isn't capable of this stuff. that woman is a little mental herself. anyone watch that show she was on? she's bat**** crazy.

1494 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

HE should be afraid of HER. She could kick HIS butt!

1494 days ago


I get why Lindsey has had problems. Her father sounds crazy, controlling, and a complusive liar. There's no telling what she saw or had happen to her as a child. I really hope she turns around and around people that love her and not use her. I even thought she was a brat but the world does not know the whole story. It's really none of our business.

1494 days ago


To all the people who made a negative comment about the people in this story ------- If you were the ones in the spotlight they would say the same things about you ..... Furthermore your tasteless and baseless insults (Because You do not know these people), Are a show of your weak mental capacity. You are all jealous and your comments reflect it. Get a life.............

1494 days ago


@32 I do know her, and she is nuts. Michael Lohan being nuts is old news. Nice try, though.

1494 days ago

Robert Di Prete    

As a general comment about celebs: What is it with these people? They play tag team with each other's spouses, beat up one another,cheat on each other,lie and then ask forgiveness for their discretions. This Lohan guy is a disgrace as a parent and the women who hang out with him are just as bad. Where is all the self-esteem ?

1493 days ago


THIS SOUNDS LIKE LOHAN AND TMZ ARE IN BED TOGETHER, or at least in cahoots! Both TMZ and LOHAN are too nasty to get in bed with anyone else!

1493 days ago
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